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The Actor's Contract

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A San Francisco boy. Famous actor and model. Renowned playboy. Damaged lover. And a heartless robot. He needs to fix his reputation. I need money for my sister's treatment. Everything about us is fake ... but sometimes the line between fake and real can get blurred. Enrique Blackburn turned himself into a robot. Untouchable. Emotionless. The quintessential bachelor of the silver screen. He doesn't do love. He can never say the words. Especially not to me, his contracted phony girlfriend. But despite the consequences I let him take my breath and steal the things I know. Like fire on fire, he burns himself into my heart. And that's the last place I want him to be. We made an arrangement. We agreed to a contract. No s*x. No love. No relationship. Can I unfold him? Can I make this real? Can I make him find his heart? But most importantly - can I make him say the words?


Katrina Coomer

Review after the novel completion

I love love love love this book I will be recommending this book to all of my book friends as well as any other book from this a writer cause every book I have read from her is Absolutely amazing and I lobe the drama and romance that is in every book so far. I also think that Lee is Sky and Jackson is madly deeply in love with her and I can't wait to see if I am right.

May 15, 2024

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