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Alpha Last Mission

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Sold to the cruelest alpha king of all times by her step-father, she accepts her fate. Once she gives the cursed alpha king a son, she will be set free. But what she doesn't expect is, the alpha king is her mate. The sad part is, he doesn't know it. That she can wait, believing the alpha king will realize the bond sooner or later. But one day she finds that she's nothing but a tool to him. Heartbroken, she runs with her unborn baby. The cold and dominnering alpha king realizes his true feelings for her and regrets his indifference to her love. He swears to find her and take her back no matter what. Will the alpha king find her and recognize his baby? How will the cruel and cold alpha king chase her back, now a single mommy sought by many alphas?

Chapter 1


01-Taking Away My Last Hope


Every other wolf lived a normal life and at least, had a few people who still loved them but it seemed as though my life was cursed. Cursed that I will never be loved and I had accepted that as my fate.

I didn't have a wolf unlike every other Werewolf and everyone except my mother hated me saying that they don't want my curse to spill over to them.


It was a sad morning, a morning that I wasn't going to forget all my life. My mum was shivering hard that morning.

"Mum, what's wrong?" I inquired, staring at her right in the face while I lips trembled.

"I will soon be fine daughter. Just a little cold and nothing more." she returned but her facial expressions Betrayed her words.

I knew that she was just trying to calm me down and I could already feel tears forming in the corner of my eyes.

My stepfather walked into the room and smiled at me. "Don't worry Elsa, your mum will be alright real soon." He said to me but I growled angrily at him with my face twisted with hate and anger.

He was my mom's second chance mate after my dad who was a pack warrior died in one of the deadly wars.

He was always fond of pretending to be sent whenever my mum was with me but when she wasn't around, he always treated me as a slave and nothing more than that.

"And what have I done again this time?" He shot a friendly smile at me.

"The question should be what have you not done. It's high time you stop pretending." I growled back at him.

"Elsa," my mother said as I long cough escaped from her mouth and her held her tightly. "Your step father loves you and you know that." She returned.

I watched him with so much hate and disgust as he came over to me and looked straight into my eyes.

"And she knows I do." he returned an evil smile at me and turned over to my mother and held her hands tightly.

"We have to go see the physician now, someone is outside to assist you while I get the things that you need." He returned.

He called out to whoever was outside and the lady helped my mum to the carriage that had Been prepared outside.

"I want to come with you." I yelled at them from behind but my stepfather shot a deadly snare at me. My mom was already out of ear shot and he came over to me with a thick frown hanging on his face.

"You fool." he glared angrily at me while I shivered hard. "How dare you those mean words about me in the presence of your mother you beast." he fired angrily at me with a frown hanging on his face.

But before I could say a single word, he slapped me hard on the face, making fresh tears pour down from my eyes.

"I will have to go now but when I am done with you, you won't even ever open those mouths of yours to talk Ill about me." he growled angrily at me and walked away.

I stared into the empty space that he had created in the room and I shivered hard.

But I prayed that nothing happened to my mother because she was the only one that had ever loved me genuinely since I stepped on this earth.

I waited for them that day but they didn't return which got me worried.

"Is she that sick?" I thought in my head. I stayed up throughout the night and there was no sign of them coming and I slept off on the bed.

I woke up early the following morning and ran to their rooms to see if they were back already. I ran first to my mother's room but there was nobody there. Then I ran to my hated stepfather's room and still nobody there.

My heart sank and I could feel my heart beating hard against my chest as though it was going to burst through. Something was certainly not right.

Before me, I saw some pieces of papers lying on the table. "What could those be?" I thought in my head.

Though I was forbidden from going into the room, my curiosity took a better part of me.

With every single step I took to those papers, I could feel my heart beating hard against my chest.

I finally came before the papers and though I had not finished my education, I was familiar with most of the signs.

I read through the papers and my eyes brightened immediately. My hands were already shivering and the papers fell to the ground.

"What." I screamed in my head.

It was all a plan all this while, he was the cause of my mother's sickness, he had poisoned her all because he wanted the properties that was left behind by my mother

"I knew that he was always a beast, but mother just won't believe me." I cried aloud and could feel my heart beating hard against my chest as though it was going to burst through.

I thought about my mother and the fact that she was dying gradually. I had to tell the world what he had done to her.

I could feel my heart pounding hard against my chest as I ran over to the door and attempted to part it open but someone else opened it from the other end.

My stepfather stared at me as his face twisted with so much hate and disgust and he felt like tearing me apart with his hands.

"And what are you doing here?" He growled angrily at me with so much hate and disgust in his voice. "Haven't I warned you time without number never to come to this place again?" He growled at me but this time I was no longer afraid of him.

"You beast, what have you done to my mother, where is she now?" I growled angrily at him as my face twisted with hate and disgust.

Immediately I said this, he shot a smirk at me. "Hmmm, so you have already read through it. But too bad there is nothing that you can do about it now, your mother is already Dead." he said with a glare hanging on his face.

The words struck me like lightning and I fell backwards, really confused. "You beast." I growled at him as fresh tears poured down from my eyes thinking that the only one that cared about me in the world was dead.

"And you Know what, she signed all the properties that your father left behind to me, including you." he revealed, breaking him even further.

"You beast, you deserve nothing but death." I growled at him as more tears poured down from my eyes.

"I know right." He returned as a burst of dark laughter escaped from his mouth.

I continued to think about my mother as Fresh tears poured down from my eyes. I had Been left alone in the world. I stared at him and the smile hanging on his face and I could feel my anger rising so bad that I had to clutch my hands and clips my lips to the roof of my mouth to control my rising anger.

"You beast!" I growled angrily at him. I am not going to allow you to go scout free, I will shout it out to the world, you murdered my mother." I yelled at him with so much hatred in my voice.

"And who do you think will believe you, you fool." he fired angrily at me. "First you are an outcast and Everyone thinks you are not a normal wolf already, have you ever seen a wolf that is yet to wolf out at age nineteen." he growled at me breaking me into a million pieces

Fresh tears poured down from my eyes as he reminded me of the reality that I was faced with every single day. He saw my reaction and he didn't even take a single pity on me, he decided to break Me even further.

"So, nobody is going to believe you, they Will all think you are running wild, especially When I have made the physician announce that she died a natural death." he shot at me.

My heart sank and more tears poured down from my eyes at the thought of how helpless I was.

"You are a beast." I thundered angrily at him.

"And you are now my slave." he fired back at me.

Chapter 2


02-Findig His Heir.


I paced up and down in the pack house with a thick frown hanging on my face and a deep heart.

My face twisted with hate and anger as I threw an ancient vase on the floor and it shattered into a million pieces.

"I hate all these; I am the Alpha of the pack and I deserve an heir." I yelled angrily as my anger increased by the second.

I was flaming with anger and I felt like tearing the whole pack apart.

"How can this be possible, that I will never be able to produce an heir?". I thought angrily pacing with so much force as my feet formed a pattern with my heart.

And to crown it all, I was Cursed and only if I can lay my hands on my male child will I be free.

"But how can that be possible when I could not even have that son and I was dying gradually as the day went by?

I had two wives and the only thing their womb would produce were femal


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