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BOOK ONE: THE O'CONNOR BLOODLINE The blood brothers of the O'Connor family knew that the day of reckoning is descending upon them. After five hundred years of running and hiding, they return to Arcadia Falls with the hope of starting a new life. Protecting their family was their number one priority. But when their ripper brother returns and the Vampire Huntress learns about this unique family, she is left with no choice of slaying them or working with them to vanquish the Vampire King. With no memories of who turned them into vampires, one of the brother’s sets out to find their predecessor while an August witch comes to Arcadia Falls to release what they cannot defeat.


For five hundred years we have walked the earth watching humans breathe and die. We've lived, ceased to exist, came back to live, ran, and hid, but today we return to our former town, Arcadia Falls. We presume that these humans must have forgotten what we are, vampires. We hope that they have moved on realizing that vampires do not exist in this world and are just a myth. We are back. The O'Connor brothers have returned.


Lynette was scurrying home, she held her handbag and the loose straps were hanging over her shoulder. She had heard lots of stories about humans that went missing and were found dead in the woods with strange bite marks some days later. The whole of Arcadia Falls knew about vampires, but they were lied to, the majority believes that it was an animal attack and they go about living their normal lives. She looked above her head, her gaze caught the twinkling stars that hung across the skies and the crescent moon that illuminated the dark clouds. She managed to run past a huge rat that squealed as it scurried toward her direction. Lynette reached for her pocket and brought out her phone, turning on her flashlight. She was threading through a lonely path and she prayed silently that she wouldn't be a victim of an animal attack. She felt uncomfortable as she waddled past the tower clock in the middle of Arcadia Falls. Lynette could hear the chirping of the birds, indistinct chattering, and whispering. She almost tripped, but she caught herself. She breathed heavily before hugging herself. Lynette halted when she heard footsteps approaching, she gulped as she tried to turn and a tall hefty man lunged her into the woods. She stumbled down. It was a matter of seconds before she was surrounded by vampires. Red eyes, face with splits of dark red veins, and canines turning into sharp fangs. They screeched as they stepped toward her. She crawled backward, whimpering, she moved strands of her hair behind her ears and moaned in agony. Tonight, she was going to be a victim. She promised herself that if she survived this, it would be the last time she went home late.

“Please…” She muttered, her lips trembling. Tonight, the stories she believed were an animal attack became blood-sucking creatures. One of the vampires tried to seize her hair before he dropped and others stared at his dead body. Lynette watched as this fast unknown stranger killed those vampires. She took to her heels, hoping to outrun the predator that saved her life. She couldn't tell why, but she believed that he killed those vampires so that he would have her all to himself.

“Please don't hurt me.” Lynette spluttered as she leaned on a tree.

“I'm not going to hurt you.” He soothed, moving strands of her platinum hair behind her ears. His voice was music to her ears. A stranger with a soft tone and passionate utterance. Lynette breathed heavily. She swallowed as she tried to pull herself together. She understood that if he wanted her dead, he would have killed her because he was more puissant.

“W.. what are you?” Lynette stammered.

“I'm Aiden O'Connor.” Aiden introduced himself.

“This town believes that you are serial killers. Please don't hurt me,” Lynette remarked knowing that only a vampire could move at such speed. “I promise I will never go home at night again.” Tears rolled down her cheeks and she strived to believe that she was going to return home safely.

“Look, I know how scared you are, but I promise that I'm not going to hurt you.” Aiden smiled looking into her eyes.

“Please..” Tears continued to stream down her eyes while Aiden reached for her wrist and she quivered. He grinned. His smile was captivating and it made her feel the warmth and safety of being around him.

“What is your name?” Aiden asked.

“I'm Lynette... Lynette Wesley.” Lynette said.

“I'm not going to hurt you. This town is dangerous for sweet girls like you. I'm going to walk you home.” Aiden implored.

“I would appreciate that.” Lynette chuckled. She was feeling safer in his arms. Though it was dark, she could see his alluring lips and enchanting silver eyes. His wavy black hair was messy and his jawline was close to perfection. They trudged out of the woods and slowly started a conversation.

The O'Connor mansion was a three-story building with red walls and a field surrounding it. A fountain stood in the middle of the premises covered with exquisite craftsmanship and perfectly sculptured fishes surrounding the center with water gushing out of their mouth into the pool. Behind the building were two wooden cabins and a cottage. One of the cabins served as a workshop while the other served as a store room. The cottage was for relaxation and privacy. Roses surrounded the bottom of the fountain making it look more enthralling. Opposite the fountain was the entrance door. Tall, huge, strong, and black. The entrance led to the front room which led into the living room, at the left was the kitchen. Next to the kitchen was the library which was opposite the entrance. Beside the entrance of the library were the stairs which led into the hallway. Under the stairs were the basement, the dungeons, the laundry room, the study room, and the wrestling room. Downstairs had about six rooms while the first and the second floor had a total of twelve rooms each with a hallway separating each room in six. Elijah was filling three glasses with blood. “We are home brothers,” Elijah proclaimed as they clicked their glasses after Elijah passed them to them. He chuckled as he sipped from his glass. “After centuries we are back. Safe and sound.”

“Let's hope we are safe.” Colby asserted as he leaned on the wall. They were in the living room. Elijah had chestnut brown hair with silver eyes. Sitting next to him was Beckham. The second son of the O'Connor family. They wondered what Aiden would be doing outside the mansion at the late hours of the night.

“We are vampires, brother. Over five hundred years old vampires. We are one of the strongest vampires that walk the earth.” Elijah bragged.

“Except for the man who made us.” Beckham interjected, raising his glass and winking at Elijah.

“I need to go to college, brother.” Colby smirked.

“I see. Don't forget you're over four hundred years old.” Elijah prattled.

“I was nineteen years old when I turned. At least that's what my face says,” Colby insisted. “I'm going to college and I'm going to become a medical doctor.” Elijah couldn't hold it, he burst out in laughter. How on earth could a vampire become a medical doctor? It was close to impossible. Colby's eyes widened.

“I believe in you brother.” Beckham interrupted Elijah's cynical laughing.

“To be honest. You should go to bed. It's late.” Elijah jabbered. Colby tilted his head before moving to his room with vampire speed, he felt a little bit discouraged, but he didn't let Elijah's words get to him. They had been living together for centuries and he was used to their disapproval.

“Little brother.” Elijah sighed as he seeped from his glass of wine.

At Lynette's house, a bungalow with white walls and short hedges surrounded it with a parking lot and a stony path leading into the front porch. Aiden and Lynette strode toward the porch as they chatted and laughed at each other.

“You are really funny.” She smiled as she looked at her.

“Safe and sound.” Aiden teased as they ambled into the balcony of her house.

“Thank you for walking me home.” Lynette grinned.

“Of course. Be safe,” Aiden turned to leave. He turned back to her. “I'm inviting you to a family party. Tomorrow. At seven.”

“Sure. I will be there, but I don't know your address.” Lynette's lips twitched into a smile.

“Um, I will pick you up.” Aiden rolled his eyes.

“Thank you,” Lynette embraced him. His eyes widened. “Your secret is safe with me.”

“It is not necessary,” Aiden said. Lynette raised an eyebrow as she stepped away from him, leaning on the door. Was he going to hurt her now? He hurried toward her staring into her eyes. She peered back. “You were walking home today. We met at a bar and we discussed a few things and I accompanied you home. That's all that happened.”

“You walked me home.”

“Vampires don't exist.”

“They don't exist.” Lynette quavered. After he finished those words, she couldn't see him anymore. She sighed before unlocking the door and entering the house.

The moon had disappeared from the skies, the clouds were darker, and flashlights were glinting across the streets. Colby jumped out of bed and hurried to the kitchen, he closed the half-opened window before trudging toward the dining table. They were sitting in the kitchen/dining hybrid. Aiden and Beckham were sitting opposite each other while Colby and Elijah were sitting next to each other.

“Tomorrow is the family party. I expect that you would behave yourselves. No feeding on humans. If you are hungry, we have blood bags in the basement.” Aiden eyed Elijah.

“I get it.” Elijah's eyes widened. He fed on humans, but he had it under control unlike their brother, Darius.

“What about Darius? You know he left a hundred years ago.” Colby remarked.

“Once he hears that we have returned to Arcadia Falls. He would come running home. He can't resist this town. It reminds him of a lot of things.” Aiden reasoned.

“That doesn't change the fact that he's a ripper.” Beckham emphasized.

“Right, we get it. The prodigal brother would return and our family would be complete.” Colby said sardonically.

“We don't know about our parents.” Elijah taunted.

“I understand your endeavor, but it has been centuries. I don't think we would ever find them again.” Beckham interjected.

“I'm not in for the arguments.” Colby uttered before he sped away.

“Hmm. Little brother.” Aiden babbled while his attention drifted to Lynette. Perhaps, compelling her was the wrong thing to do, he couldn't tell, but he didn't want his family secret to be exposed. He didn't want to tell his brothers about the vampires that he ran into tonight.

Every night of her life was about vampires. She would never stop killing those bloodsucking creatures until every last one of them is destroyed. She was sharpening her blade while leaning at the top of a building waiting for the lurkers to start appearing from the dark, though it was almost morning, she knew that some of them would still be waiting for humans who were moving out of town or going to work early or truck drivers who were coming from other towns. She would make sure that she had up to fifty kills tonight since she already killed forty-five vampires. As she jumped down from the top of the building when she heard indistinct chattering and whining behind the building, she scurried into the woods. Her gaze caught five vampires as they were feeding on a girl who would probably be in her teens. Just the perfect number.

“Step away from her.” She glared at them.

“Who are you?” One of the vampires snickered.

“You haven't heard about the slayer. I'm Marissa.” Marissa rushed toward them, pulling out her blade from her sheath. She kicked one of them before burying the blade in his heart. She pulled it out and rushed toward the next vampire, she snapped his neck and buried a steak in his heart, and he burst into flames. Marissa was panting while those vampires who were alive surrounded her, she hastily pulled out two guns, and shot them. Wooden bullets. They dropped to the ground before bursting into flames, she moved toward the other vampire who was struggling to get on his feet after she had cut through him with her blade. She stabbed him with a steak and he burst into flames, when she looked forward, she couldn't find the girl. She groaned, but she was satisfied that she made fifty kills and saved her life. She wished that she would be smart enough to get to a hospital. She sighed as she tramped out of the woods, concealing her facial identity with a black hood.

Colby sniffed as he stepped toward the grill. Today was bright and his brothers were making preparations for the family party. A lot of things had changed while they were away and he was elated to embark on the adventure. Written at the top of the building was The Arcadia Grill. He loved the scent he was perceiving, though it wasn't human blood. It was something he had longed for, a nice meal, he dipped his hands into his pocket and pulled out some cash, it was his lucky day. He waddled toward the entrance of the grill. As the door slid open some of the customers glanced at him before returning to their various discussions. Colby swallowed hard, he saw a friendly face at the counter. His gaze caught various lights that were flashing across the room, he heard music booming from a corner but he didn't care, he needed to mind his business before he would be tempted to kill somebody. He ambled toward her. Sitting on the stool opposite the counter, he snapped his fingers, getting her attention.

“Hello there. I'm Amaya Grayson.” She introduced herself, tapping on her name tag.

“Colby O'Connor. Um, I came here to chill, have a drink probably and eat I guess.” Colby teased.

“You look so pale.” Amaya noted.

“That's camouflage,” Colby grinned. “Wait until you see my real face.” He chuckled.

“I see. What should I serve you?” She quizzed looking into his blue eyes, his curly brunette hair was messy, but it made him look more enthralling.

“Um, I think soda and burgers should be good.”

“Coming right up.” Amaya grinned as she dashed into the kitchen. Before Amaya could return with her order, Colby felt an unusual presence, he turned slightly and his gaze met a woman, she was gorgeous, but her face didn't seem to be the friendly type. He gulped.

“Well, hello there. I'm Marissa.” She smirked.

“Lucas.” He lied. They had a handshake, Marissa knew that he was a vampire because he was so cold and pale, but she didn't want to make a scene.

“How long have you been here?”

“A few days ago.” He answered without looking at her.

“I see.” Marissa scoffed. Amaya returned with his order and he compelled a smile while taking the tray from her. He began to munch it down.

“Hey.” Amaya grinned when she noticed Marissa's presence.

“Miss Grayson. I see your work is going fine.”

“It has been a busy day.” Amaya told her while wiping her hands with a towel.

“I see,” Marissa snickered. “Can I have a beer?”

“Sure,” Amaya said, she quickly returned with a bottle of beer. “How is your vampire slaying going?” She whispered.

“I think that we have one vampire inside Arcadia grill.” Marissa eyed her as she sipped from the bottle of beer. Colby sipped from the soda can, narrowing his eyes toward Marissa. He just met a teenage girl who knew a vampire hunter. It meant that they weren't the only vampires in Arcadia Falls. He had to tell his brothers


The sun was setting, humans were walking to their various destinations. Aiden was driving home with the cake he bought from the bakery shop. He drove into the O'Connor premises, stationing the SUV at the garage before carrying the cake into the house carefully. As he stepped into the living room, he was welcomed by Colby.

“Hmm. Looks tasty.” Colby said, salivating, he wanted to eat all of it. Aiden strolled into the kitchen before settling the white-colored creamy cake on the dining table. Beckham had arranged the living room and it was large enough to contain about fifty people. Elijah was downtown, compelling humans to grace the party. They had promised that they wouldn't hurt anyone. Aiden did an excellent job by providing blood bags for himself and his siblings. He knew how to take care of his family and this was what he wanted, a new beginning.

“There is something you need to know.” Colby panicked, as much as he wanted to tell him about Marissa, he recog


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