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A mate to the silver-haired alpha

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*************Blurb************ Katrina's not-so-perfect life changed drastically on her 18th years birthday becoming even worst than before. She had gone to her mate's house to celebrate her new age and adulthood hoping he would finally mate her since he had promised to mate her when she turn 18. But just like glasses could be broken easily, promises can be broken as well, easily without stress. When she arrived at her mate's house, she was shocked to see him having s*x with three female werewolves. He didn't bother to stop instead he insulted her for being ugly and having a weak wolf. She was hurt. She shifted into her wolf form and ran into the wood since she can't run back home in her wolf form to avoid insult and ridicule from the pack because of her wolf's ugly form. The pack respect pretty wolves and treat the ugly ones like outcasts. In the wood, she heard an alpha voice call her wolf, out of curiosity she went to answer the call only to meet a dead being in a coffin box. ****""" **""Excerpt**"" I opened my eyes to see myself in a dimly lit room, a big box was staying a little distance away from me. I couldn't make out what is in it or how huge it is. It was old and dusty. My first thought was, get up and run but I knew better than to do it. Even at that, I was also curious to see what is inside the box. I got up and begin to trade towards it. As I approach I can feel my heart swiftly beating but I was determined to see the end of it. It is only when I was an inch close that I realized that the thing wasn't an ordinary box rather it was a coffin. "Oh my God! What could a coffin be doing here." I exclaimed inwardly feeling dread pervading my entire body. This is a bad idea. I should have listened to my wolf. I should have resisted the force earlier. I grumbled but it was too late already. I heard a slight movement inside the coffin and I froze. I couldn't run, my feet were stuck. After some time the coffin opened. And here we go again! My curiosity peeks in, rising to the highest peak and I find myself treading towards it. I wanted to see what was inside the coffin, and I did. Reaching the coffin box, I saw a corpse lying in it. Its skin is dried up and only his skeletal bone could be seen. The structures of the bones were visible under his dried skin. His fang poking out. The sight was disgusting and dreadful, and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I felt like puking. My heart flew out of my chest when I saw the skeleton move, I screamed, yelling loudly in fear as the hand grab me and pulled me in, making me lie above him. His eyes open and stare right into mine. "Audrey," He groans as he opens his mouth and sank his fangs into my neck, biting directly at the spot where my mate mark should be. I heard my wolf cry. "I have been waiting for you." He murmured before my eyes close as my consciousness drift away from me.

Chapter 1- Tales of the past

Thousands of years ago;

The whole world was joined together and ruled by only one king who is seen as the alpha lord of all the world: the human clan, vampire clan, Lycan clan, witches and wizard clan, werewolf clan, and all other clans like mermaid and sirens.

They are governed by one rule, one king who rules for 20 years.

After 20 years, a new leader would be selected from one of the other clans to rule for the next 20 years.

It continues that way until the king of the world decides to give them a permanent leader who would rule with love, fairness, and equality forever because most leaders favor their clan more than the other clan.

He does not like the racial treatment of the other clan when a leader was selected from one particular clan. He doesn't like the way the alpha lord treats the other clans which aren't his clan.

To solve the problem, he has to send his only son to rule the world as the physical king of the world since he is invisible.

A prophecy was revealed that the king of the world would send their permanent alpha lord through the Lycan alpha since he was the present lord ruling at that time, and the Lycan alpha was also a good man who rules the whole world in love and fairness.

He treats every clan equally and does not favor his clan more than the other clan.

The king of the world thought it would be nice that the permanent leader should come from his lineage so he can impact his good moral virtues on him and also teach him how to love every clan equally.

The god of the world also thought that he should send his son whom he's sending to the world as the permanent lord to the Lycan alpha as a blessing and also an appreciation for being a good leader. And also for him to impact his positivity on his son.

He does not want his son to be corrupted by the wickedness of the world and only the Lycan alpha was worthy enough to raise his son in love and kindness, the way he wants him to be.

When the other clan heard it, they were sad as they all want their clan to rule forever, but they were also happy to have a permanent leader who would love them equally except for the werewolf clan.

They were angry, especially their alpha king. He'd thought the child would come from him since he is the next alpha lord in line to rule after the Lycan alpha exceeds his tenure.

He wants to rule and to rule forever. He thought that if he could kill the Lycan alpha lord then the god of the world would bestow him with the honor of fathering the permanent leader of the world to come.

He began plotting, infecting the hearts and minds of his clan and other clans against the Lycan alpha until there was so much hatred swimming around in the mind of the people in the world.

Every clan becomes ambitious. They want to rule forever.

When the Lycan alpha's vampire mate conceived, the whole clan was after her but she was shielded by the most powerful witch in the world and her mate.

She protects her from every attack and harm that was sent spiritually by the wizard clan while her Lycan alpha protects her physically.

Few weeks to the delivery day she was poisoned by her mother. Her father died when she was young and her mother had been lonely ever since then.

She loves her mother so much. Even when the witch told her to avoid her she didn't listen because she believed that she would never harm her.

The werewolf alpha promises her mother marriage on the condition she kills her pregnant daughter. She gladly accepted since she is desperate for love.

When she found out what her mother had done, and that she was going to die, she pleaded with the witch to remove her child from her womb and put it in the orb, which the witch did before she died.

Weeks later, the baby was born. He was unusual, He has silver eyes and silver long hair.

He remains hidden until he turns 15. It is the last year of the Lycan alpha lord's reign. The new permanent lord was supposed to be crowned since he is old enough to begin his reign with his father's assistance, but the werewolf clan rioted against it as their alpha king has ordered.

A war broke out.

During the war, most clans especially the werewolf clan target was to kill the Lycan's son but the Lycan alpha lord didn't let that happen. He shielded his son with everything he had, and also with the witch's help.

When he was badly wounded, almost close to death, he made a plea to the witch to incarcerate his son until he is capable of ruling.

The witch did, he incarcerated him by putting him inside a coffin box and placed him at the center of the world sealing it up with the Lycan alpha's soul and blood.

No one knew the place or what happened to him.

They only knew he was killed and buried. They all thought he was buried at the border between the vampire clan and the Lycan clan because his parents are from both clans.

The witch locked the place he was buried with a powerful spell that can never be unlocked by any witch or creatures except one being;

A silver-haired girl with silver eyes, pure and cleanest of hearts bestow with power and special ability. She's the only one capable of unlocking the incarcerated alpha lord.

The war continues even after the Lycan alpha's death as every clan now wants to rule.

At one point, the god of the whole world was forced to divide the world, and every clan part ways to rule themselves.

Before the world parted, the witch curse the werewolf alpha with immortality. He won't die until the world is merged and ruled by only one alpha, the permanent alpha lord - the son of the god of the whole world. He is the one to determine his fate.

And his blood shall be used to seal peace among all clans.

When he heard that, he was enraged and he killed the witch by stabbing a sword into her chest.

Before she died, she whispered out a prophecy that no one heard except one werewolf female with witch blood running through her. Her mother is from the witch clan while her father is a wolf.

She wrote the words down as the witch whispers them.

Everyone saw the witch's mouth moving and also saw her writing down things but they didn't hear a thing.

The witch clan took the book afterward and hid it at the dead witch coven sealing it with a spell only the right one could unlock with her blood.

After the world was divided, a few days after, every border leading to the other clans was closed, and the clans all appointed a king or alpha to rule them.

The wizard king later had a prophecy where a silver-haired wolf with silver eyes woke up the dead alpha lord. He told the werewolf alpha who check every female pulp born in his pack to make sure none has a silver eye or silver hair.

In other to keep an eye on all the pulp born in his pack, he made a rule that every pulp should be presented to him both when they were born and after they shifted.

In other to make it less suspicious, he gifts every pulp with a beautiful wolf and also honors the family.

That way the pack respects the pretty wolves and treats the ugly ones poorly.


Present time:

About eighteen years ago, a woman went into labor while cooking in her Kitchen. Her mate wasn't around. It was only her great-grandmother who had lived for thousand years was around.

She isn't dead yet, even when her mother and other grandmother died, her great-grandmother is still alive. She said she would die when her mission is fulfilled.

Which she doesn't understand. She is too old now as she can barely walk, her bones weak and feeble.

When the labor pain hits her, she made a summon howl which informs the pack that a pulp would be born.

It is a rule made by the alpha that any woman ready to birth must make the howl or else she would be killed after birth.

When the weak great-grandmother heard it, she sprang up from the room and rushed down in time to see her grandchild's pulp coming out.

She saw the silver color of her hair and she knew immediately she was the chosen one. With her magical power, she sealed the door and help her grandchild to give birth.

She made her fall asleep afterward.

She cast a spell on the pulp altering her appearance and as well hid her powers.

When the king and a wizard came and saw the child's ugliness.

They were irritated and left their house without the wizard checking to see if there was anything unusual about the child.

When she woke up and saw how ugly her pulp was she was shocked because she saw her before she went to sleep.

Her grandmother told her what she did and why she did it. She warned her never to tell anyone. She also transfer her witch power to her before she died to help her shield her daughter.

End of tales......


She stood in the middle of a deep sea, lost and unsure where she should go or how she got there.

She feels like her, but yet not her.

She look down into the water to stare at her reflection and was shocked by what she saw.

The girl standing in the water has silver hair and eyes. Her face was glowing, and she was also emitting a powerful aura.

She was beautiful.

The heavy breeze was blowing her silver hair around her sculpted oval face. She looks just like a goddess full of powers and strength.

Within her, she could feel like she's one with the pretty goddess standing in the water but she begs to differ because that pretty young adult she's seeing can never be like an ugly, weak girl like herself.

She watched as the goddess walked out of the water, transforming immediately into a beautiful wolf.

No f*ck*ng way! She exclaimed.

The wolf is her wolf Audrey, but unlike her actual wolf, she's pretty and strong. And her color is silver, glistening silver that shone like the sun.

Wow! She can feel how powerful she is. And yes, there's something unusual about this wolf goddess. She can feel it, there was a special ability in her which was trying to unlock.

Just then she heard a voice called her wolf,

She turn around searching for whoever it was but found no one.

"Audrey!" She heard again.

Just immediately the pretty wolf broke out in a run, running in the direction of the voice.

She blinked and saw herself in a dark room and a man standing in another room. A transparent door or wall was separating them. She couldn't walk through.

The man seemed to be in bondage as an invisible something was shackling him. He was tattered. She couldn't see his face due to the darkness of the room. But she saw his hair and eyes which was silver in color.

"Come to me, Audrey. I am waiting for you." He whispered when their eyes met.

She woke up immediately, her heart pounding. She screamed and fell right back on the bed when she saw an old woman gazing into her face.

"Your mission starts today, child. Be fast, there's no more time." She blinks and the Image is gone.

She sat up holding her chest as she tries to regulate her breathing.

"F*ck! These terrific dreams won't kill me." She muttered, stood up, and headed for the bathroom.

**Note÷ god of the whole world is also the king of the world while permanent alpha Lord is his son, also the prince of the world. Please take note so you won't get confused when any of them is used in my book.**

Chapter 2- he cheated on her

Katrina pov.

"How do I look?" I ask my best friend Carolina who was sitting on my bed staring at me with an unusual smile on her face.

"Beautiful." She answered still smiling. It wasn't a normal smile that puts you at ease. It is that kind of smile that shows something is lacking or there's more to say but holding it back.

I twirl around the mirror checking myself once more making sure nothing is lacking in my attire. I look good, maybe perfect.

Being satisfied with myself I turn to face her, "Care to tell me why you're smiling: Do I look funny?"

"Nothing." She chuckled loudly pinching her cheeks after.

Classical Lina! That is her habit, she does it most time especially when she's trying to control herself from blabbering or laughing when she shouldn't be.

"Oh, really? I don't think anyone would be smiling that way for no reason." I retorted glaring at her.


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