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Hybrid's Redemption

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Danika Michaels was born a powerful hybrid but because her mother died while giving birth to her, she became a social pariah to her family and pack members. She would be abused by everyone, particularly her father and only sister. On her eighteenth birthday, she caught her sister with her mate and tried to kill her and that led to her being apprehended and thrown in the dungeon. She was to be executed for her crime but the Alpha King needed to be present to approve her death. Alonso Lockhart lost his mate to the rogues and had since vowed to stay single and mourn her loss. When he received the summon to one of his packs for the execution of a young girl who attempted the murder of her sister, he was drawn to go. Only to get there and find out she was his second chance mate. It was not his plan, however, he could not endure the state he met her and had to punish her tormentors and take her home.And that marked the second phase of the suffering of Danika Michaels. The Alpha King made her life a misery, hating her for coming into his life when he didn't need her and at the same time desired her beyond normalcy. These two tormented souls exist in a space each fighting for their redemption while still battling to control the the bond that binds them together. So many secrets would be unveiled that will prove they were not meant to be together, and it will be left for them to subdue them. Let's find out how this bittersweet story would unfold and how they later found their happy ending.



Review after half of the novel

So far so good! I like the characters and plot. Hoping that the story stays exciting and keeps my intreset to the end. She needs something good to happen for her because she truly deseves happiness and love. He needs to beg for her forgiveness and hope it's not to late. Will she have more than one mate?? Seems to be a serious possibility. Not sure what else to say because 80 words is a lot to write this early in the book.

April 14, 2024

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