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Veil of Deception

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I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee. It was almost noon and when I was about to order some food, Olivia came into the kitchen. ''God I'm hungry. Do you want anything particular to eat? I can make something real quick.'' She says so casually like she has been there for months and starts searching the cabinets. I looked at her like she was crazy, and she took out so many ingrediants. I don't even know some of their names. ''No? I pretty much eat anything tasty.'' She gave me a sweet smile and said ''Then you're going to love what I'm about to make.'' And started making lunch. I looked at her amusingly. Within a few months, my life has changed a lot. Before, I was alone, living my life to its extent, not bothering about anybody except my company. What I said was final. I ordered everyone around me. But now, I have a spoiled teenager who doesn't like me and a crazy woman with a lot of energy. Half of me can't wait to go back to my old life, the other half is afraid that I'll get used to it. I know it's not common to get attracted to people quickly. Considering that's how I keep my s*x life active. If I find someone attractive, I'll make sure we are on the same page and hookup with them. But Olivia isn't even my type, so I don't know why I'm attracted to her. Even so, I won't act it. It'll make things too complicated since we are living under the same roof. Why am I even thinking about all this? She made creamy mushroom pasta, and it's one of the best I have had in recent times. I completed my lunch and washed my plate. I need to get out of here. ''Does Megan have any allergies or anything she specifically she doesn't eat?'' Olivia asked, making me look at her. ''I just don't want to cook something she doesn't want.'' She says and stuffed her mouth with pasta. She has a little bit of sauce at the corner of her lips. She froze when I leaned closer and wiped it with my thumb. I looked at her and put it in my mouth. ''It tastes better.'' I whispered, looking at her flushed face in amusement.

Chapter 1


''Not funny'' I glared at Kasie as she tried to suppress her laugh. Honestly, what did I expect? My life was a joke from the beginning. First I lost my job, now I'm about to be homeless.

''I'm sorry'' she said with a poker face only to burst out laughing. ''Seriously, why it's always you?'' I sighed annoyingly and looked out of window.

There is a park outside this pizza place. There are kids playing and fighting. Some people are walking their dogs. There is an old woman sitting on the bench and who, I assume is her husband, is tying her shoelaces.

I always go there whenever I feel down. Nature keeps me calm, but at the end of the day, I should go home. Even the thought of going back to my studio apartment makes me nauseous. Especially when I found my date f*ck*ng my roommate, on my bed.

''Okay, this time I'm really sorry'' Kasie said, squeezing my hand. ''That must be embarrassing.''

Walking into my room and seeing Gale f*ck that stupid Maxine actually made me feel nothing. Okay, maybe I feel a little disappointed. But that's only because Gale seemed like a nice guy.

I mean, how can we actually tell if a person is good or not? I always thought it was subjective. Can't I live in peace for a few days??

Gale was actually my blind date. And it was all because of Kasie. She begged me to go on a double date with her and see what happened.

Today was supposed to be our second date and I stupidly thought that tonight we could go to second base, but he directly went to third base with someone else.

It's not that I'm a virgin, but I'm also not a casual s*x person. All my relationships from high school to office ended up being disasters. And it's been months since I got any action. Maybe I'll never learn. It's just that I like the feeling of having someone in my life since I mostly grew up in orphanages or Forster homes. I like to check on them, message them if they have eaten or not, taking care of them, doing everything which I never experienced. But I guess I was too clingy.

Look at me now, no job, staying in a studio apartment where you can hear someone breathing through the walls, living penny to penny just to keep a roof over my head and stay low. So this date with Gale got me excited.

And God, don't get started with Maxine. She is petite but has a loud voice as compensation. A little on the thinner side, but she got a hot body. I wonder why she hates me though. I'm just a little taller than her and on the thicker side. My pale skin makes me look like a ghost. The only thing I like about myself is my ginger hair. It's thick and long, and goes down my hips when it's curled.

Maxine always had someone in her room. I lost count on how many times I saw her f*ck*ng different people in the living room or dining area. Sometimes there will be three or more people f*ck*ng.

''Can we go now?'' I asked Kasie as I looked at her. I want to sit in the park and think about what I should do next.

''Sure, but first tell me what happened after that?'' She asked, patting her lips with a tissue.

''What do you think happened? I suppressed my anger and slammed the door. Gale came out and apologized, saying that it was a mistake. He asked for another chance, but I just flipped him off. Maxine didn't even look sorry, that b*tch just stood there smirking.'' I shook my head in disbelief. ''No way I'm going back''

''I'm sorry that I can't be any help.'' Kasie says, looking worried.

I shook my head. ''It's fine. You have your problems.'' Kasie lives with her mother who is an addict. And they live in a very small apartment. She works in a hair salon for minimum wage. Life is already hard on her.

''I need to find a place to stay. That's the first problem I need to solve now.'' One step at a time. I don't know what to do now. I rarely sleep because of the sounds, so I always feel exhausted.

''Maybe you should go there. Your boss did give you keys to his house and asked you to stay there until he came back. You'll have that big *ss house to yourself.'' Kasie says, raising her eyebrows.

I frown and my hand automatically goes into my pocket. The key to that house is chained to my other keys. Eduard gave me the keys after I lost my job. He asked me to stay there as the house has a high security system. He said he would be back after a few days, but he never came, and it's been months since it happened.

I never used the house because I didn't want to get involved any further in that mess. But little did I know I was too involved to back off. Maybe I should go there. Atleast until I find a room again.

''I think I will. I'll stay there until I find a room.''

''Finally! Call me if you need help with your things. And don't feel shy if you love it there and want to stay there for more days. Enjoy it while you can.'' Kasie said and hugged me.

''No way I'll stay there for a long time. I'll leave as soon as possible.'' I said while pulling back from the hug.

''Let's see.'' She winked and waved goodbye.

I shook my head and turned my head towards the park. I want to spend some time there, but it will get dark soon. The house Eduard said is in the richer part of the town and would atleast take an hour to get there.

I booked a cab with the amount I have. My heart aches at the idea of using the money Eduard gave me. I refused when he first gave it to me, but decided to just keep it when he insisted. He wired me the amount when he gave me the key.

The car suddenly stopped and looked out to find that we were already in the driveway. I got out and looked at the house. It's too big for me. Am I really doing this? Maybe it's not too late to back out.

I moved my legs before they move themselves out of there and unlocked the door. As I opened it, I heard someone moan.

I looked at the scene infront of me in disbelief. Why is this happening to me? This feels like dèjá vu. There is a man who has pinned a woman down on the sofa, with his face buried in her neck, thankfully, and her arms and legs are wrapped around him. He still has a shirt on while she is just in her bra and panties.

It took them a second to realize that they were not alone, and I felt my heart drop when the man looked up and locked his eyes with mine.

What the hell is he doing here? Doesn't he have a company to run?

Chapter 2


I thought at least tonight I'd get some sleep. But given the situation, I don't even think I'll have a place to sleep.

''What the fuck? Who are you?'' The women gasped when she noticed me.

And the man is looking at me intensely. I recognized him immediately. His name is Kirill Solovyov. He is Eduard's little brother.

Why is he looking at me like that? Did he recognize me? I hope not. But if he knew who I am, I'd be dead. Maybe he does and that's why he looks like he is about to kill me.

He looks taller than before, or maybe it's because I'm seeing him from close up.

He is wearing a blue shirt, with his sleeves rolled up, making his arms look muscular. His dirty brown hair, brown eyes, sharp jaw with five o'clock shadow, he looked surreal. It feels illegal not to check him out.

Snap out it liv!!

''Who are you?''


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