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The Actor's Contract

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A San Francisco boy. Famous actor and model. Renowned playboy. Damaged lover. And a heartless robot. He needs to fix his reputation. I need money for my sister's treatment. Everything about us is fake ... but sometimes the line between fake and real can get blurred. Enrique Blackburn turned himself into a robot. Untouchable. Emotionless. The quintessential bachelor of the silver screen. He doesn't do love. He can never say the words. Especially not to me, his contracted phony girlfriend. But despite the consequences I let him take my breath and steal the things I know. Like fire on fire, he burns himself into my heart. And that's the last place I want him to be. We made an arrangement. We agreed to a contract. No s*x. No love. No relationship. Can I unfold him? Can I make this real? Can I make him find his heart? But most importantly - can I make him say the words?


Rachael Grubbs

Review after the novel completion

Loved it but the last 2 chapters are confusing they were going to save Lee and then he's there helping and nothing is resolved. But the main story was wonderful all the twists and turns as always the Blackburns in all the trouble they can find. Keeping us caught up with the rest of the family and leaving trails for possible future books. I can only hope the rest of this story gets finished at some point clif hangers not cool

December 30, 2023

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