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Luna Raven: Alpha's Forbidden Mate

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"What do you think you are doing?" I asked, as he closed the door behind him. My eyes widened when I heard the lock clicking in place. "Why are you locking the door?" I questioned again, trying to stay calm. He walked further into my room as if he owned it. "I am here for my mate," he replied, walking past me, as he sat down on the bed like a king. "You are in the wrong room, your fiance is across the hallway." I said, looking away from him. I felt my heart contract painfully in my chest. The thought of him spending the night in her room making knots in my stomach. "You are my mate, and the only one I want," he growled, walking towards me. "NO!" I replied firmly. "You are about to get married in a few days, and as far as I remember, I am not your bride." I added, unable to stop myself from sounding bitter. My life has become a f*ck*ng joke. I wanted to get away from him but pulled me to him and before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine, knocking the breath out of me. --------------- Raven was named "The B*st*rd Omega" in the pack. Growing up, she had a hard life. Being an Alpha and Omega's daughter was difficult. Especially when her mother was not the Alpha's mate, making her a b*st*rd child. Finding out that her entire life has been a lie broke the last thread of patience in her. Will Raven be able to embrace her true identity and emerge as a strong Luna?

1. The Bastard Omega

Raven’s POV

It's another day in this hellhole I call school. ‘Just a few more days.’ I tell myself as I move to gather books for my next class. I turn 18 in a few days. I can’t wait to be an adult. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I have decided to finish school and leave the pack with my mom.

My name is Raven Bates. My mother is an Omega in our pack, and that’s how I got the Omega rank as well. As for my father? My mother’s mate had betrayed the pack and got killed. Our pack Alpha comforted my mother at that time and that is how I was born. I get bullied every day because I am a b*st*rd child of the pack’s Alpha and Omega. I am named “THE B*ST*RD OMEGA”, making me the lowest of the lowest in pack ranks.

I am pulled out of my thoughts just as I reach near the lockers. I trip and fall to the ground. A groan leaves my lips as my body contacts the hard floor. I hear other students burst into laughter. I quietly look up to see Laney standing with a smirk on her face. She is the queen bee of our school, and no one dares to say anything as she is the neighboring pack Alpha’s daughter.

“Aww, Raven, are you okay?” she asks, faking concern, and I roll my eyes.

“Laney, aren’t you too nice to this b*tch?” I hear one of her friends say, and I glare at her, trying to hold back my anger.

“Leah, be nice.” Laney scolded her friend, making me squint my eyes at her.

“She is your Alpha’s daughter. Wait! She’s your Alpha’s b*st*rd Omega daughter, so show some respect.” She says in a mocking tone and the crowd bursts into another fit of laughter.

“Quiet guys, it’s bad manners. She might be a b*st*rd Omega, but she is still a pack wolf.” She starts with a huge smile on her face. “We should make her life interesting, not miserable. We are sorry Raven, carry on with whatever you were doing.” She says, smiling at me. I immediately know she is up to something for sure.

Everyone waits quietly for me to make a move. I sigh, trying to shake off the uneasy feeling in my chest. I walk towards my locker, ignoring the stares from other students. As soon as I open the door to my locker, an ice cold bucket of water is poured on me. I shriek, feeling the icy water on my skin and I am drenched, shaking like a leaf from the cold. I hate feeling cold, and right now I want to smack their faces hard.

The sound of laughter fills my ears and I turn to see how everyone is enjoying my miserable state. I curse internally, fisting my hands for not being able to fight back. How I wish I hadn’t promised mom to pick a fight with pack members or get in any kind of trouble.

“Guys, that’s so rude. Didn’t I tell you to be nice to her?” Laney said, and the crowd burst into laughter once again.

“Oops, sorry Raven. I could only say DEAL WITH IT, you b*st*rd b*tch.” She says. Her eyes mocking as she looked at me with so much disgust and hate.

“I would think twice if I were you, Laney,” I hear a familiar voice say.

“Oh yeah? And what will you do?” Laney asks, mocking Elsie, my best friend and our Beta’s daughter.

“I don’t think Devon would like it when he finds out you were bullying his sister.” She replies firmly, standing her ground.

“You—-” Laney starts, her face turning red in anger, but is interrupted by Elsie.

“I would be careful with my words if I were you.” She warns Laney again.

“Whatever! I don’t have time for this,” Laney says, flipping her blonde hair annoyingly.

“Come on girls, let's go!” She left with her minions following behind her. Elsie turned to look at the others, who scrambled away with one glare from her.

“Girl, you’re soaked,” she said, looking at my drenched state.

“Let's go get you changed,” she added, pulling me with her to the bathroom. She knows not to talk about what happened, considering it's a sore topic for me.


We were on our way home when we got to know that we were under attack. It has been a while since the war started. I wondered what was happening, as we had absolutely no update about what was happening. I had dinner with mom before I came to my room to finish homework. I was feeling worried; I hope Elsie is alright. I sighed, closing the book, unable to concentrate on finishing the chapter I started.

I walked to mom’s room and knocked softly. I knew she doesn’t sleep early, and I wanted to spend some time with her to ease the uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I waited for my mom to answer, but there was no response.

“Mom?” I called out, but she still wasn’t replying. I pushed the door open and walked in to find her room empty. Maybe she is in the kitchen? I thought, and made my way down the stairs.

“Mom?” I called for her as soon as I reached the living room. It was awfully quiet. I walked inside to the kitchen to find it empty. I was trying to not freak out at the moment, as I tried to think of where she could have possibly gone.

I tried to link with her, but unfortunately, there was no response. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t even contact anyone because they are fighting a war. I suddenly felt fear, fear of losing my mom. I think I should check outside. She won’t go anywhere, especially during a time like this.

I took a deep breath to calm my heart before I walked to the front door. As soon as I opened the door, I was hit by a very strong and delicious scent. I looked up to see a handsome stranger looking at me. He looked shocked for some reason. His scent was distracting me. He looked strong and maybe he was one of the pack warriors.

I was pulled out of the spell of the scent when I smelt blood. I immediately looked down to see the warrior holding my mother. She was unconscious and drenched in blood. It made my heart skyrocket. No, no, no, nothing is going to happen to mom.

“MOM!” I called out to her, “What happened to her?” I asked, looking at the warrior.

“Let’s get her in first,” he replied. His voice was deep, and it sent pleasurable shivers down my spine. Oh, boy! I was in a lot of trouble.

2. The Handsome Warrior

Raven’s POV

I let the stranger in, letting him carry mom to the living room. He places her on the couch, and I run to grab the supplies to help mom. I don't know what happened or how she got injured. I hope she is okay. I rush back to the living room as soon as I have everything I need. I grab a few towels on the way.

“Can you tell me what happened to her?” I ask, as I wipe the blood on mom, trying to get a better look at her wounds. All I get is silence for an answer. I mean, I know he can talk, and his voice sounds sexy, but does he not know it's rude to not reply.

‘Stop it, Raven! Focus on mom,’ I scold myself internally for letting my mind wander.

I am surprised when I see mom only has a few scratches, and a minor wound on her shoulder. It looks like a bite mark. I examine it, trying to check the damage it has done. It looked deep, but the bleeding had stopped and it didn’t look infected.

I clean the wound and rush back to the garde


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