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The Evil

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I was born New Yorki, but I left because I couldn't bear the pain of losing my mother and older sister. Dad and I moved to Colorado, which welcomed me and rebuilt me as a home. I changed schools, I made new friends, I liked my new home. There, nothing was a memory of a time that would never return. It was where I created new memories to make my life bearable. Everything seemed fine, so far. Suddenly, dad announces his marriage to Miss Agatha Flagler. All I have to do is pack my bags, leave school, say goodbye to my friends, and go back to New York, a place I hate. The only good part of the story is getting such a good stepmother, but even she has her catch. His son, who will become my "brother" in a few days, Gregory "Arrogant" Flagler. He is an obnoxious specimen of the human race. Pushy, overbearing, troublesome and spacious. I can't stand him, and I don't even want to breathe the same air as him, let alone share the house, the father, the life. That's why when I get to New York, I don't go straight to my house. I ask the driver to take me to where my story here ended, the cemetery. Now I stand in front of the tomb that looks more like an abyss where nightmares want to throw me. "People die, but true love is eternal." I drag my fingers over the words carved on my mother's tombstone, remembering when I chose them with my Appa eight years ago. I read them for the umpteenth time, kneeling on the grass covered with dry leaves. Melancholy hits me like a gunshot, a pain that never ceases and bleeds. Something tells me my torment is just beginning...

Chapter 1

... Seven years ago.

Victorya P.O.V.

I thought we would go back to Colorado today after going to the cemetery to visit Mom and Hannah, but Dad gave up on the trip. I'm not sure what happened, because I was buying ice cream with that insufferable boy, Gregory.

But, who is Gregory? Oh, calm down, I'll tell you the story from the beginning.

I was sitting on the grass in front of my Mom's tombstone, and I was talking to her, distracted. I was hit in the head with a ball, and I fell forward. I got up and looked back, looking for the cause of it, and a boy ran towards me. Well, I have to confess that he was cute, you know? With that little black hair and green-yellow eyes. I even blushed at first, but I didn't even have time to fool myself for him.

Awkwardly, I picked up the ball to hand it and held it out to the boy, who took it from me and said:

- Hey! Get your hands off my ball!

- What? - I opened my mouth so offended because he didn't apologize to me for hurting me, that I threw his ball to the ground and moaned. - You rude!

- Ah! - He picked up the ball and turned to walk away. I was even more offended and ran up to him and pushed him. The boy fell forward and his ball rolled across the grass, hitting a thorny rose bush, piercing.

- AH! - He turned to me very angrily, and jumped up to me, pulling my hair. I tried to defend myself, but that boy was too strong.

- GREGORY! - We listened. The boy jumped away from me, startled. He seemed very afraid of the woman who approached us. She turned to me and lifted me, running her hands through my hair, then looked at the boy. - Don't do that, Gregory! It's wrong!

- But, she pierced my ball!

- You hit me with the ball and didn't apologize!

- You shouldn't even be in my way to begin with!

- AH! - I replied, in a very thin voice, which made the boy laugh. - I was talking to my mom!

- You didn't have anyone with you. - He joked. - She's crazy, mom. - The boy shook his head, looking at the woman.

- Yes, it was, it's just that it's underground. - I pointed down, and the girl covered her mouth with her hand.

- Please, apologize, Gregory.

Chapter 2

- What's going on? - My dad walked across the grass with a puzzled expression. - Getting into trouble again, Victorya?

- No, Dad!

- Mr. Romani, hello. - The woman shakes her hand as if she knew my dad.

He looked at her strangely, and the two began to talk. Before long, the two were talking as if they were good friends.

Me and the boy, whose name is Gregory, pushed each other a few times, and he pulled my hair again. The woman stared at him as if she wanted to fight, but Dad turned to us and took his wallet out of his pocket.

- Hey, Gregory, do you like ice cream? - He asked the boy, who shrugged. The woman tapped him on the shoulder. He nodded to my dad, more vehemently.

- Yes, sir. - He answered and looked at me sideways.

- Good. Could you buy one out there? I saw that there was an ice cream shop, and Victorya asked me to buy it for her, but I hadn't done it yet. C


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