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Just Lust (Montemayor Series 4)

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Kylie hated him for being a notorious playboy. She used to hate him because he changed his girls like how he changes his clothes. She felt sorry for the women who were made to cry and played with. What if one day she realizes her own temptation? What if back then she felt sorry for the girls he made cry, but this time she’s crying because of him. Is it about love? Or is it just lust?

Chapter 1 Ironic

I cursed that Jen didn’t answer my call. I need to get the laptop she borrowed. All my files are there. I'll need it later. Damn it!

"I'll pull your hair!"

I shouted with my cell phone and threw it on the dashboard, and she still didn't answer. I'm driving to Jen's condo unit. I told her yesterday that I needed it. She said she would return it! I will review more there. And I only have one hour!

I was alone in our house. When Papa got married again, he never went home. When mama also got married, she did not return to the Philippines.

How ironic right?

Every single one of them supports me in everything. In my study, paid the two maids and they also deposited 'them in my bank account. I'm used to it. They didn't even look for me when I need them. I can handle myself. I didn’t let myself get lost like everyone else in the same situation I was in.

I control my limits. I chose my own path, and I chose the right one. I will study hard. I'm not smart, but I know the course of my life. I know right and wrong. I know the fake and it really shows the habit in me.

Who can I depend on? But just myself. I no longer must rely on the people who made me. It's not a big deal for me, anyway. I'm still breathing and pretty. That's enough.

I slammed the car lock and was about to go in when my key was thrown in because I was playing with it.


I bent down to reach it, but I don't know why I looked up at the man in the other line in front of my car.

Clinton Montemayor looked at me. His both hands were inside his pocket.

He is wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans and a black cap.

I finally realized that he wasn't looking at me but at my cleavage.

This pervert fuckboy. I bent down even more and took it. Be tough Clinton!

While standing up I saw him change position. Like he's so distracted. Oh no, Clinton. Not me. I want to laugh because of his violent swallowing. I know what it means. I know that Clinton is one of the pure playboy cousins. I guess all the girls at school are obsessed with them.

Well. I’m not surprised. They all have beauty and wealth as well.

I hit the fourth floor. I hadn't bothered to stay in the basement.

I'm going to Jen's unit now. Damn, girl! I will pull her hair later!

I'm late!

Thank God, I know her password!

Natalia and I know her password. That's why sometimes we stay here. We are very welcome here.

"Jen!" I shouted and dropped my bag on the sofa.

It’s quiet! Is she not here? I looked in the dining area, but she wasn’t there.

"Jen ?!" I repeat. Maybe my laptop is in her room? Where is that bitch?

She will really pay later. The big problem and her hindrance to me. She has a lot of money, but she can’t afford to buy a laptop. Damn girl, she’s probably always watching romance movies there.

I opened her fridge. My eyes almost blinked when I saw that it was full of chocolates!

Oh! Chocolates!

I get there a lot and a cartoon that is also milk. I opened it and put it in the glass.

I will search her room. I know the laptop is there!

Carrying the glass, I went up to the second floor, where is her room.

From here, I can see the slightly open door of Jen's room. Maybe she forgot to close it? I went over there and sipped my glass of milk.

But just at the door jamb on the floor, I was surprised that there was a pink t-back there.

My forehead furrowed.

"T back?" I picked it up.

I raised an eyebrow. Is Jen being robbed? If robbed, then why do they have to take the t back?

I immediately felt nervous.

So, I turned the door especially to open. But I almost threw away the glass when I saw the scene!

"Oh ~, fuck! Brandon! It's delicious." Jen moaned on top of a .... Man? A man? I know because of the body!

What a fucking fuck girl!

They are both naked.

I'm a virgin but I'm not a saint. That's why she doesn't answer my call. Is this what she does? What the hell!

Shamelessly, I sneezed and leaned against the side of the door. Jen's eyes widened and quickly fix herself, and I could almost close my eyes to see the man's dick! Fuck!

I close my eyes emphatically. Is that so?

"Fuck! Kylie! You didn't even knock ?!" Jen growled at me.

I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't knock but I shouted but you didn't hear me. " I smirked." How can you hear me if .... "

She cut me off.

"Okay! What do you need?" She asked and took her dress.

The man just covered himself. I barely looked there.

"Really? I'll take my laptop! I also called you a few times. But you don't answer because you're busy. "I said sarcastically to her.

But even so, Natalia and I are best friends.

Friendship is not based on what kind of person you are. It is based on how you understand and trust yourself.

"Shit. I'm sorry. I forgot."

I nodded lazily.

"Okay ... Okay." I looked at my wristwatch. Fuck I'm so late.

I picked up my laptop and was about to leave when I forgot something. My bag is full of chocolates.

I looked at Jen, wrapped in a towel.

"Jen," I called her, so she turned to me.

"Yes? Forgot something?"

I smirked.

"Oh, Your t-back." At the same time, I gave her the t back.

She blushed.

"Fuck you." She is cursed to me.

I groaned. "Oh ~ fuck me hard please." I teased and mimicked her.

"You mother fucker Kylie! Get out!" she shouted at me.

Chapter2: Frappe

My eyes narrowed as I looked at the groups of women in the alley. Like idiots. Their heads and eyes followed the two men who passed in front of them. I could see them giggling and shaking with excitement.

I raised an eyebrow. Yeah, they’re handsome. But are they stupid? The two boys Just pass in front of them, what’s so exciting there?

I looked back at the book I was reading. I was under a tree on the bench sitting across the alley.

But soon I looked back at the two.

Radleigh was a fucker but now that seems to have changed. I heard that he was crazy about some girl. But I haven't seen his girl yet.

Radleigh's face was very intimidating. Always snarling, but still handsome.

He was followed by Clinton. Clinton's talking to Rad. Radleigh just nodded in response.

In Clinton's aura, he is obviously a playboy. At first glance, you will know that you cannot trust him. I just shook my head. Why am I w


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