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The house in the woods

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It was supposed to be just an ordinary night at camp. You shouldn’t have gone to the stake. you shouldn’t have run into the woods. You shouldn’t have gone into the house. You should have stayed home. Now, you are trapped there and there is no way to get out.

Chapter 1

Interesting... I had never been on a camping trip before.

“Don't push the limits. The forest is huge, you can get lost easily.“ says the teacher. “You are almost adults. I don't think I need to tell you that boys and girls shouldn't be together.”

- This. Won't. Be. Fun. - says your friend, Jessy.

Log cabins, trees, trees, and more trees… and cold.

At night they all gathered around the fire, which was a little far from the huts. That's what it was: unfunny jokes, horror tales, and everything you have in camps. Not to mention, you guys ate a lot, that was the best part. Then they all went to their huts. You were about to lie down when you realized you had left your bag near the muzzle. And while the girls were gossiping, you took a quick walk. This place scares you, but seeing the light from the other huts and hearing the people talking calms you down. After all, what could happen? You just go to the campfire, there near the lake, quickly and then run back. What a fog... You see from afar, it sees a pet rummaging through your bag. A fox? No, no... A raccoon... Whatever it is, it's poking around in your purse. What a curious little animal, it's even funny, he must not even know what these things are for, huh, of course, he doesn't.

-Shh. Hey. Boy. Get out of there - You say. He stops fiddling with your bag and runs off like a racing car. You laugh.

You walk over and put your thing in the bag again. Hairbrush, toothbrush, some underwear, perfume... some products. You're going to stay there for 3 days and you brought very little, your clothes are in the hut. No one is going to believe this: a raccoon tried to rob you, or whatever it is. So far that's been the most interesting thing that's happened. You hear a noise and look to the side... Just trees... It must be an animal. Then you grab the bag and stand up. You pick up your cell phone and answer your friend's message that she can't go camping. Incredible, it has a signal. You hear another noise and look back...

You see something moving in the distance.

“Girls? Jessy?“ Whatever it is, it stays put. The fog looks like it's risen, can't see properly, looks like a person. “Who is it?“

You see the person move, then you step forward:


The person starts running towards you, the phone falls out of your hand. Then you are forced to enter the forest. You ran without thinking about tomorrow, without looking back, just ran until your feet couldn't take it anymore. But what the rack was that? You stop and hide behind a tree, panting. Whatever it is, it's not following you anymore, it doesn't hear anything, well, except a corvia.

Man, were you? Where does it come back? What if a wolf appears? A lion? Oh. There's no lion in this forest... But what if an animal comes along? A murderer? Well, it's not going to sit still, there must be a way to get out of there. You walk along the path you came, you might be able to find the campsite. But what if that person finds you first? It's scary. Dude, now what? It could well be like Hansel and Gretel, then you would find a house full of sweets, which wouldn't be bad, but then the witch would devour you... Okay, now you're already breezing. Looks like you've found your way back.

"Cool," you tell yourself.

So it just went on walking. It's definitely on the right track.


It's been walking for hours, that's for sure... And nothing, until now... Wait! A home! Yes, God, it's a house. It's not a house made of candy, but that's okay! And what a house, it's pretty big. You get out of the trees and walk through the tall grass. It's so high that the chances of anyone living there are getting smaller and smaller. First, who would live in the middle of a forest? You hear a noise and run to the house in desperation. You need help getting back to camp and then you want to go home. But what if something worse awaits you inside? You approach the bars of the great gate. It's big and beautiful, the house, looks like a very old house. Maybe old people live there. There's a wall around it, not so high. You could see the house if you looked at it from afar. There's a light on. Yes, there are people there. You smile. Hold on to the railings for a closer look, then the gate opens and you take a nice tumble. The grass inside looked green and was cut. There were, in front of the window, some flowers that seemed to be well cared for. It's nighttime, you can't be sure. Finally, the house only looks scary from afar. You get up, hug your torso, then walk. The wind managed to close the gate for you. It made a horrible noise. Whoever lives there will show up at any moment to scold you. You stood there, staring at the door, and nothing... It's so quiet... You walk over and knock on the door. You felt a chill down your spine. If you get out of this alive, you'll never go to a forest or a camp again. Heard a song, it seemed to be old. You hit again. Thank God, there's someone here. Then the door opens and a tall, dark-haired man appears. He looks young, he is well dressed, in gray and white clothes. He looks you up and down with his grey eyes without any expression. Then the boy folds his arms.

"Hi," you say and he doesn't say anything... "I'm sorry to bother... It's just that I...”

"Come in," He had a monotone voice

You look back and look at it again.

"Is there a problem, miss?" He asks and looks over your head. Then look at you again.

"Don't... It's just that I had... ringworm... nothing," you smile

Go away, go away... It's what your mind screams.

"Come in," he insists, "It's dangerous to stay out here, it's dangerous in the woods, too," the man looks around, "You could get hurt..."

He cracks a smile, beautiful but kind of scary. You look to the side. Well, what do you have to lose?

"It's okay, thank you," You walk in and he locks the door with a key and latch.

"Come with me, please," He goes ahead and you follow him. What a strange guy...

Soon you see 4 more guys in front of the stairs. Dressed the same way, all in white and gray. You stand still. God, what is this? They strangely looked at you. It was as if at any moment they were turned into monsters and devour you. Or maybe it's just in your head. Why did you join? What's on your mind? You never thought that going in there wouldn't be so easy.

"Name," Someone whispers in my ear and you jump.

"What?" You ask and look back. The guy who opened the door.

"Your... name," he repeats.

"Oh, well... Canary.”

"Tell them..." the man next to you points to the boys.

You look at them. You are shaky, you are scared now. They are not normal. Just keep calm and be kind.


"Hi," they say in unison.

"What's your name?" says the man behind you. It seems to be the oldest of them.

The boys, one by one, say his name.

"My name is Logan," the guy who greeted you stands in front of you, "Let's have dinner, now." "The boys chase each other to a door and disappear. You stand there like a statue," I said... that we're going to dinner”

Logan says and puts his hand on his arm as if asking to accompany him.

"Oh, of course. "Then you walk him into the dining room." It was big, the candles lit up the place. You sit next to him Logan and place your bag on the floor.

"Flynn, take her purse," Logan asks

Flynn stands up and walks over. Flynn was a tall, light-brow-haired guy, and shiny blue eyes.

"I can have it," you say grabbing your purse.

“Give him the bag!“ Logan orders impatiently and you give him your bag. Flynn leaves the room, "Don't worry. He'll keep it for you.”

As soon as the boy comes back and sits down.

"Let's thanks first," Logan says and looks at the end of the table, "Bastian, today it's your turn."

The boy begins to pray and soon everyone says "Amen" and begins to eat the soup... What strange people, they look like robots!

"Did you get lost?" Logan asks without taking his eyes off the bowl of soup.

"Yes, that was it," you reply, "Well, there was something following me, so I ran and..."

"An animal," says the guy next to him, Jake, he is the skinniest one and has black eyes and hair. He has piercings on both ears. Black ones. "Dad must have killed him. He was just hunting," Bastian, who was standing in front of him, looked at him with a look of disapproval, and he lowered his head.

"Do you live with your parents?" You ask.

"We live with our father," Jake replies.

"And where is he?" "You ask

"Right next to you," Logan replies, "I'm their father."

What? Is he serious? What have you gotten yourself into? You have to get out of this crazy house. It's okay that he seems to be the oldest, but not that much. Well, it's best not to contradict it.

"Eat," Logan says to you, it sounded more like an order. But you're not hungry.

"I, no...”

He slams his fist on the table, it's so scary. "I told you to eat..."

Now it's screwed. What was that?

"All right," You agree.

Then you take the spoon and start eating the soup. It wasn't bad... But there were times when it was hard to get down. You have to get out of this house. Oh my god...

After everyone eats. You go to the TV room. The boys sit on the couch and Logan sits in an armchair. You stand in the middle of the room with everyone looking as if they expected something.

"You have to read it to them,” Logan says.

"I-I?" You ask

It's getting weirder and weirder...

"Of course, you," he replies and leans back in his chair.

"I want Alice,” Jake says and the others agree.

You look at the bookshelf behind you full of old books.

"Which one?" You ask and swallow hard. “There are a lot of books here.

"Maybe it's that pink written on it, Alice," someone says in a mocking tone. You pick up the book and turn to them.

You open the book and start reading..." You're shaking until you can't anymore ... and just after that, Alice went into the den behind" You hear a noise coming from upstairs. As if something had fallen or been knocked over. Then you stop reading and stare at the ceiling.

Logan sighs.

"Don't stop reading," he says through gritted teeth.

"S-sorry," you say and continue. You clear your throat. Feel their eyes on you.

Minutes go by and you can't take it anymore.

"Very well," Logan says standing up. The boys get up too “Now it's time to...”

"I have to go," you say and everyone looks at you in surprise. "I remember how to go back and... "You take a step back and put the book down. It's better to stay outside, it feels safer. “It was a pleasure. I don't want to bother you anymore," without saying anything else, you run to the door and try to open it in every way. Impossible... Oh my God... You are desperate... That's all that's missing... You want to get out of this place... Need help... They're crazy!

"There's a problem with Mom," someone comments and you turn around. The four boys were there, standing there looking at you. Mummy? "I think she wants to leave us," Flynn concludes

Oh no... What the f*ck is this?

"Let me out!" You say and start crying. That's crazy. Who are these people?

Logan appears, approaches, you walk away, and he opens the door. Then hold your arms and turn you forward. It's all dark outside, just trees everywhere, which, somehow, makes you despair more. He whispers in his ear:

"Come on... Run... I'm a good hunter, you know? I give you 5 minutes to hide. And if I catch you... I'll kill you... You're far away, Canary. Before you find the camp... I find you. I stroke your neck. Do you want to do that? Um?”

It's the end of you...

"Why is that?" You ask, looking straight ahead. You find yourself with no way out.

He pulls you in and closes the door. He stands behind you, grabs your shoulders, and says:

"You're their mother now. Will stay and take care of them.”

Now you're done... What's he saying? Mother? This can only be a nightmare. Look at the size of these boys. You are at least old enough to be their little sister.

"That's a joke, isn't it?" You ask, perplexed, frightened. “No. How can I be their mother?" God, you... I'm nobody's mother!”

You push him, open the door, and run out. I'm glad the gate is open... or... No, it's not.

“Help!“ You scream and shake the rusty railings, "Someone helps me! Help!“ You turn back and freak out when you see Logan slowly walking up to you. You've never been so scared in your life... What now? I shouldn't have run away. But you thought that the Gate would be open... Wasn't it open before?

He grabs your arm, pulls you inside by force, and then locks the door. You bow your head. You're afraid of what's going to happen to you now.

“Mom was disobedient.“ Flynn comments, "Shouldn't she stay upstairs in the room?"

"What room?" You ask, scared.

"The room upstairs," he replies

"Whathavethere?" You say nervous.

"A horrible thing... I don't like to stay there," Flynn concluded and lowered his head. It looks like it's not a very nice place to stay.

Logan is approaching.

"No, please..." You beg and start crying, "I'm not going to do this anymore. I swear I don't..”

"It's okay, babe." Logan wipes away your tears and holds your face with both hands, in a loving way. Then kiss you. It's getting worse and worse "Go take a shower and go to your bed," he says and walks away.

You too, boys. It's late.

The boys go up and you go after them. Do what? If you get into their game, you get out of here alive. Hope! They were in front of you whispering something, so Bastian looked at you.

"This is your room, Mom," He points to the door.

“Thank you.”

"Aren't you going to kiss goodnight?" Bastian asks and the others stare at you.

"O-of course I will...”

You walk up and give each of them a kiss on the cheek, and they crouch down to match your size.

"Good night," you say and smile

Then you enter the room. It's pretty, but so what? You close the door... God, that's crazy. You go to the window and open the curtains, you're faced with a grille. Looks like that's it... You're stuck here... After much thought, you

You decide to take a shower in the bathroom right then and there. Well, it's a normal house, it has a shower and everything. How is this possible? The décor is a bit outdated... A little too much! The house is normal, but the people who live in it are not. And who in the world would live here in this place? Lots of questions... Few answers... After the shower, you go back to the room and on top of the bed, you have a white silk nightgown. You put it on and grab a pair of panties from your bag that are also in the bedroom, in the armchair, and front of the window. Then you opened your wardrobe to put your bag inside and saw several dresses. Strange... You lie down on the big bed, soft and fragrant, but you can't sleep. This house, this boy... It's scary. But it seems that, for now, there's no option but to get used to it... Now, it's... "Mother"


Someone opens the door. You close your eyes and pretend to be asleep. Then feel someone lie down on the bed and wrap their arm around you. You, very afraid, open your eyes and look back... It's Trevor.

"Daddy is mad at you," He says, you turn up, then stare at the ceiling, "But don't worry. Tomorrow he'll lie down with you. Don't be sad. You are beautiful. Trevor caresses your belly, "If you feel lonely... I'll keep you company“. Then he kisses you on the cheek and soon his hand goes up to your breast...

"Hey! "You can't touch me like that!" scolds him.

"All right. Um? He says affectionately. "You're my mother... I'm just petting you. Don't you like it?”

What kind of mother are you anyway?

He frowns. It's best to give him an answer before he throws a fit. You sigh.

"I like your affection, but...Go to your room, dear” If you can't beat them, join them.

He smiles and kisses you... Yes, he kissed you in the mouth!

"Good night, Mom," the boy gets up and leaves.

God what...? That's not happening. You're afraid of what's going to happen to you in this house. After tossing and turning in bed without any sleep, you end up falling asleep.


Wake up and inhale deeply. What a good smell of... bread. Man, what a bizarre dream you had that night. It felt so real. When you open your eyes... sit up in bed quickly. Sh*t! Either it's not a dream, or you haven't woken up yet... Although the first one seems to be the right one. It's happening! It's best to show up right before someone comes after you. You get up and go to the window. It's a beautiful day, it's sunny. You open the wardrobe and pick up a flowery dress—they're all like that, and there are a lot of them. Whose dresses are these? You comb your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, and go downstairs. The house looked more beautiful, and everything was clear. You go into the kitchen and Logan is there, he is doing something. He had his back to you, standing in front of the table. Breakfast was already set. Something was baking in the wood-fired oven, it was bread.

"Go wake up the boys. Tell them to make their beds and then come downstairs to eat. Then they'll be able to go outside". He says.


He treats them like children... You've never seen anything like it before... You go back upstairs but you don't even have to wake them up, everyone is already out of their rooms and is about to go downstairs.

"Have you made your beds?" You ask. You'll never get used to it.

"Yes," they answer together.

"Then you can go downstairs to eat," you say and smile. They pass you by and each one of them kisses you good morning, on the mouth. You've been so... perplexed, awkward... "T-we have to talk about it," they turn to you.

"I don't think Mom likes us to touch her," Trevor said.

"Why don't you like it?" Jake asks, clenching his fists, "Are you disgusted with us? Answer!" He screams. You take a step back. He was going to come at you, but you raise your hands and smile.

"I love to be touched. I love being touched," you replied shakily, "I don't care. Mom doesn't care."

"You love us, don't you?" Jake asks and caresses your face.

"S-Sure, yes..." You're holding yourself back from crying. "I love you. Now let's go down... OK?"

Jake walks away and smiles. So they keep watching you, waiting for you to follow them. You smile and go down with them. They sit at the table in silence. They're adults, and sometimes they behave like children, they're kind of violent...

Hyperactive? No, it shouldn't be that. After breakfast, the boys go out and play football outside. You sit on the stairs in front of the house staring. You can't stay here forever... It's going to go crazy. Still can't believe it. What was it like getting into something like that? You sigh and get up.

"Tell them to come in." Kyungil orders approaching from behind.

"But they..."

"The sun is bad..." He says sharply "... for their skin. Tell them to come in. They've stayed there long enough. You're their mother, you have to worry about them, and the sun is bad for them..."

You're going to end up going crazy in this place. Ain't nobody's mother. You want to go away. You don't want to be touched! However, the last thing you want is to counter it. But if one of these boys gets mad at you, you're screwed. One of them almost hit you this morning.

"But they'll be mad at me." You say.

" Tell them." He commands.

"Boys" You call and they look at you. "Let's go... Please come in."

"No. We're playing... Don't you see?" - complains Flynn and the others don't even pay attention to what you said.

"Please? No." corrects Logan. "It's an order... Order them to enter. If not, they will never obey you."

You take a deep breath. Man, they're not children, they're men, they're strong... And you're nothing close to them...

"Come in, boys, now! Obey me!." You say it firmly. They were angry, you could tell in the way they looked at you.

That's all that's missing... You're dead!

"Did you hear your mother?" shouts Logan. "Come in, now!"

When they pass by you, each one throws you a frightening glimpse... You also go inside and Logan closes the door.

"Why did you look at your mother like that?" - the "father" scolds them and they bow their heads. "Apologize to your mother..."

They looked at each other. God, they behave with children... Flynn comes over and hugs you.

"I'm sorry, Mom. We were bad. We didn't want to make you sad." He caresses your face and kisses you, then goes back to hugging you. "Forgive us. Hm? We don't want you to get angry and walk away. We're good boys... We will no longer disobey."

"It's okay," you say and he walks away.

God, yesterday you were just an ordinary girl who was in your senior year, now you're the mother of... What's wrong with these people? Will you stay here forever? You can't, there has to be a way. A way to leave, a way to run away... Or else you're going to go crazy...

Chapter 2

You and the boys go to the living room and then, again, Logan asks, no, better, he ordered you to read to them... Your "husband" wasn't with you this time. You saw him dragging something, it looked like chains, so he went up the stairs. You get more and more terrified thinking about what will happen to you...

"W-well," You pick up the book from the shelf...

"Are you okay?" Jake asks.

"Yes..." You open the book. This time it's Coraline... What a bizarre story... It couldn't be different, bizarre house, bizarre people, everything bizarre... "and on a porcelain plate on the table was a spool of black cotton thread, a long silver needle, and two large black buttons... Oh my god!" You say perplexed. "That's horrible... They want to put buttons on her eyes..."

"It's fun," comments the youngest, Trevor.

Entertaining? You keep reading. Then Bastian stands up


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