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Fated Redemption

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Sumi
  • Chapters: 132
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 27


"The Wall Street pack had been invaded by their neighboring pack, the Crescent Moon Pack. Their alpha and luna were killed by Alpha D'argan. A curse of infertility was placed upon the pack. All the werewolves lost the ability to detect each other's mates after the massacre. There was a need for revenge. There was a need for redemption. Fifteen years later, a sudden mysterious pregnancy occurred between the Alpha Achilles and a slave girl Bella in the pack. The unborn child was the key to their redemption. How will they fight to keep that unborn child safe from the Crescent Moon Pack? Moreover, how will they react when they discover that the slave-girl carrying their redeemer is actually the daughter of the Alpha D'argan who brought calamity upon them?Will the Alpha Achilles ever learn to love Bella even though she was weak as he claimed? What happens when two alpha brothers have feelings for the same woman? Who will finally get her? Read to find out how the members of the Wall Street pack fight for their redemption and how the love story between Alpha Achilles and his slave-girl Bella unfolds.

Chapter ONE

Everything was ruined.

Women and children were wailing here and there as they held onto the bodies of their dead husbands and fathers. The entire atmosphere stenched of blood and the flames blazing on their houses only brought more pain and grief to them.

Within the twinkle of an eye, a lot had gone wrong. Children had lost their mothers, fathers or both. Women had lost their husbands and husbands had lost their wives.

An entire pack had lost their Alpha and Luna as well.

That night was not a good one for the members of the Wall Street pack.

Not only had their houses been burned to the ground, but their farmlands and livestock had been set ablaze as well. Their entire army had been slaughtered because they were taken unaware. The entire land was sprawled with dead bodies. Only the women and children had been spared.

The older men and youths who tried to fight were all slaughtered and the moment they realized their Alpha had been killed, they had no choice but to surrender.

They had been ambushed by their neighboring pack called the Crescent Moon Pack under the lead of their Alpha, Alpha D'argan.

These two neighboring packs, the Wall Street Packs and the Crescent Moon Pack were not enemy packs. On the contrary, they were friendly with each other and even their Alphas were best of friends, but as we all know, the heart of a man is hardly pure.

The Wall Street Pack was more prosperous than the Crescent Moon Pack in every aspect. In wealth, food, in terms of size, power and even population. This made Alpha D'argan, the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, feel threatened. He was scared that the Alpha of the Wall Street Pack, Alpha Rowan, would one day use his wealth and superiority, to dethrone him and take over his pack as Alpha, so he decided to make the first move, and that plan had worked out perfectly fine.

He had killed both the Alpha and Luna of the Wall Street pack, and burnt their houses to the ground. Destroyed their farmlands and livestock and crippled their entire army. The Wall Street Pack was under his feet now and there was just one thing left for him to do.

He had succeeded in getting his soldiers to gather all the survivors of the attack, including the little children. They were all seated in the yard of their castle in silence. No one dared to make a single sound for fear of losing his or her life, but the tears in their eyes couldn't stop welling down.

The bodies of their Alpha and Luna had been spread before them and that had been the last sign of defeat.

Once the Alpha of the Pack is dead, everyone surrenders and flees, but in this case, they couldn't flee, so they were held hostage.

Alpha D'argan marched forward and stood before the adult population that used to be thousands but now had drastically reduced to hundreds . Children now had a greater population because they had been spared.

The people's tears and the fear he saw in their eyes gave him so much pleasure.

This is what he had wanted for ages.

To make the subjects of the Wall Street Pack cry and beg him for mercy.

To see them suffer!

"I don't even know how to describe how I feel right now, but I know that I like the feeling. '' He talked with so much mockery in his voice, but no one dared to talk back. "For many years, you all have been at the top, but for the next millions of years, my pack, the Crescent Moon Pack, will be your superior and there is nothing any of you will be able to do about that. How the tables have turned '' He ranted on with a satisfied smile plastered on his face.

No one dared to look him in the face.

"Right now, I have just one thing left to do. Bring the witch!" He ordered and the entire atmosphere was filled with gasps from the subjects.

The Wall street pack had a witch who was the mother to their Alpha that had been murdered and she was a great asset to them. Losing their witch as well would be a great loss to them.

As per his orders, the witch was bundled up by his guards and brought to kneel before Alpha D'argan.

"A witch who can't save her people from calamity, what a waste!" He mocked and the old woman calmly raised her head up and looked him straight in the eye.

She knew this day was going to come but her son, the now dead Alpha never listened to her anytime she made mention of the subject.

She just didn't see this coming, but she knew for sure that if the moon goddess prevented her from seeing this, then she did it for a reason.

"Don't give me that creepy look, old woman, you can't scare me. Right now there is just one thing left for me to do and you are going to help me do that." Alpha D'argan announced as he trailed around her like a rolling coin, with his heavy boots making loud thuds against the ground.

Everyone went dead silent and as they casted each other confused glances.

The tyrant standing before them had just robbed them of their Alpha and everything they owned, even killed their fellow members, what exactly did he want to do to them at that moment? They wondered in their minds.

No one dared to pose the question for fear of losing his or her life.

"What else do you want from us? You have taken everything, everything I tell you! What exactly do you want from us now?" The old woman asked as furious tears came spilling down her cheeks.

In just the twinkle of an eye, she had lost her only son and daughter-in-law and to say she was devastated would be an understatement.

"If you think I'm just going to let you all be then you must be mistaken! Wall Street Pack will rise up against me someday if I dare leave this moment and I can't let that happen. For that reason, I order you to place a curse of infertility on all your female subjects. When I say all I mean the old women, the youths and the children and I also need you to place a curse that will hinder the young ones from knowing their mates once they come of age. The generation of the Wall Street Pack ends with these children I see. They will grow and die without reproducing offspring to continue their legacies and that is how the Wall street Pack will go into extinction. Now go ahead!"

"Never!" The old woman flatly denied it. "I would never cast such a curse on my people. You would have to kill me first!" She denied bitterly and Alpha D'argan's expression darkened. He took calculated steps towards the crowd and the next thing that was heard was screams as he brutally sliced off the head of one the nearby male subjects and shot towards the old woman. Blood oozed out from the man's butchered neck and his entire body convulsed as he dropped dead on the ground. His wife and children screamed in agony as they held onto his decapitated body and cried bitterly.

With a satisfied smirk plastered on his face, Alpha D'argan moved to his next target, which happened to be a ten year old boy. That ten year old was no ordinary boy. He was the second son of the late Alpha Rowan and the future Alpha of the pack. The moment he held his neck up and placed his two edged sharp blade on it, the entire yard was filled with screams and pleas.

The worst thing that could happen, was for them to lose another Alpha, even if he were just a boy.

The little boy who was currently facing the greatest predicament of his life, looked at his grandmother with sorrowful eyes and she turned her face away.

She couldn't let her grandson die and casting a spell of infertility on her subjects was just as bad as well. Her witch ancestors would never forgive her if she…

"Grandma!!" The boy screamed as the man made a little cut on his throat and the spot bled.

"Please Luna Diana, place the curse on us,we can't afford to lose our young Alpha '' A courageous woman shouted from the crowd and everyone began pleading with her.

"I will do it!" She announced and immediately, Alpha D'argan let go of the little boy who crawled into his older brother's arms and sobbed hard.

"That wasn't so hard now,was it?" He asked with a sickening smile and the old woman casted him a deadly look as she rose on her feet. "Go on and cast the spell right now, else I will have everyone here slaughtered and their bodies fed to the crows!" He threatened for the umpteenth time and immediately, the old woman stretched her hands forward to the subjects and began chanting spells in a foreign language. In less than no time, the entire atmosphere was unstable as strong winds blew almost carrying people away. The female subjects, including the little girls all began screaming in agony as a strange power took over their bodies.

That was a sign of their fertility being snatched from them.

Soon the young male children joined in the screaming and that was a sign of their ability to detect their mates, leaving them.

After a brief moment of chanting incantations, the old woman waved boths hands in the air and everything became calm again. At that moment, everyone except Alpha D'argan and his subjects was on the ground, crying in agony, because of what they could feel, because of the doom that had been casted upon them.

The old woman couldn't bear the sight of her subjects looking so miserable because of her, so she averted her gaze to Alpha D'argan, who had on his brightest smile.

Mission accomplished.

"You will not get away with this, I promise you. They will come back for you!" she promised in a deadly tone and Alpha D'argan snorted as he inched closer to her. Once he was close, he leaned forward and brought his lips very close to her ear. "If they ever try to come for me, I will repeat this entire process again. This is the end of the Wall Street Pack and right now, I will ease your guilt by sending you to rest, so you don't get to see what your precious subjects go through"

The next thing the old lady felt was a sharp, cold metal forcing its way through her stomach and protruding behind her back.

She smiled mysteriously, in satisfaction and in no time, there was blood oozing from her mouth and nostrils.

"Every finish line…" coughs blood " the beginning of a new race" She whispered to him, still smiling.

Alpha D'argan brutally pulled out his sword from her stomach and let her body fall to the ground.

There was once more commotion in the entire yard as the subjects crawled over to the dead body of their old Luna who had just dropped dead.

Having accomplished his mission, Alpha D'argan marched away with his soldiers following him.

He thought he had conquered the Wall Street pack.

He thought that was the end for them, but little did he know that was just the beginning.

Everything comes with a price.

He had robbed the people of everything they had.

Had their Alpha and Luna killed.

As if that was not enough, he even managed to get their own witch to cast a spell of infertility on all their female subjects, but little did he know that all those accomplishments came with a price.

Remember the old woman smiled before she dropped dead, that was because she had placed a curse on him as well. A curse that would destroy him just like he did her son!

Nothing goes for nothing!

Chapter TWO


It had been fifteen years since the massacre.

Fifteen years since the members of the Wall Street pack lost the ability to detect their mates.

Fifteen years since their females all lost their fertility.

The population has remained stagnant due to that. The old were dying, even some youths and children that suffered from grave illnesses were dying too, but no one was reproducing.

Every member was scared because they knew their entire pack was going to go extinct someday if nothing was done about it, but then, no one had any idea what they could do to remedy the situation.

For the past years, they had focused on rebuilding their pack and they had done a good job at it. Even though they could no longer go back to bring the most powerful and prosperous pack in the world like before, they weren't doing bad at all for themselves.

They had engaged in agriculture and multiple forms of trade that had paid off and at the moment, th


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