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Along came Nick

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Have you ever heard the story about the married couple? The one where the husband met in a car accident and lost all memories of his wife. In fact, it is as if half of his life had been wiped away while in a coma. If not, then let me tell you about them. Let's call the woman Royal-Reign Belmont and the man Nicolas Cater. Most didn't believe in love at first sight or even true love, but they did and they met. Falling deeply in love but soon life threatens to tear them apart, because with every fairytale, there is always drama, trauma, in-laws and the in-between. The question is, can Royal-Reign help Nicolas Cater regain his memories?


"Yes, mother, I'm leaving school now," I said into my phone then flipped it shut.

I looked up at the stone building of St Augustine, the most prestigious boarding school for girls. It was now the first day of summer, and no, I would not miss school, but I would miss my best friend and roommate. Ruby Smirnoff, one of the nicest people I knew.

I felt bad that I only got to see her during school days, but I guess that's what made our friendship so strong, and we always had wonderful stories to share after the break was over.

"Royal-Reign." The driver to my limo nodded, before opening the door for me.

"Thank you, Andrew." I smiled at him.

"Your parents said to bring you straight to the mall. They have a surprise for you."

"Will my little brother be there as well?"

"He is already there with them."


I sat back in my seat, watching the trees and buildings blur by, smiling at the surprise my parents had for me.

"Can you turn the radio up, please?" I asked, after hearing a song that I enjoyed coming on.

But breaking news interrupted the music.

(I am live at the Frankfield mall-) the news announcer was cut off.

I smiled to myself, thinking that it was because of the presence of my parents that was causing the excitement.

(It started with a mass shooting, but several booms exploded, causing a section of the mall to collapse.) The announcer rushed when he came back on.

My heart skipped a beat.

(The local authorities doubt that there are any survivors and are urging everyone on the outside to leave. This is now ground zero.)

There was another loud explosion, cutting off whatever else the announcer had to say.

I must have fainted, because when I wake up again, I am in a white room strapped down to a bed. With a woman in a white lab coat asking if I knew where I was.

(Life comes at you when you least expect it to. It's like a rush or a blur of how it all happens. Leaving you in a daze if you are not strong enough, but in the end, you either come out stronger than before or maybe even more messed up in the head.)

With me, I didn't know which I was. Unstable on most days, ok on some. I could be better, but this cruel thing called life had not been so kind to me.

It had this hilarious way of holding my hand and letting me go when I needed guidance the most. But it was up to me to either turn back, keep going, or stay exactly where I was.

"Can you untie me?"

(Are they allowed to do such thing? I'm only thirteen and never have I been treated like this.)

"I'll get the doctor."


I didn't know what to do. I knew I should go on, but I just didn't know how. It's like I had forgotten how to walk.

(Never did I think I would be left alone, no family, hardly any friends. In a world so cold, life had taken all that I knew, leaving me stuck in this place. I felt lost, both mentally, emotionally, and physically.)

(One day I was doing ok, happy and smiling, enjoying life and had it all planned out. The next, it all came crashing down like a house of cards.)

(I don't even think I can go back to that school or house. The memories that they hold are just too much, too painful, too lonely.)

As I stood at my parents' and brother’s grave side, no tears came to my eyes.

(It was like I was an empty shell, just a skeleton of the person I once was.)

I knew they didn't want this for me. I knew they would want me to keep going, to keep their business alive.

(But how can I?)

"Royal-Reign," a gentle voice called.

I turned my brown eyes to the pudgy man, that was standing behind me.

"It's time for the reading of the will." He spoke.

I already knew how this would go. I'm their only child that was alive, and I didn't know of any family. I already knew that everything would be left to me.

I gave a nod, following him to where a silver car was waiting. He opened the passenger side for me and waited until I clumsily got in, before he entered the car as well.

He drove slowly and cautiously back to the city, neither of us saying a word.

(But what was there to say?)

I leant my head on the window, watching the World rush by.

I tried to fight off the feeling but yet, it still came, just like it did when I was in that hospital room, and just like it did two days ago.

My breathing came out in short, deep breaths. I could feel my chest tightening, my head pounded, until I couldn't hold it in anymore.

My panic attack, my anxiety, my depression. Everything was hitting me at once.

I must have blocked out, because now that I'm awake, I found myself in a room with bright lights, strapped down to a bed with a nurse changing my IV.

Just like that day, and I knew what was to come.

They will deem me unstable, say I wouldn't have any access to my inheritance until I'm myself again.

(But what was I like before this?)

(I hardly remembered what I looked like.)

(Was my hair still red and down to my waist?)

(Were my lips still bow shaped and naturally pink?)

(Was my skin still fair and free of any blemishes?)

(Or maybe I had aged, appearing older than I really am.)

(Maybe my face was no longer heart shaped, but long and filled with wrinkles.)

(What was life?)

(Was I me?)

Chapter 1

I was simply in line waiting to make a deposit when I noticed a rather handsome male behind me.

I couldn't even put into words how handsome he was. I stole glances at him, pretending as if I was searching for someone. But for him, he had no shame in staring at me, his hazel eyes peering into mine with every stolen glance.

I could even make out the small smile that was playing at the corners of his thin pink lips. Even though he now pulled his hat further down his face, trying to hide his features, I'll never forget him and neither did I want to.

It was my time in the line, which took the teller buzzing his bell three times before I realized it.

"Just making a deposit," I told the teller.

He gave me a smile before taking the bank slip and cash.

"Have a nice day."

I smiled at his kind words, even though it is his job to wish people well after doing business with him.

Even though my transaction was complete,


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