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Who's the Killer?

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"Who are you! Why can't you show me!" I shouted inside the Mansion which was very dark. "I married you because you killed everyone around me! So please let me go!" I cried. Why did I marry the man I have never seen nor know whose name! I did that because I love the people around me! And when I choose myself they will all disappear. "You only kill me! I'm your only target, aren't you! So kill me! Show yourself!" I shouted as my tears fell one after the other. I didn't realize that there was a masked man in front of me now. The body is tall and handsome. My hair stood on end as he approached me. "You're mine! No one should approach you but me!" he whispered in my ear and suddenly left. I could not move from what I heard. I only heard crying. I saw moonlight. And I felt a pounding in my chest.

Chapter 1

Hi My name is Athena Robert I'm 24 years old working in DM company.

I am now at the office and I looked at my clock on top of my table.

It was 9:40pm at night.


It's tiring to work here.

My Boss is still very stuck!

And then when there is something very small wrong of course this building is about to shake.

Where did that come from?

"Let's go home." Kent asked me so I looked at him, he was standing at the door while smiling.

Haha his eyebags are big but he's still handsome.

Kent is one of my male friends here at the DM company and he is the only one that concerns me.

He is so kind to me, he always brings me a pocket every time I come here.

"Alright, wait, I'll fix my things first." I said and he nodded.

"I'll wait for you outside," he said.

"Oh okay." I said and he went out.

So I packed my things so I can go home right away.

Good thing Kent has a motorcycle so my taxi is free haha.

I can be stingy.

As I was walking out of the office, I suddenly heard a scream.


That's Kent.

So I ran closer to where Kent was screaming.

What happened to him?

"Athena help me!" he shouted.

So I ran to the rooftop.

When I got there, I immediately saw Kent and a masked man who pointed a knife at Kent's neck.

"Wait! Who are you!" I shouted as my heart pounded.

I'm nervous about what he might do to Kent.

"Athena help me." Kent said nervously so the man laughed like a demon.

"What is Kent's fault to you! Let him go!" I shouted.

I was about to get closer to them when he suddenly cut Kent's neck and pushed so Kent fell.

I was so surprised by what happened I couldn't speak.

And all of a sudden my tears started to fall because of fear.

"Don't ever go near the boys! You understand! You're mine!" the man said angrily.

So I looked at where the masked man was but he was gone.

My hair stood on end.

I'm getting scared.

Maybe he will come back to me.

I woke up with tears in my eyes.

I looked in the mirror and saw myself scared.

I don't know what is happening to me.

I looked at the door and saw Mama approaching me.

"Mom." I said as my tears fell so suddenly she hugged me very tightly.

"don't cry anymore." she said sadly.

"Kent Ma, my friend, is gone." I cried while looking into his eyes.

"Don't cry." she said hugging me again.

"Get up there, I'll prepare you food." she said and I just nodded.

"Don't cry anymore." she said hugging me again and she left my room.

I looked in my drawer and I was looking for Kent's picture.


Where is that?

So I rummaged through all my stuff but I couldn't really find it.

So I immediately left the room and saw Mom and Dad arguing.

"What the hell Aljun! Athena is not crazy! Maybe what she said about that Kent is true!" Mama shouted.

"We don't know that Kent! Besides, Yes Athena works there but when I went to that company and the Police and they said there was no news of someone dying last night!" Papa said angrily to Mama .

"Athena is your daughter! So can you accept that what my daughter is saying is true!" Mama said angrily as her tears fell so that my tears also fell.

"Think about what happened to her before! She was traumatized by what happened before! That's why she must be thinking about anything!" Papa said angrily so I approached them and Mama and they were surprised to see me.

"Pa! I saw what happened! Kent's neck was cut and the masked man pushed him!" I shouted as my tears flowed.

"That's right." Papa said.

He was about to approach me when I suddenly spoke.

"That's what happened to me, won't you believe me? The man told me not to approach anyone! He says I belong only to him, Ma! So just please! I'm scared! Even if you just believe me, I hope it will help you're mine! What I'm saying is true!" I shouted while crying.

"my dear" Mama said as she came closer to me so I ran out of the house.

I was about to be run over by a fancy black car, but it stopped quickly.

The man in the suit came out.

"Athena?" Mr. said in surprise. Jhon is one of Boss's business partners.

"Sir?" I said in surprise and he helped me stand up.

"Why are you crying? And aren't you coming in now?" he asked.

Until now I'm still dumbfounded looking at him I remembered what the man told me that I shouldn't get close to other men so I moved a little away from him.

"I'm not going in." I said while bowing in front of him.

"Are you okay? You might have a wound, I'll take you to the Hospital." he said worriedly.

"No sir! I'm fine, you can leave." I said nervously.

And that I suddenly when he suddenly held my hand.

"Do you have a problem? Tell me." he said.

"No! I'm leaving" I said and ran away from him.

I'm afraid

Maybe the man who always follows me will come back to me.

I looked at a restaurant and my eyes widened because I saw him wearing a bonnet.

Suddenly my chest heaved with great force.

I don't know what to do as my feet are like nails while my eyes are looking at him with fear.

A few seconds later he suddenly disappeared.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! I'M NOT CRAZY!" I shouted as my tears fell one after the other.

"Mama, what's going on with her?" I heard the child ask but I ignored it.

All I feel now is fear.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME! DON'T FOLLOW ME!" I screamed as I cried while tugging at my hair.

It's late and I'm still in front of the restaurant.

I don't want to go home!

My parents don't care about me either.

I stood up and walked.

While I was walking on a foot walk I felt like someone was following me.

When I turned around, there was nothing there and when I turned around, I immediately saw three addicted men.

"Hi Miss." the man said smiling while rubbing my arm.

"What the hell let me go!" I shouted and suddenly the man punched me in the stomach so I fell to my knees on the road in so much pain.

"Haha, you're brave!" he said while grabbing a few strands of my hair from my neck.

"Get away from me!" I shouted while crying.

Lord help me!

I don't want to die!

Please help come.

"You are beautiful." he said smiling and suddenly a man undressed me so that's when I got the strength to kick the other but suddenly a man grabbed me by the shoulder and slapped me very hard.

"Have mercy!" I cried.

And all of a sudden, blood splattered on my face and the three men fell down.

I was stunned by what happened and at the same time looked at the man I knew was always following me.

I couldn't speak, I only felt fear at that time.

The man put his gun back on his back and came close to me and picked me up which surprised me.


Where will he take me?

I couldn't recognize him because he was wearing a bonnet.

"Who are you?" I asked nervously so he looked at me.

I saw his eyes.

It's beautiful and I feel like I know he won't hurt me.

But why doesn't he show the truth?

What does he intend to do with me?

I didn't realize that we were now in a dark mansion.

Why did he bring me here?

He took me to the room which was very dark and made me sit on the bed.

"I want to go home." I said nervously so he looked at my eyes with no emotion.

He ignored me and went to the terrace so I followed him.

He took his bonnet and hat.

I still can't recognize him because he's turned his back on me now.

I don't want to see him.

I'm afraid

Maybe he's not human or something.

So I went back to bed and there I cried.

"I'm going home." I cried.

And I didn't realize that I fell asleep because I was crying so much.

I woke up in a wide room.

Now I can see the whole of this room.

I got up from the bed to look for the man.

He is no longer here.

So I hurried down a long flight of stairs.

This Mansion is very big.

The design is old but still beautiful.

I was about to open the biggest door when suddenly someone spoke from behind me.

"Where are you going!" the man said angrily so I looked at him.

He was still wearing his bonnet while looking at me and I knew this man was very angry.

"I'm leaving." I said nervously.

"From now on you will live here!" he said angrily as he approached me.

"It's impossible! Get away from me!" I shouted at him so I was about to open the door when he suddenly spoke and I silenced him.

"Alright! Leave and go home to your parents if you want to lose them!"

Chapter 2

I couldn't move what he said.

What should I do?

I was stunned looking at the door knob.

Do I get out of this Mansion or not?

My tears just fell.

I looked at the man where he was but he was gone.

So I just cried and cried.

"Mama!" I cried while sitting on the floor.


I'm here now at Demon Martinez's Companya.

"Trisha, where is your boss?" I asked Demon's secretary.

"It's in his office, sir." he said so I went there.

When I got there, I immediately opened the door and saw him sitting.

"Why are you here?" he asked impatiently while looking at the laptop.

He immediately knew who entered.


"I wanted to talk to you about-" I couldn't finish what I was going to say when he suddenly spoke.

"We don't have anything to talk about! I'm the owner of this company so I should be the


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