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Alpha Tyrion's Arranged Mate- His Hybrid Mate

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"I, Alpha Tyrion Macklin, in the presence of all Alpha council take Celine, as my fated mate. I vow to cherish her and..." He paused and looked at me with disgust. "I can't do this. I can't mate with a maid..." Celine is a low ranking wolf who was found in the woods by her now father when she was a baby. She was abused and lost hope for future yet always wanted to have a child of her own. To give it the world, love and home she never got. Alpha Tyrion Macklin is one of the most powerful alphas in the world, aspiring to become the Alpha King. He has a fiancée, the daughter of Great Alpha Jonathan, who gives him control over two packs. Their fates collide when the Alphas accuse Tyrion of mating with Celine during the annual meeting of alphas. Under the pressure of the Alpha Alliance, Tyrion marks Celine and takes her back to his pack. They sign a contract which states Celine will leave after she gets pregnant. Unknown about her true powers and the dangers lurking to use her special abilities. But can he accept her as his true mate? And can she overcome his hatred and indifference?

Chapter 1

Celine's POV:"Be quick! " I hurriedly refilled the glasses of wine on the table for the guests while the other maid fixed the dinner. My hands shook every time I heard Alpha Tyrion's name in the room. I shook my head and tried to forget about whatever happened last night. It was an accident. I didn't know how that happened. I wasn't in control. Neither was my wolf. The heat had taken over my senses. I gripped the tray in my palm and my knuckles turned white. ****Last night: "Go and Serve Alpha Tyrion! " My father shouted when I was about to enter my chambers. He was carrying a glass of wine in his hands and a little smirk played on his lips. I didn't want to get beaten up for the third time today and quickly grabbed the glass. Before I could turn around, he ran a cloth over my face, almost making me cough and I watched him with confusion. "What are you looking at? Leave, idiot. " There was no use in arguing with him. I hurriedly walked to the Guest Chambers for the Alphas. Alpha Tyrion's chamber was at the end of the corridor and I knocked twice before he opened it with a frown. "What do you want? " He asked with an irritated face. I gulped, " Your wine… " He took a deep breath and gave me the space to walk in his chamber. I put the glass on the table and gave him a smile. "Wait, can you clean this mess? " He asked, pointing at the broken pieces of the vase, " Someone broke it when I was in the meeting. " I quickly got on my knees and picked each piece. Alpha Tyrion gulped down the wine down his throat at once. He growled and it scared me. But he walked closer to the window and I felt a little comfortable. I got up and tried to open the door. But it was locked. Alpha Tyrion noticed me using all my strength on the door and he tried to open it too. "Who the fu*k locked it?! " He shouted angrily. And that's when I felt the wetness between my thighs and a heat which made me cry out in pain. Alpha Tyrion must have caught the scent of my arousal too because his irises changed into a fiery yellow. His jaw clenched and he looked away from me. "I am sorry, Alpha. " I said between my moans. He snarled and punched the wall. His hands gripped the back of his head and he stood at the other side of the room again. "What did you make me drink? " He asked, getting out of breath. My arousal had reached its limits and the pheromone started working on my senses. Having an Alpha, unmated male, in the same room as me was making me go crazy. My body started burning up and I tore off the gown. Alpha Tyrion growled when he saw me playing with my n*ppl*s. His bulge was visible from the tight pants and his wolf had taken over him. Within a minute, both of us were sucking each other's mouths and he threw me on the bed, only to claim me so roughly that I withered in pain. 'Mate. 'Belinay, my wolf, whispered but Alpha Tyrion was busy thrusting in and out of me. By the time he was done, it was already morning and my thighs were covered in his seeds and blood. He was unconscious and I quietly walked out, only to come face to face with the Four Great Alphas and my father who noticed my teary face and the scent of Alpha Tyrion lingering over me. *****Luckily, my father had not asked me about anything till now which was both a mystery and a threat to me. What hurt me the most was that Alpha Tyrion had not initiated any conversation with me after last night. I hadn't even seen him around. I knew he wasn't happy to be here. None of the Great Alphas were. My only friend Layla had not talked to me either. It wasn't her fault though. We had been extremely busy with the preparations because after two decades our small pack, The Silver Moon Pack, was holding the yearly meeting for the 'Council of Seven Alphas. ' Somehow, our pack had been able to join the prestigious council with the efforts of our late Alpha but everything had gone downhill after his death. The truth was we were on the verge of breaking down as a pack and going rogue. "Don't daydream, Celine. We already had a huge accident in the morning. " Layla scolded me. The memory of yesterday's incident flashed across my eyes. The chandelier was about to fall on Alpha Tyrion when my father saved him at the right time. Everyone praised him for the brave act and Alpha Tyrion had even given my father an empty wish which he could ask anything for. An empty wish is something given by the Royal Wolves to us common wolves which we can use any time and ask almost anything. Something which my ungrateful father didn't deserve. 'I can never trust the old man. 'Belinay, my wolf muttered under her breath. 'Me too. 'The dominant scents of Alphas flooded the room and my submissive omega wolf bowed her head at them. I couldn't even dare to look at them because I was nothing but just the dirt of their shoes. I was ugly and with the little scar running on my belly no man would ever feel comfortable around me. My mate would reject me. That's what my father told me. He always did that. Whenever he would find me smiling, his one insult would make me cry for my bad luck. Only if my real parents had been here. And I didn't have to be adopted by him when he hated me so much. My life would have been so different. So beautiful like others. Coming out of the Dreamland, I realized the Alphas had come back to the dining room again. And Alpha Tyrion was present too. His eyes found me, hiding in a corner. He instantly turned his head away from me. They all took their seats around the dining table and we began serving them the food. Our Alpha Andre was not happy with this meeting because now everyone knew how inefficient our pack was. "I want to make my wish, Alpha. " My father said when the Alphas had finished having dinner. Everyone went quiet and my father stood his grounds even though our Alpha was not very happy with his behavior. He could have waited until midnight or the morning. I gripped the glass in my hand as Alpha Tyrion looked at him, waiting for an answer. His face was turned into a straight line with no expression or whatsoever on it. "Ask. " He said in his deep voice. I shouldn't focus on him because Layla gave me weird looks every time she caught me watching him. "Please take my daughter as your mate. "I gasped and everyone brought their attention to me. Layla raised her brow but I kept my head low, not bothering to look at her. "Do you even know what you are saying! " Alpha Tyrion got up from his chair furiously and his fangs came out ready to attack him. "Yes, Alpha. I know that you took my daughter's innocence last night and even marked her. Who's going to accept her now? Worse, she might be pregnant by now. " Alpha Tyrion looked at me and the hatred he had for me was something I couldn't describe in words if I had to. "That's serious.Tyrion, did you take her virginity and marked her? " "I was under the influence of wine. " He told the Senior Alpha Of the Alliance. Another Alpha scoffed, " Wine? So, I don't think any female is safe. That's a ridiculous excuse. " Alpha Tyrion was about to jump on him when the Senior Alpha Kai stopped him. "Tyrion, you have to legally make her Luna. We can't let the packs feel that Alphas can get away with everything. "I wiped my teary cheeks when I saw Alpha Tyrion clenching his teeth, controlling his anger. 'Why is he doing this to us? He is our mate. 'Belinay said. 'He doesn't want us to be his Luna. We are worthless to him. '"I can't take her as my Luna. " He finally said. "Why Tyrion? You already marked her. ""I have a chosen fiancee in my pack. I love her. I can't be with any random maid. "

Chapter 2

Celine''s POV:Ouch! Those words pierced my heart like a sharp sword had run through my heart twice. Everything came down pouring on me. My destiny, my birth parents, the kicks and punches I suffered from my father. And now the rejection from my mate who didn't seem to even acknowledge me. Why was Moon Goddess doing this to me? A simple rejection would have hurt me but this was nearly a death experience for me. "Is she marked? " Alpha Kai, the Senior Alpha, asked. "No, but we are going to get each other marked by next week. Everyone knows about it. My pack and hers are excited for the wedding. " Alpha Tyrion answered. Alpha Kai nodded and thought about something. I felt the skies falling on me. Alpha Tyrion was so much in love with his mate. I could see that on his face. My father howled, crying and panting like he was about to lose his life, " What about my daughter then? She just tur

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