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Myriads Shades Of Mirabel

Myriads Shades Of Mirabel

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Mirabel, a teenage girl leaves home for campus after gaining admission into the university in the southern part of Nigeria. From a very disciplined home and strict dad she dare not behave like other girls she sees on campus and would rather mind her business but that was until she meets her weird roommates Ashley and boolu, including chioma who's not even straight. She also meets Daniel who she seems to fall in love with at first sight. As she falls deeply in love with him, she realizes her life wouldn't remain the same, it would probably change whether for good or bad and she also realized she would have to break her childhood rule for him. After they dated for almost a year Mirabel realizes she had made a big mistake after finding out that she was pregnant, following Daniels disappearance from her life. Her furious dad plans to marry her off to an old man and her mom falls sick. Mirabel who is strong willed refuses to be married off and would rather run away from home. Despite the struggle and betrayal from friends find out how she became the successful woman she had always dreamt out and her ex sweetheart reappearance.

Chapter 1

My name is Mirabelle, but my friends call me Mira for short, i'm barely eighteen and about to enter a new phase of my life, I just got admitted into the university of my dreams to study accounting which was not actually what I intended to study at first, but because that was where my mark in post University training examination landed me or I was not just so lucky....but I accepted to study it anyways because I was determined to leave the house, which I and my siblings called "cage house" funny right?

I'm the third child in the family of seven, five adorable children plus my parents making us seven. I loved my family so much but I don't like displaying emotions and all those stuffs.

I came from a very loving family, my dad was very strict and restricted us from doing many stuffs which was for our own good but I was fed up and determined to explore the world and live my life to the fullest, I wanted FREEDOM but it was obvious I never really knew the true meaning of that word.

"Hope you aren't forgetting anything my baby? mum asked as I was about putting my luggage in the booth of my dad's car.

"Of course not mum" I answered between my teeths because she has been acting funny as if I was the first person leaving home for the first time, my two sisters were already in school for crying out loud.

"Please Mirabelle be fast , you know i have to meet up early for 7the appointment I have today after dropping you off".

I kissed my mum goodbye as well as my siblings and headed to the car.

I knew I would really miss my only brother, he was stubborn but I loved him like that. As I entered the car and my dad drove off he started telling me stuffs about how I would be going to a different world and all that and how I needed to be careful and avoid the children of the world, and I was really prepared for the advice, which my dad was good at, he could advise scold and caution you from morning to night without getting tired.

Be a good girl and don't forget to call home, pray always and read your Bible, I love you, was the last word he said as he dropped me at the bus stop and drove away.

I felt alone and helpless for the first time in my life, this was the last time I would be traveling alone to another state alone, the last time I went to Lagos for my post utme examination I had gone with my sister who was in her finals at Lagos State University.

I got to my school main gate around past six in the evening, very stressed out, I really needed a good bath and sleep to cool I got to my room in the hostel, I met two girls already in the room, they were obviously my roommate, it sulks, I loved being alone on my own but dad had insisted me staying in school hostel because he considered it safer for me. when I had insisted I wanted to stay off campus he once said "staying in school hoste would make you more serious I assure you".

"Good evening" I said between my teeths, I was too tired to care if I was rude.

"Good evening too and welcome" the fair one between the two answered, it was then that I noticed the other one was so engrossed in the novel she was reading and didn't notice I had even entered..... wow this is so me, I thought, I was always oblivious of what was going on in reality when I'm reading an interesting novel, especiallly romantic ones.

"What's ur name?

"I'm Mirabel, mira for short" I answered observing the room.

"Nice I'm ashey, and that moron over there is bolu, don't mind her manners" she said laughing and tapping the other girl lightly.

"Good evening o, when did u come" bolu asked. Her expression was like she was not pleased to see me.

"Not long ago" my bunky has not resumed school?? I asked after noticing my corner was empty except for the mattress on the bunks.

"She hasn't as you can see, your corner is empty" bolu said going back to the novel she was reading.

It must be really interesting, maybe I'd ask her the title later or if possible borrow it, I was really 'novel crazy', if you could put it that way, as you could say someone a lady who liked guys much was boy crazy.

Bunky was what we called our bunk mate who we shared the same corner of the room with, the bed here was made up of two bunks which has a step to be climbed to get to the top...and I was the one on top because I was in 100 level.

I dropped my loads and luggages containing my clothes, provision and other important things I came with and slumped on the bed.

I didnt wake up till 9pm, and I opened my eyes I saw my roommates dressing up, and by the looks of it, it was as if they were going to a party. i pretended to be sleeping and kept watching them closely. I noticed the clothes they wore were very revealing.

"Won't you apply a little make up Ashley, especially eye liner, since you pulled your lashes your face looks bare to me" bolu said impatiently.

"Please I don't have strength for that I'm okay, shey you know we won't be coming back, Daniel said we'd lodge after the party" Ashley replied adamantly.

"Of course I know, besides the hostel gates will be already shut by the time the party must have ended"

Ashley was fair and tall and also very pretty even without make up, on the other hand bolu was an average thick girl and far from pretty, but she had all the shape a girl would ever wish for.

Chapter 2

It was not until the next morning that my roommates returned to the room and I was busy arranging my corner.

I had intended to arrange it and put everything in order the previous day but tiredness had gotten the better of me. I had even slept of and forgotten to eat and had woken up not until 9pm the next day. I looked up from the stuff I was doing as soon as they entered the room, Ashley was a real mess, her hairs were tangled and her eyes red.

"Good morning o" I greeted them.

"If you see how Ashley embarrassed me yesterday, she was claiming she could talk a lot of alcohol without getting high, so they dared her in the party yesterday, and guess what, she started talking rubbish and throwing up" bolu said laughing loudly and sarcastically.

What was I supposed to say, how was I supposed to react to this, these girls were something else, I would never go to a night party and sleep over my dad would kill me if he found out, i said to


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