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Irresistible sin

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Being the Alpha of a large pack, Logan had control upon everything but Annabelle. She paused as his strongest weakness and he was literally at her mercy. Her every simple move made him slap his mind as it appeared as a seduction. Nevertheless, he knew that Ann was not his destined mate but he had to find away to make her his! "Mike is only a boy and am a man, what you need in your life!" Logan spoke in an angry voice as he pinned me on the couch in his room. "He is my boyfriend!" I hissed as I tried to gain my sense back but he didn't let me as he captured my lips harshly to prove his words to me.

Chapter one


"I will f*ck you so hard that you will ditch your plans for going out tonight with him." Alpha Logan mumbled huskily in my ear as he raised my leg to rest on the kitchen counter."Stop…ahh..s-stop it Alpha. Somebody might walk in on us. " I stuttered as he spanked my hips from the silky short skirt I was wearing. I wished my voice had the determination I was yearning for at the minute."Is this what you want him to do with you, huh? Spank you hard while he grinds his c*ck on you, huh?" His every question came with a comparative action that made my legs weaken, subconsciously turning into jelly under his graceful torture.I could feel his hot rod grind on my tight skirts which made me press my lips tight to push back the weird sound that formed in my throat as a result of the friction he was creating. I couldn't moan. I didn't want this, right?"We are just going on a date!" I hissed at him before I heard his devilish laughter that was dangerous to my ears yet a turn-on to my body."Is that how you talk to your Alpha?" Oh f*ck, for a moment, I missed that I was with Alpha Logan and the fact that he was spanking me on the kitchen counter made me lose my mind for a while until he had to remind me.I attempted to push his hands away so that I could stand up but he shoved them away before I felt his hand on both of mine as he placed them together and held them on my back."Please let me go, Alpha Logan. Mike is waiting for me." I mumbled hoping that he could hear how I addressed him as Alpha now. That could be enough to show that I respect him, right?But that couldn't guarantee that he would let me go.I could feel the cold air around us. He must be angry that I am disrespecting him.I hardly breathed when my skirt was unexpectedly lifted, revealing my naked hips to him, probably."The f*ck you are heading to with Mike without your pants on!" I heard him curse and for a moment, I was scared for which reason I couldn't give.Mike and I had been dating for seven months and we had conceded to do more than kiss tonight. I couldn't behave naively and go with my pants on but then, I didn't expect Alpha Logan to catch me like this."Did he ask you not to wear your pants?" I could feel his thumb trace my now-wet sl*t as he spoke in his husky deep voice which made me squelch a moan. His voice was sharp and dangerous but I so much wanted to hear more of it.What was wrong with me?"Did he ask you to do that so he could easily f*ck you, huh?" He repeated then spanked me again.No! I am supposed to push him away!I gulped the alien feelings that were accumulating inside me and managed to find my voice."What are you doing?" I asked, managing to finish my question without stuttering stupidly just like I have been doing.I heard him chuckle from the back, still holding my arms in his single hand. I couldn't see his face but I could feel his eyes on my displayed c*nt."I am about to do something that Mike will never make you experience. You need a man to f*ck you and not a boy. Do you understand?" Alpha Logan had bent over to speak in my ears which made my body quiver in passion, feeling the hot rod rest almost on my p*ssy through his shorts.I could feel my p*ssy drip, occasionally tightening as I clenched my inner muscles. Why were his dirty words making a part of me twitch in anticipation? Why was my body responding to his touches? He must have smelt my drastic arousal by now and used it against me.With my one leg on the kitchen counter, he must have had a clear view of my anticipating p*ssy. Blood rushed through my body when his fingers started caressing my sl*t, still leaning on top of me, his breath sharing on my skin, making my hair stand at the ends."If you keep on screaming, someone will surely walk in on us." I heard his mocking voice warn me. I had complained about this earlier and he was now using it against me. I was screaming crazily and I couldn't control it because of the things he was doing to my p*ssy."Aaaah…please…I..oh... Alpha…Lo...Logan." I moaned, arching my back as he teased my p*ssy sl*t. His teasing fingers were setting a mash in my mind. I couldn't think of the right words to say.I wanted more of it. More of this irresistible sweet sin that he was making me commit. I could feel that he was smiling, presumably smirking in between, enjoying his torture on my p*ssy."I will f*ck you hard Ann. I will really do that and every time you remember tonight, you will forget about Mike." His s*xy voice and unclear warning flags were making it difficult for me to hold what I was feeling.Without a warning, I felt his finger inside my dripping p*ssy, making damp sounds. I was about to let my leg step back to the floor but I felt his hand push my leg back.He didn't say a word and began thrusting his finger inside me making those wet sounds and he was torturing me with his slow pace. I felt like my body would crumble in seconds to come because of the feeling that was forming in my lower abdomen."Why are you doing this, Alpha Logan?" I found myself asking between my sloppy breaths and crazy moans. I didn't think of the possibility of something walking in on us anymore. It was far away from my thoughts because what was I thinking anyway?"What do you mean precisely? Finger f*ck*ng you like this…?" I felt his finger thrust deeper in a hard move that made me experience a mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time."Or do you mean preparing your wet p*ssy for my c*ck?" He concluded and this time, he squatted down not waiting for my reply before he replaced his fingers with his tongue and circled my sensitive cl*t."Oh..gosh!" I moaned at the touch of his tongue on my twitching cl*t. I was never tortured with euphoria in my life."Don't hold it Ann, c*m for me." I heard him assert before I slumped on the counter, legs trembling while his tongue didn't leave me even for a millisecond

Chapter two

"You're ready for me now but I will give you a chance to select this time." Alpha Logan whispered against my neck while placing his sensitive butterfly kisses on me.I was still striving to catch my breath after what his tongue did to me. He didn't let me go yet but at least he placed my leg back on the floor and held my trembling body against his chest giving me support."Tell me, Ann, do you choose to go on from here….or." I heard him ask then his finger met my twitching clit again and started circling it teasingly.I knew that he wanted me to choose between him fucking me tonight…so hard just like he promised me and the thought of it made my insides tighten… or going with my boyfriend Mike whom he had just called a boy a few moments ago. But my mind was not working. I couldn't think straight. Every word that formed in my mind would be instantly shuttered by his touch on me and I could only utter a shaky moan


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