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Mia, a young girl haunted by the tragic death of her mother, finds herself caught up in a world of magic, vampires and dark mysteries After vampires invade her home, she finds refuge in the mansion of Logan, an old friend of her late father and a skilled vampire. Together, they embark on a journey of training and discovery while facing the threat of vampires who seek to take over the human world. Between intense training and surprising revelations, Mia discovers not only the strength within herself but also a deep connection with Logan, who becomes not only her protector but also a guide on a path full of challenges and dangers. As the sun and the moon witness their efforts together, the story develops a romance of overcoming, loyalty, and the strength of the bond between two intertwined destinies. Mia will realize that there is much more between her and Logan, she will realize that their lives were meant for each other. An intense love will grow between Mia and her vampire protector.



Dusk bathes my house in shades of orange and pink, painting the sky with soft colors as the shadows begin to dance around. I'm sitting alone, a young woman with dark hair and green eyes, completely occupied with my own thoughts. My mother, Elena, a woman of enigmatic beauty and piercing eyes, is in the kitchen preparing dinner.

She's making my favorite dish, and consequently, it was my father's favorite dish before he died five years ago. I miss him terribly every day, and every Friday she cooks our dish to make us feel closer to him, and I like that.

She's teaching me how to put in the right amount of each ingredient while I'm listening very carefully.

"Be very attentive because we don't want to spoil the food, right?", she asks with a smile, and I nod like a good apprentice.

I close my eyes, smelling the delicious food wafting into my nostrils, open my eyes and turn my head to stare at the picture of my father hanging on a large frame on the living room wall.

I miss you, Dad.

Furthermore, I see that my mother is about to say something to me, but I frown when she stops talking. The homely atmosphere is suddenly broken by a loud bang, making me jump out of my chair. I feel my heart beating harder inside my chest from the fright. I turn to the door, perplexed, as Elena freezes with the knife in her hand.

The door is locked, but something is wrong. A sudden chill runs through my whole body as I realize that the room temperature is dropping rapidly.

"What's happening, Mom?", I whisper, my heart beating fast as I feel the fear quickly take over my body.

I don't know what's going on, and I don't know why our normal Friday night is getting scary for me. My mother raises her hand, indicating silence.

Her eyes narrow, taking in something beyond the ordinary range. My mother is a witch of great power, able to sense magical disturbances before they even happen.

Suddenly, the door is thrown open, revealing three pale, sinister figures. I widen my eyes when I realize that they are not normal people, they are vampires, creatures I only know from legends and scary stories. The vampires' eyes glow a hungry red as they stare at my mother.

"Mom...", I call out, feeling my body tremble as I stare at the vampires as if I can't believe what I'm seeing now.

"You are Elena, the powerful witch.", the vampire leader says, his voice echoing with an eerie melody.

I see the moment my mother raises her head with dignity.

"Who are you, and why are you invading my house?"

The vampires advance, and I find myself paralyzed with fear as my mother begins to conjure spells in defense. The living room becomes a magical battlefield, with sparks and shadows dancing between the combatants.

Realizing I'm in danger, I grab a nearby object - a silver candelabra - and run towards the vampires. With a brave shout, I hit the leader in the head, temporarily stopping his attack on my mother.

"Behind you, mother!", I shout, my voice echoing in the room.

The fight continues, a frenetic dance of magic and violence, but the vampires are persistent. The leader recovers and advances again, but Elena, with a determined expression, casts a powerful spell that engulfs the intruders in flickering flames.

"Come on, Mia!", She shouts, grabbing my hand. I'm panicking as I run out of my house, feeling my mother squeeze my hand tightly. I don't know why vampires want my mother, and I still can't understand it. I just feel my heart beating harder inside my chest.

Likewise, I'm in shock, and I open my eyes wide when I turn my head back and see a huge explosion happening because the stove was on when we ran out of the house.

I close my eyes tightly, feeling my mother's hand pull away from mine as the impact of the explosion hits my body.

I feel myself being thrown into the air, and seconds later I feel my body falling hard to the ground.

Furthermore, I open my eyes and put my hands over my ears, feeling an intense pain in my head. Everything was normal, but now something very bad is happening. I groan and blink my eyes hard, trying to find out if I'm hurt.

The pain in my head continues, but I remember my mother, and that makes me sit down on the grass quickly and look at her.

"Mom!", I shout, getting up with difficulty when I see her lying on the ground and trying to get up.

"Mia...", she calls my name, and I realize that her forehead is bleeding right now.

"I'm here, Mom!", I hold her arm and help her up, and I feel my eyes fill with tears as I turn my head to look at our completely destroyed house.

I think of the photos of my father, and it makes me want to cry more. I hug my mother tightly and pull away when I remember the vampires.

"Mom, why were the vampires here?", I ask, my voice completely shaking with fear. She's ready to answer me, but she turns her head away when we hear loud, frightening screams.

I open my eyes wide, holding my mother's hand tighter, as I see the vampires coming out of the burning house.

"Mom!", I look at her, and she touches my face lovingly, and I can feel my eyes filling with tears.

"I won't let anything happen to you, I'll protect you, little girl!", She hugs me, and I open my eyes wide when I see all the vampires running quickly towards us.

I close my eyes, waiting for them to attack us, and when I open my eyes, I see my mother speaking words I can't understand. The vampires scream in pain as she continues with the spell, but I know it won't be enough to kill them.

I can feel my mother's power going through the vampires, and I really want to help her, but I don't have magical powers like my mother.

I look around, trying to find something to kill the vampires, but there's nothing. My mother's voice slows down, and I feel the fear growing inside me when I see her nose bleeding. This is too strong for her, and she won't be able to take it for long. I hold her hand tighter.

I'm not ready to die, I'm still young, but if I die tonight, I want it to be next to the person I love most in the world.

Ours continues to burn, and I see when the lead vampire manages to break free of the spell and runs towards my mother. I try to stop it, but I feel my body being pushed hard into the ground. My mother helps me, and seconds later she and I are running into the nearest forest together. Together, we run away from the burning house and into the darkness of the tall trees.

The full moon illuminates the path as she and I run, our hearts still racing from the adrenaline of the battle. I cast fearful glances backward, making sure we're not being followed. The trees seem to hide hungry shadows, and I know that the vampires are running after us.

"What are those creatures, Mom?", I ask, my voice trembling as I keep running.

"Vampires. Creatures of the night, predators who seek my magic for their own dark purposes. We need to find a safe place."

I've never seen a vampire before, and now three immortal vampires are running after us in this forest. We keep running, with the surrounding forest looking like a dark, unknown labyrinth. I know that, although my mother is a powerful witch, tonight is only the beginning of a dangerous journey. The world I know is about to become a much darker place.

My mother and I are now bound by magic and blood, ready to face the challenges that will unfold before us. Running desperately through the dark forest, the uneven ground beneath my feet mixes with the frenzy of fear pulsing through my veins. ]

The moon, just a thin silver blade in the sky, tries to light our way, but the dense shadows seem to swallow up any hope. Beside me, my mother, Elena, breathes heavily, each step a dance with the imminent danger. Behind us, the vampires persist, their swift forms gliding through the darkness.

Their red eyes glow like hungry embers, an incessant search for the magic that pulses inside my mother. We run, but the feeling that they are closer takes root in my mind like a nightmare. The air is heavy with the damp smell of the forest, and the sound of branches breaking under our feet echoes through the darkness.



"Faster, Mia!", my mother shouts, her voice trembling with urgency. But no matter how fast we run, the vampires are always there, like persistent shadows.

Panic envelops me when suddenly a black arrow emerges out of nowhere and strikes my mother's body. Her scream mixes with mine as she falls, wounded and defenseless. My heart beats wildly as I try to process the scene before me.

"No!", I scream, running towards her, my body propelled by anguish. The vampires laughed, their laughter echoing like ominous whispers among the trees. The forest seems to close in around me as I kneel beside my mother.

"I'll take care of you, Mom. I promise. I'm here; we'll find a safe place.", My hands tremble as I try to assess the extent of the injury.

The black arrow is deeply embedded in her body, a manifestation of the darkness that surrounds us. Tears mix with dirt on my face as a sense of helplessn


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