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Alpha Betrayal

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Alpha Betrayal is a novel that deals with the uncertainty of a wild pack, ruled by strong Alphas but broken down by bad leadership. It conveys the lust for love when it turned out that one of the female Alpha Raina betrayed the wild pack after her long crush for Matt, whom she had admire was being taken away from her by a mere stranger. Raina, knowing she have lost a severe emotional breakdown when Matt told her that he was in love with Anna. She ran to Andre who has always threatened to destroy the alpha pack and take Their city, and told him every plan and movement Alphas have made to destroy him. Andre on the other hand, knew that Anna's blood was the only thing that can help the vampires take over the whole Kingdom, but always got threatened by Matt, who vowed with his life to ensure that Andrea don't get what he want While all this was going on, a series of death from Matt friends and kingdom occured to the extent that he almost lost Doyen, his father. Andrew heard about all of this incident going on and decided to make a deal with Matt. You hand over Anna to me and I will share my blood with you and your people and that way they can live for as long as they want. Andre said Will Matt take this offer, will he hand over the person that can make Andrea more powerful for the life of his father and the entire kingdom or turn him down ?

Chapter 1

Anna was terrified, waking up to see strange faces in my room. Who the f*ck are you?

"Hello Anna," Andrea called softly

"What are you doing here? How can I help you? You are trespassing, you know." Anna yelled

"We are not here to hurt you Anna. At least not yet." Andrea said

"What? Anna Squeaked, what do you want from me?" She asked

"First of all, I would like to welcome you to our neighborhood." Andrea added

"I don't want trouble, I just came here to live my life in peace. Please." Anna said

"Oh we know, but unfortunately for you my dear, there is something that we want from you, although not ripened yet. So to say I will definitely come back for it." Andrea said further

"What is it?" Anna inquired

"Sooner or later you will get to know what it is." Andrea said

"How did you all even get into my apartment, my door is locked and this room is locked also, I am calling the cops." Anna threatened

She picked up her and was about dialing the police number, when Thomas roared at her, dragged the phone from her hands and smashed it to the floor

"Don't make such a mistake again Anna, we are only letting you go because you are useful to us. Do not tempt our patient" Andrea warned

Anna was frightened, she was shivering and shaking, all her life she had never seen such a beast. It was her first time

"Vampires?" she said, trembling.

Her voice was soft and unclear. She had no idea what to do or who to call, she just sat on her bed, speechless as she watched them jump off her window

"We will be back." Andrea yelled

That night, Anna wasn't herself, she couldn't sleep anymore, she had to look for something to do just to keep herself busy and to forget about what she saw

"Vampires ain't real, vampires ain't real, Anna said," slapping her face and pinching herself, like she was in a dream struggling to wake up

The next morning she left her apartment to go look for a job to keep her busy and to get her off the house. She got into a very old crampy store, there was an old man seated in the front desk, normally where the receptionists do sit.

"Hello, Good morning." Anna greeted

"How can I help you?" The old man asked

"Sorry to disturb, but I was passing by in search of work when I saw the sign board that said, vacancy opened. I am just hoping it's still vacant." Anna asked

"Young lady?" The old man called

"Yeah, uhm, it's Anna." She answered

"What?" He asked

"My name, it's Anna Michael" She told him

"Yeah, whatever, i will give you some friendly advice, Don't stay up late at night walking down the street, you do smell nice from far away." The old man said

"What do you mean? I don't understand." Anna said in fear

"Anyways, the job is still Open, you can start now if you want. And by the way, call me Hathaway, that's my name." The old man said

"Well, thank you Mr Hathaway, I promise not to disappoint you, but do you mind telling me what my work here is." Anna asked

"Oh God, girls." Mr Hathaway groaned

Anna hadn't realized yet where she had come to, Practically no human works around the neighborhood cause it has been prohibited, by Top Government officials that the city is filled with dangerous and mysterious beings.

"What happened to the sign board?" Matt asked

"I saw a lady boss, she passed through here last week. She must have taken the sign down." Hank said

"Which lady can be dumb enough to read the signs which clearly says "No trespassing" And still passes it?" Raina demanded to know

"That's nonsense Hank. No human can pass through this boarder and come into our territory except it's.....Anna" Matt perturbed

"Who's Anna," Raina asked?

"She is all they need." Matt answered

"Matt, we clearly don't understand what you are talking about, can you explain more." Alex asked

"There is no time guys, it's happening. Matt said, Hank can you go home and tell dad that Anna is in our city already, I will be with you" Matt ordered

"Who is Anna?" Hank asked

"Will you just do as I have said?!!..Matt yelled. My dad would understand better." He further said

"But we don't." Raina added

Hank ran as fast as his leg could carry him, without stopping or looking back

"Dude, start talking." Jerry insisted

"Okay, Okay, Okay, fine guys. Listen, you all know how my dad and I go for a race every Saturday afternoon?" Matt asked

"Yeah, we do. What happened?" Alex inquired

"One day he told me about a girl named Anna, and how she is going to be the only person to pass through these borders." Matt said

"How is that possible? Does she have super powers or something?" Jerry asked

"No, but according to my dad, if she eventually get in to our city, she needs to be protected at all cost, because she has the ultimately power to what Andrea and his men are searching for" Matt concluded

"Okay, Matt am Lost, can you recap?" Raina added"

"What are Andrea and his men searching for?" Matt asked

"Blood?" Alex said

"That's it's, they ain't just searching for any blood, they are looking for the blood of a pure girl that can make them stronger, without that blood they are nothing. But once they take a sip of Anna's blood, it will make them stronger. They will take over our city, and we will be left with nothing but dust and bags carried on our backs in search of packs, is that what we want?" Matt said

"That's not good" Raina said

"I know, right Now I don't know what to do, we need to go meet the pack leader for directions." Matt said

"What are we waiting for then?" Jerry asked

"Hold on guys, someone is coming," Alex said.

Chapter 2

"I think it's just one person." Raina said

"I can smell them." Matt said"I think it's just one person." Raina said." Raina said

"Don't lose your guard, people." Matt ordered

Meanwhile, back in the store, Anna was asking Mr Hathaway a lot of questions that cut him off balance.

"You are fired." Mr Hathaway said

"What? What have I done?" Anna queried

"You ask too many questions young lady, I can't deal with that." The old man said

"Well there's no rules against asking questions," Anna added

"Rule number one. No questions!!?" Mr Hathaway said

Anna became frustrated, unfortunately for her she couldn't go back home after what she saw the other night, so she had to quit the question and concentrate on her work.

"They are getting closer guys" Jerry said

"I can swear that it's Andrea


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