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Review after half of the novel

I really liked the novel! Very interesting story telling, crazy details, exotic relationship. Plus the insane plot twist adds an amazing bonus to the story as a whole. Going in to it I wasn’t sure I was gonna like it and I thought it was too long of a story, but as I started reading it didn’t seem long enough. The pages fly by, had me spending money too keep reading lol. Overall very good story, would definitely recommend.

March 25, 2024


Review after half of the novel

Ups and downs twists and turns. This one is exciting! So many events and I’m on the edge of my seat! I have a lot of questions but I’m sure they will be answered! Will they make it or will they not? Wondering if her fathers threat to be with the man she wants will sway her option of choosing him! Im also curious about the maid…. Always somewhere she shouldn’t be! I can’t wait to read what happens next!

January 4, 2024


Review after the novel completion

Okay, the only thing I did not like about this novel/story is that it wasn’t included in having any chapters free. The story between the two lead characters is beautiful with just enough steam and drama to keep the pages turning. I believe I finished this in less than a day, I could not put it down and I usually do not read the stories that I have to pay for to this extent. I am very excited to tell my friends about this steamy romantic read!

December 25, 2023