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Stuck with Jay

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Tessyb
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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This story is about two lovers, Jay and Benita. They loved each so much that they can hardly do without each other. Jay is scared of getting hurt again in a relationship. He is scared of giving Benita his 100 percent love because he has been hurt in the past. Benita on the other hand is willing to give Jay her 100 percentage love. This two love each other but there is the fear of getting hurt which makes the love interesting. Will this two overcome this fear of getting hurt? Let see, get your popcorn ready guys and enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Benita was on her way to the airport when she met this tall handsome man. she could stare at him for the whole day. They made their way to board the flight. Luckily for Benita, she sat right next to this handsome young man.

It was almost a nine hour flight and the young man was reading a book. Benita wanted to start up a conversation with this man so bad and she could not get her eyes off him.

”Benita, my name is Benita” she said, with a smile on her face. The young man looked up for the first time and replied “my name is Jay”. It was at this moment that Jay noticed her beautiful eyes and was drawn by her smile. The flight was a long one from London to Barbados.

“Nice to meet you”, Benita said as she extends her hand for a handshake. Jay responded and smiled at her. It was almost like a love at first sight situation.

They both got comfortable as they got to know each other. Jay is a computer genius that decided to take a break from work to Barbados. Benita on the other hand is a fashion designer that decided to also take a break from work and tour the beautiful Barbados.

They arrived at Barbados and headed straight to their hotel room to begin their vacation. Fortunately for the two, their hotel rooms were just two rooms away from each other. ” Can we hang out for coffee at 6pm at the?”, Benita asked as she was about going to her room. “Sure”, replied Jay as he also made his way to his room to unpack his luggage.

It was 6pm and they both met at the coffee shop just nearby. They sat and spoke for long about their childhood and the fun things they did growing up. “Are you single?”, Benita asked and Jay was silent for a minute. Jay replied that he was single but with a sad look on his face. “We broke up two months ago”. Jay was in his last relationship for a year and one month. The ex had cheated on him with his colleague from work. Jay was broken for two weeks as he really loved his ex and couldn’t believe she would cheat on him with a colleague.

It was time to go back to their hotel rooms. They both walked back to their rooms. It was time for them to say goodbye to each other. “Your eyes are beautiful and I wish to see these beautiful eyes again“, Benita let out a big smile and stared at Jay. Jay moved closer to Benita and gave her a kiss. It was almost as if she has waited for that kiss the whole night as she held him and kissed him back.

They were both in their hotel rooms now. Benita couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss as she fantasised about it the whole night while touching her beautiful body.

It was a new day and time to explore the city. Jay was sitting in the balcony while drinking freshly made coffee and thinking about last night. ”I really like this girl, her eyes, her lips, oh I wish I could just kiss them”, Jay said to himself. He couldn’t get Benita’s beautiful face out of his head. He couldn’t wait to see her beaut smile again.

The sun had set and Jay decided it was time to explore the beach while enjoying the sun and the beautiful view of the beach. The beach was cool with just few people relaxing and having a tan under the sun. Jay was enjoying the atmosphere when he heard lady’s voice. “You care for a cocktail?”, she said while extending her hand to give him the cocktail. Jay looked to his side and it was Benita. There she was with a beautiful red piece bikini. “Sure”, Jay replied and smile while receiving the drink from Benita. She say right beside him and gave him a smile.

They both enjoyed each others company that day. Later that night, they decided to spend time in a bar. They had a lot of drink and Benita was a little bit tipsy. They had their first kiss together that night and it led to their first s*x also. Jay kissed Benita slowly and she fell into his arms. He slowly reached out for her g-string and pulled it off. Then slowly penetrated her with his d*ck. Benita let out a soft moan while her legs were wrapped around his waist. They went on to explore each other’s body and having a time of their life. It was amazing.

There was an awkward silence between them the follow day as Benita didn’t want to speak to Jay. She packed her bags and went back to the U.K. Jay also left the following day to the U.K. as they both lived and work in the U.K.

It was monday morning and both Jay and Benita were busy in their respective occupation. Jay was a successful architect. He couldn’t get his mind off Benita and the beautiful s*x they had that night. He decided to call Benita but Benita wasn’t having it. ”Why are you calling me?”, Benita said angrily. “Calm down Benita”, Jay replied.

Jay was not giving up anything soon on Benita as he really liked her. He went ahead to get the office address of Benita and paid her a visit. Benita was shocked to see this handsome looking man in her place of work. “Are you stalking me now?” she asked. “No I’m not, you wouldn’t give me a chance to talk to you after that night”. Benita let him inside her office and they both had a brief conversation. Jay is a persuasive young man and was ready to stop at nothing to get Benita to himself. “Can I cook for you sometime please?” Benita gave him a suspicious look and reluctantly let out a “yes”.

It was the weekend and Benita and Jay had a dinner date. He cooked for her as promised and Benita confessed it was a delicious meal. After the meal, Jay held on to Benita’s hands and washed them in a bowl of clean water. After washing her hands, he dropped the bowl of water aside and went closer to Benita. He gave Benita a kiss and she responded. They had s*x again. Benita woke up the following morning and was trying to sneak out of his house. Jay opened his eyes and and asked “sneaking out?” Benita was embarrassed because she swore it was never happening again.

“So you asked to cook me a meal just so you could lure me into having s*x with you?”, she asked angrily. “Come on Benita, there was no drinking today so you can’t blame it on alcohol. You were not r*p*d, you kissed me back without asking me to stop and you also enjoyed the s*x”. It was consensual, Jay replied. Benita looked at Jay angrily and said “ok, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have agreed to come here in the first place”. She left angrily.

Jay decided to confide in his friend to seek advice as to solve the issue between him and Benita. The friend advised him to keep trying to reach her and when she does, he should have a conversation with her and get to know what the problem is.

After that day, Benita refused to pick Jay’s calls. After a week, Benita decided to pick up Jay’s call. Jay begged Benita not to shut him out of her life as he liked her very much. He promised that there was not going to be any more s*x between them. “I can’t afford to loose you as a lover and as a friend“, he said. “ Let’s start all over and be good friends, no s*x, I promise“. “If you want, I could pay for our trip back to Barbados to start all over again and be good friends“. Benita was relaxed at this point but didn’t say a word to Jay. He kept pleading for forgiveness as he didn’t want to loose Benita. He liked Benita very much and she could see it in his eyes but she was just scared of getting into a relationship with any man.

Benita and Jay have had a really traumatic childhood experience when it comes to love.


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