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From the time they could walk, Jake and Anna had been great friends. Jake is the son of the Alpha, while Anna is the Beta's daughter. Both of them are the same age. When they get older, however, things take a different turn, and it turns out that Anna is Jake's elder brother Ethan's destined partner. Ethan has a history of acting like a playboy. Ethan and Jake are summoned away shortly after discovering their fated mate to help a sister pack that is being attacked by rogues. Something cracks within Anna when someone doesn't come back. She now has to fulfil her destiny.

Chapter 1

Anna POV

"Can't catch me!" Anna laughs and yells as she dashes into the forest. "Oh yes, I can!" Returning the yell, Jake chases after her. Anna and Jake play tag and giggle as they sprint across the forest. Since they were able to walk, they had been buddies. The Alpha of their pack, the Silver Leaf pack, is Jake's father. The Beta's father is Anna. Jake and Anna are close friends with their parents. Anna keeps running till she reaches the river that abuts the territory of their pack. She pauses, bends over, and touches the water with her fingertips. "JAKE! ANNA!" A voice yells in her direction. "That's Ethan." It's not meant for us to be beside the river and not to be this far in." Jake expresses concern. "Ok, let's head back," Anna replies as she approaches her feet. "JAKE! ANNA!" The voice cries louder now. Jake says, "He's coming, hurry." That's when Anna cries as she trips over a rock. Screaming, she tumbles backward into the water. When Ethan hears the screaming, he bolts for it. “ANNA!" Jake lets out a scream. When Ethan reaches the river, he finds Anna grasping onto a fallen tree in the water. "Anna? Hold on!" As he descends into the tree's trunk and moves in Anna's direction, Ethan screams. "Ethan, I CAN'T HOLD ON!" Anna lets out a terrified shriek. "I'm coming, Anna. Just hold on." Ethan remarks. He keeps creeping in her direction. "Anna, give me your hand!" Ethan makes contact. Anna comes but falls short. “Anna, hurry up! You're capable of it!" Ethan reaches once more. Reaching out, Anna grabs Ethan's hand. She is drawn to Ethan by him. He places her on his flat back and cautiously approaches the ground. He scales the trunk and moves out of the course of the rushing water. He looks at Anna after taking her off his back. She bats her eyes off the tears. She's drenched with water. Jake approaches them quickly. "An, are you okay? That was unsettling. Jake says. How come you two are down by the river? You're aware that you're not supposed to be here." Ethan firmly tells Jake. Anna puts her arms around Ethan's waist while sobbing. Jake's elder brother and the pack's alpha, Ethan, are ten. "Thank you for saving me." Into Ethan's shirt, Anna sobs. He gives her a back rub. "It's alright, you're safe now." Ethan turns to face Jake. "Jake, you need to watch out for Anna. You must look out for your pals and act like a big boy." Jake nods definitely. "Now, let's get you some dry clothes." Jake gives Anna a coo. We'll pretend that we were all at the lake and tell no one about it, okay? And Jake?" Ethan queries both of them. "All right," they reply as they return to the group. Jake and Anna at 12 years old Anna drops her books and folders down the pavement as she walks home after being bumped by two bigger girls. Ginny stomps on one of Anna's papers and shouts, "Watch where you're going, stick." Ginny tears the corner as she scratches it on the hard pavement. She laughs as she and the other females leave. From the corner of her vision, Anna spots two large Converse, so she drops to her knees and begins gathering her belongings. It's Ethan. To assist her, he bends over. He reaches over to retrieve her maths folder, opens it, and starts gathering the inside papers. Grinning at Anna, he removes the torn worksheet off the sidewalk. He tosses her the freshly put-together folder and remarks, "Girls are the worst." Anna responds, "You know I'm a girl, right." "Haha, yeah, but you're not like them." Ethan stops, perhaps to add something more, but then he turns and leaves suddenly. He responds, "Keep your head up, kid!" as he makes his way to the football practice field. When Anna turns, she finds Jake approaching her. "What did Ethan want?" Jake asks. "Oh, I see. Ginny and her squad felt it would be hilarious to take my belongings from me," Anna said sarcastically. "Ethan was just helping me pick them up." "Oh," replies Jake. Before Jake can finish his idea, Anna starts. "She referred to me as 'stick,'" Jake and Anna chuckle as they begin their trek home. "Why don't you just wait for me, and we'll go home together from now on." With worry, he says to her. "Oh, so you can fight all my battles?" Playfully poking him with her shoulder, she says. "You know what I mean, An." He attempts to sound earnest. "All right. We can go for a stroll home together if you start meeting me at my locker." She gives him a grin. "So, will you come over and help me study maths?" He begs as he asks. "Haha, and what do I get from this arrangement?" Anna makes fun of "We're ordering pizza for dinner." His eyebrows shoot up. "Well then, I'll be there." "Sweet!" With excitement, he says. The entire ride home, the two joke and laugh. Jake and Anna are 16 years old. "Then hurry up, we're running late!" Jake bellows from the bottom step. "I'm coming!" Anna responds with a yell. After grabbing her luggage, Anna dashes downstairs. She takes a bite of toast and quickly exits the room, turning out the lights. "At last," Jake shouts. Anna remarks as she climbs into the car, "It takes time to look this good, jerk.” "I apologise; you look stunning. All I have to do is meet with one of my instructors before class." Jake remarks "Trying to beg them not to put you on Academic probation so you can play in tonight's game?" Queries. Like his brother, Jake played football, but he failed in science and English, which made him anxious. “I'm begging for extra credit." He makes it clear. "Well, Mrs. White will give you extra credit because she loves you." You'll be alright if you bat your baby blues at her." "Oh, so I have baby blue eyes." Jake makes jokes. They both chuckle. "Is Ethan enjoying college so far? It's been a long since I heard about him." Anna Inquiries "Oh, Ethan is loving college and the college girls." Jake declares, "Gross" Ads, and a pout from Anna "He'll be graduated by the time we turn 18, so he should be back by then," Jake adds. Jake and Anna can locate their destiny partners when they turn eighteen. Everyone believes that Anna and Jake were meant to be together. It is frequently stated that you may sense the attraction to your partner before you reach adulthood. Although Jake and Anna haven't discussed it yet, neither would be upset if Anna were his partner. Jake and Anna are both 17 years old. As the sun sets, Anna and Jake are relaxing by the lake. "What if we are meant to be together?" And Jake wonders, "What if we aren't?" Anna re-asks. We will still be great friends even if we aren't. You and I have had more time together than anyone else. Every inch of each other is known to us. Understandably, you're worried about losing me. Jake stops to consider his next words. "So you won't let go of me," Jake replies, putting his shoulder around her. "My best buddy will also be my mate if we are destined to be together. What could be more ideal?" Gazing at Jake, Anna says. Jake kisses Anna as he leans closer. She gives him a brief kiss in return, but then she hastily withdraws. "Jake, I don't want to get into anything just to realise it's not for me. I wish to avoid offending anyone." "I'm happy I could finally kiss you, but I can respect that, An. At least I know that even if we're not fated." With a smile, Jake says, "Dork." Anna laughs and gives Jake a shoulder rub. "After six months. It's unbelievable that we will be 18 in six months." Jake responds, "Why do I feel like everything is going to change?" Asking, Anna looks up to Jake. "Since I believe it will, An. I think it will.

Chapter 2

Anna POV

My mother cries through the door, "Anna honey, wake up, or you'll be late for your appointment." It is ten in the morning. Man, I must have been weary of sleeping so long. It makes sense because Jake didn't depart until around one in the morning. For the past two months, Jake and I have been casually dating, nothing serious. Tonight at midnight, we want to wait and see whether we are meant to be. After getting ready and brushing my teeth, I go downstairs. As I went to the kitchen, my , I left you a plate of food for you in the fridge." I said, "Thanks, mom." I eat breakfast, st, and I hear a honk out front. My mother remarks, "Oh, that boy has no manners." I mind connecting with Jake and saying, "You better come in here. My mom hates that." Jake enters. There's something about his entry that makes me think of all the times he's entered through the same door over the last ten years. He walks beneath the entryway and taps the opening with his palm. I giggle through the


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