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My boyfriend, his brother and me

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Alya is a young woman who finds out on her wedding day that she is not is getting married to her boyfriend of adolescence, Ethan, but the brother she considers "evil". Since he had met her, he has not stopped treating her badly and playing tricks on her whenever he can, even more so because she is his brother Ethan's girlfriend. Ethan is with Alya only for interest, since this has been his strategy for years to get good grades in school without having to try so hard. In addition to the fact that with his charisma, he wins people over. But over the years Evan, who is the evil twin, doesn’t know how, ends up falling deeply in love with Alya. Etham meets again with an old love, there was the first time that Evan impersonates his brother Ethan to save him from being discovered cheating on Alya. As time goes by, Evan has no choice but to tell his brother everything, then these twins decide to change their identities so that Evan can be with Alya, while they find a way to tell her the whole truth, although they did not think it would take so long and have to continue pretending even in college, so they should give an explanation the same day of their wedding. Alya has to make a difficult decision and for this, she will have to listen to her heart because her eyes deceived her all this time, she will have to think well if she wants to leave Evan who has done the merits to win her love or if she lets pride decide for her. Although deep down, she knows that her happiest years are the ones she has spent with Evan, the "evil" twin. Alya asks Evan for some time to give her an answer, as she doesn't want to make a bad decision by having to decide on the run. In the end, Alya decides for love and accepts Evan as her husband. Although they have to overcome some obstacles as a third party appears who wants to convince Alya that she made a bad decision. Even so, love triumphs, and they form a beautiful family where a pair of twins are born.

Chapter 1 The first meeting

A few years ago…

She was in the garden of her house, and saw a moving truck approaching.

-Wow! It's heading to the house across the street - she said excitedly, standing up. That house had been unoccupied for years, well, as far back as her memory would allow her to recall. Behind the moving truck was coming a car and a child looked out the window. She waved him excited, because for a long time she had wanted to have neighbors to have fun.

-How rude! - exclaims the girl with great disappointment, because the boy showed her his tongue. - But why? He doesn't even know me, the little girl thinks aloud - Suddenly, another car comes along,

The astonished girl looks carefully at the car passing in front of her house and thinks to herself.

"But? How strange, it's the same boy".

She rubbed her eyes to see more clearly, "What? But what am I seeing?" exclaimed the little girl.

When she saw the boy "again", he puts his hand out the window, waving at her with a big smile on his face, "I don't understand, what happened here?" thought the girl with a shy look and her cheeks flushed, because the boy managed to intimidate her a little.

The family entered the house, and she watched them carefully from the window of her room, which allowed her to see towards the house of her new neighbors.

She stood in front of the window for several minutes; however, it was useless, she was about to leave, when suddenly she shouted with great astonishment.

-What are my eyes seeing, there are two of them, there are two, not one, there are two of them.

They were two identical teenagers, there were no differences between them, not even the hairstyle, they had the same moles, they dressed the same, but although they were so similar, there was something in them that made them different, their personality and the girl knew it and exclaimed:

-Yes, that's it! Physically, they are the same, but one looks cheerful and a smile graces his face - She said it while her eyes gazed into the eyes of the charismatic boy. Then she threw herself on the bed with her gaze fixed on the ceiling while she thought aloud:

-In contrast, his brother looks dull, sad, he seems angry.

The girl was falling asleep in bed, she was so exhausted; however, she was still looking forward to seeing the boy with the big smile again, and hoped that she would not run into the brother, as she did not want to have a bad time again.

The next day, she woke up very early because the vacation were over, it was time to return to classes and not let anyone take away her number one position, which with much effort and dedication she had occupied for five long years; because her parents were very strict with her grades, and since the time they left her at home with her grandmother, and she could not go to the beach with her family, as punishment for having gotten bad grades, she was determined to be number one and since then she had not failed.

She arrived at school on time and was ready to enter her classroom, when she got there, she saw something unusual, there was one of her neighbors and she approached excitedly to say hello.

-Hello! She exclaimed with a smile, extending her hand towards her now classmate, but he turned to look at her in confusion and answered her:

-Leave me alone, I don't want you near me. I came here to be the best student, I don't want any distractions, and you better take off that silly girl face.

The girl was speechless, slowly turned around and started looking for her place, her eyes were full of tears.

-Not again! - she said quietly while she bent her head on the table.

Suddenly from behind someone tapped her on the shoulder and waved enthusiastically.

-I can't believe you're here.

She raised her head in astonishment and what she saw, made her forget the disgust she had just had, it was the boy with the big smile and as soon as she saw him, her cheeks blushed, and she started to stutter.

- Hel… hel... hel... Hello!

While the boy says, looking at her with his eyes full of tenderness.

-Hello! My name is Ethan - While extending his hand towards the girl's hand.

-And yours? - continued the boy.

The trembling girl shook the boy's hand.

-Hi! My name is Alya, she replied in a shy voice, along with another big smile.

The boy said to Alya:

-Have you already met my brother Evan? Come, let me introduce him to you. - He said to her, while taking her by the hand. But she, a little embarrassed, let go of his hand.

-I already know him! But... but it wasn't a pleasant encounter, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. - She answers him as she sits back in her place.

12 years later…

There they were, the two of them standing in front of the altar. Happy because their wedding was finally going to take place, after so many struggles together.

They are reunited with all their relatives, friends, and even a surprise guest who showed up at the wedding.

The two of them stared at each other in awe of a very special person for them, a person who made a big part of their lives. This one, was walking slowly towards his place, the spot they had saved for him with the hope that he would accompany them in one of the most important moments of their lives.

Alya said to her fiancé.

-Look, he did come to join us, he did come," as they shook hands tightly and sighed in relief.

They continued to listen to the words of the one who was going to unite their lives forever. -Today we are here, to unite in holy matrimony these wonderful people, who have made the valuable decision to spend the rest of their lives together, thanks to the people who join them on this great day.

- Congratulations to Alya and her fiancé Evan!

Someone shouted from the back of the venue. Alya's eyes drifted to meet those of her fiancé, wasn't she supposed to marry Ethan? What was going on there?

Chapter 2 Remembering the past

Everyone in the place was stunned by this revelation, they did not know what was going on, only the murmurs of all those present could be heard.

-I demand an explanation, why are you here? I don't understand anything! - exclaimed Alya, while she looked at Evan in search of an explanation.

Suddenly, Ethan got up from his chair and approached the engaged couple.

-Hi!" he said to Alya with a big smile, while Alya reached out her hand and grabbed him by the hair.

-This time I'm not happy to see that ridiculous smile, speak up, speak up now! If you don't want to be bald like your uncle Marco.

Quickly, Evan intervened and got Alya to let go of his brother.

-We're going to tell you everything that happened, but please try to calm down," Evan told him while holding Alya's hand.

Alya couldn't believe it, even though she was obfuscated and felt betrayed by that pair of twins; the way Evan spoke to her was so swe


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