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This is a story of a charming young lady who was the envy of every other lady because of her beauty and for the fact that she always took the attention of every man she came across. But then Susan was void of emotions since her childhood, she is a very beautiful lady attracting the attention of many young men in the village but she isn't interested in any of them, some even said that she was a lesbian for lack of interest in the opposite gender. All this was before she met Harrison whom she fell in love with at first sight but then Harrison ain't ready to love her, will she be loved back?

Chapter 1

Susan and Makena had been best of friends since they began teaching in the same school.

Makena was fully aware that her friend doesn't like encounters with men and has never had a boyfriend.

She always wondered how such a curvy and charming young lady would be single despite all the men seeking her attention.

Sometimes Makena is envious of Susan for attraction to the kind of classy men she attracts but she doesn't care about their feelings, if only they could see her too, but then she knew, she was not even half as pretty as Susan.

During this particular weekend, she invited her over the weekend to spend time with her family since she could not leave her alone at the school quarters.

Makena did not know how Susan would react to seeing her brother but she prayed that she would not be annoyed.

The weekend came and they traveled for a short while to Makena's home which wasn't far from the school.

Susan was welcomed in their home, Makena's mother was very welcoming, and her father was not yet home but would be coming later. At the furthest end there seated Makena's elder brother who was introduced to her as. He was busy on his phone and did not seem interested in whatever was happening around him. Susan did not realize she was frozen staring at him until she was patted heavily on her shoulder by Makena. She regained herself and was very embarrassed to be caught staring at someone for that long, something she had not done before. She simply could not take her eyes off him, to her this was the first time she was meeting such a handsome man.

After the awkward moment, they sat down and were offered some drinks, Susan's mind was in chaos she did not understand what was wrong with her, most of the time her eyes were on Antony her mind too was occupied by his good looks, oh my God!, what was happening to her, she had no idea all she knew was that she could not take her eyes off him, it's as if when she does, she would miss something very valuable. Makena noticed her strange behavior and asked her what was wrong, she snapped out of her fantasy and was yet again embarrassed.

Makena excused herself and pulled Susan out of the room. When they got out she looked at her with interest while smiling and asked her if what she thought was happening was true. Alicia was taken aback. She could not understand what Makena was talking about, Makena thought she was playing dump so she decided to ask straightforwardly if Susan was interested in her brother Harrison. Susan choked on her saliva trying to explain herself. she quickly denied it, Makena was still smiling at her when she asked teasingly why she has been staring at him since they got there, Susan had no clear explanation and s he could not just accept the fact that she has been staring at someone she just met. She just could not accept it, so they decided to go back to the house, on the way she kept warning herself not to try looking his way even if she was tempted.

When they got back Harrison was still seated at his usual spot and very serious on his phone, this sight Alicia could not avoid no matter how many times she warned herself to. When they were busy with stories, he seemed uninterested to join their conversations, Makena told Susan not to mind him since that was how he behaved, always having his world. Harrison could feel someone staring at him all the time and at some point, he decided to look up only for his gaze to be met by one that was admiring him, on meeting his gaze Susan quickly looked away with her cheeks burning red, she could not believe she had that shy side of herself, at this point, Makena who has been watching her from the corner of her eyes could no contain her laughter anymore. She burst out laughing and everyone turned to look at her.

Susan was looking for where to hide her face, but then she realized that the look Harrison gave was not friendly, she shuddered inside but then she could not help but smile when she remembered his beautiful eyes and lips. She tried shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts but that did not help, late in the evening Makena's father arrived and she noted that he was also a kind man but a man of few words. They exchanged greetings and they had their dinner together, it was really hard for Susan since she could not stop looking at Harrison even when eating. She knew that she was not going to have a peaceful stay if her mind kept misleading her this way, she even started regretting accepting to spend the weekend with these people.

After the meal, they dispersed and she was shown to the guest room where she would be spending her night, they chatted for a while with Makena, while her mind was away almost the entire conversation after which after yawning much Makena went to her room and wished her a good night before leaving. Susan was left alone, she freshened up and went to bed but then sleep would not locate her for the better part of the night, she kept tossing and turning in bed. All she was thinking of was how handsome Harrison was, his image kept flashing on her mind. If she was being honest, she did not understand what was happening to her, but then this was the very first time she was feeling something like this, the feeling was so strange tightening her chest and making it hard for her to breathe sometimes.

It was in the early morning hours that she managed to get some sleep, it was okay at first before she started having dreams of herself and Harrison laughing together and having much fun. This kind of dream was foreign to her. She jolted up instantly after seeing his face so close to hers in her dream. Susan thought maybe she had malaria or maybe someone had bewitched. It can't be normal for her to be seeing the images of one man in her mind every time to the extent of dreaming of him. She even checked her temperature. She could not go back to sleep so she washed her face and sat on the bed wondering what to think or do. She saw a book on the side table and decided to buy time with it, it was still very early in the morning but she could not sleep again in fear of having such a dream again.

Thank goodness the book was interesting and she did not get bored, she was so engrossed in the book that she did not realize how time went fast. She heard a knock on the door and got up to open the door, it was Makena, she came in and then realized that Susan had woken up early but then her eyes did not seem right. She wondered if she did not sleep well since she had dark circles.

Susan got ready and went down for breakfast, everyone was settled in the dining room, and they had their breakfast in silence and when they were done, they dispersed in different directions. Harrison was left sitting there while busy on his phone as usual, Susan did not realize that she was staring at him, until he asked why she had not left the room yet, God, his voice was so magnetic, she thought it would be good if she would spend the whole day listening to his voice, she loved everything about him. Since she wanted to hear him talk again she asked if he would be left alone in the room, to her disappointment, he nodded in a very dismissive attitude. Susan felt bad about it but she could not show it. She quickly walked out of the room and went out looking for Makena, she thought of leaving as soon as possible, or else she would go crazy.

Susan found her friend in their small garden where she was watering the vegetables, they began chatting, and yet again, Makena was looking at her in a weird way which she did not mind since she already knew what was on her mind, she decided to use the moment to ask her about Harrison. Makena told her about him, the fact that he was the eldest in the family, he was a doctor by profession and he's currently on leave that's why he is seen around, otherwise, it's very hard to find him at other times, Makena told her that Harrison is a nice man but he's rude sometimes. She had noticed that Susan liked him, so she decided to tell her the other part of him, that he does not keep girlfriends reason being his rudeness, most of them could not keep up with that and they left but then he would be left asking why they were leaving.

Makena told her that their mother was worried if his son would get married since no one tolerates his shouting and all that. Harrison was handsome, educated, with a good family background, and was not ill-mannered, his only problem being his rudeness. Susan began thinking if she could keep up with that if she were to be in love with him but she immediately threw that idea at the back of her mind she did not want to think of that since she was yet to come to terms with the fact that she was falling for him. Makena decided to tell her friend the truth as it is that she should be ready to face his rudeness without any tenderness in case she fell for him. Susan dismissed the idea as fast as it came.

They were going back to the school quarters in the evening so they decided to get prepared, Makena's mother was so nice that she packed some foodstuffs for them to carry back. Susan was happy that her moments of embarrassment were almost over. She did not think she would be willing to go back there and meet that man who gave her the strange feelings. In the evening they bid the family farewell and left.

Susan and Makena got home some minutes before seven in the evening. Makena went to her house to rest the same case to Susan. They had to prepare for tomorrow's work in school. The night was a little bit cold, Susan had a warm bath and then a cup of steaming tea before going to bed. It was okay when she was doing something, the moment she lay on the bed, images of Harrison came flashing in her mind as if they were waiting for her to relax then pop up. All the memories from the previous day came back to haunt her. Her mind was a mess, she kept turning and tossing in her bed, she could not find sleep no matter how much she tried to force herself. She decided to flow with whatever was happening. For one, even though it was disturbing, she liked the sight of his face, it looked so natural, to her no man can match his good looks.

She started admiring the images in her mind, biting her lower lip. This was it, the feeling she never had before, maybe that was what they call love, maybe she should embrace the feeling for once since everyone around her thought she was abnormal for not falling for anyone, but as it is now, she is starting to feel good herself at least she had the emotions that were hidden for long. This is something she should be happy about but since it is very new to her she is finding it hard to accept the fact and be happy, the reason being, she does not know how to go about it, and the other reason being that she did not know if Harrison had the same feeling, from the look he gave her earlier it would not be good to give herself hopes that would break her heart.

Susan slept with a warm smile on her face with the thoughts of him in mind. Harrison was hugging her so tightly that she found it hard to breathe, `the scenery at the pack is so beautiful, they had gone horse riding after which Harrison carried Susan on his back afraid she would be tired of walking, after walking for a short distance Susan saw some vendors selling ice cream, she needed on, so she got down without notice and rushed to the spot. Harrison was caught off-guard and when he saw where she had rushed to, he chuckled heartily, she knew she liked ice cream so he followed to the place, after paying, he held her hand and they left the place, it was fine, Susan would take some in her mouth then Harrison would have it with a kiss until the ice cream was over.

It was getting cold and Susan did not carry any sweater so Harrison took off his coat and draped it over her shoulders, kissed her forehead then embraced her tightly, Susan was having her best moment when she was woken up by the continuous ringing tone on her phone, it was the alarm she had set to wake her up in case she overslept. She jolted up immediately annoyed that her dream was cut before it ended and again she was surprised that she could have such a dream when she just met the man, this was not a good indication, she went to the washroom to get ready for work. Susan was smiling all the way when she remembered what they were doing in the dream. She turned to look at the mirror on her left only to find her face heated up, she covered her eyes with her palms and walked out.

Susan was beginning to miss his presence when she left their home, she thought she did not want to see him again but the reality sometimes changes everything, at the moment she wishes she can just see his face and that would be enough. She noticed that she has smiled countless times since she met Susan. Maybe the feeling is so good that she can't keep her emotions inside of her. She pushed the thoughts at the back of her mind and started preparing for the day. She made breakfast for herself after washing up and had it quickly since she was eating alone, she did not want to take much time else she would find herself fantasizing again. When she was done she packed up her materials and checked herself on the mirror again before heading out of the house. She met Makena outside the gate who was also going for classes. Makena looked at her friend and realized that she seemed happy early in the morning and on enquiring, Susan could not tell the reason she just kept smiling till they got to the staff room and that was it. The day as well as the new week had begun.

Chapter 2

It was on Wednesday evening when classes were over and the teachers had gone home, Susan was busy doing nothing with her phone, and all she thought about was Harrison. She decided to ask Makena for his phone number so maybe she would start communicating with him to feel at ease. On spelling out her intentions, Makena was very much against the idea telling her that even though she likes him, it would not be good if she began hitting on him as early as now. The other reason is her brother hates women who take the first initiative in confronting a man on love issues, so because she liked Susan, she did not want her brother to hate her for that reason, she refused to give her the contact information, with the way she was behaving recently, maybe she would call him immediately she got his number. Makena promised her that they would be going to visit her family again during the weekend.

Susan was happy to hear that, at the same time, she was worried since she could not guess what hi


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