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Vampire Quandary

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Alexa meets Colton, her vampire mate during a time where the human race is enslaved by vampires. As she meets him, she learns about the supernatural world and how Colton's enemy, Gabriel, has been watching her. A disaster happens and she dies, but she is transported into the modern world as a vampire where she meets Colton as a Billionaire CEO. She is devastated at the loss of her family and her new identity since her mother was killed by a vampire and now, she isn't only the mate of one, but also one herself.Gabriel starts coming after them because she is someone special and she is important to Colton, but they refuse to tell her why. As they struggle to fit into the modern world and be together as mates while Gabriel keeps coming after them, they meet friends, drama, action, mystery, deaths and so much more. Can they survive in a modern world where humans are back on top and vampires are in hiding? Can the two stay together even with the secrets between them? Will Gabriel get to them? Will she ever find out what they are all hiding from her? Read to find out!

CHAPTER One - How It All Began

Life is a test, an examination that every person has to pass in order to win. It is an adventure and no fairy tale, you will have to pass through to get your fairy tale.

Life is also a journey that you will have to make to know who you are and what you are destined to be.

Destiny, every person on earth has one, everyone has a life... Life is a story and here is mine:

In The Year: 1645

Alexa ran towards the forest as she heard her mama's voice shout out for help. She panicked even more thinking it must have been the beasts she and her little sister were told horrible stories about that had gotten to her mama. The 12 year old picked up her feet trying to reach her mama, she didn't stop until she saw that she was too late.

She saw her mama trapped in the arms of a man who had his sharp teeth sunk inside her neck. The man's eyes were closed as he drank the blood from her mama whose eyes were also closed, hanging limply in his arms as if she was dead.

"Mama?" Alexa called walking closer to her mama and the stranger.

The stranger's head snapped towards her releasing her mama, and glowered at her with his sharp animal like canines dripping with blood, her mama's blood. Giving her one last look, he turned around and disappeared. She ran to her mama's side as realisation lapsed over her. Her mama was dead.

"Mama! Say something mama!" She caressed her mama's cheek as she took hold of her hand, sobbing.


Blood was all over her mama's neck and shoulder but Alexa didn't care. Her mama was gone. Killed by a beast, and she couldn't do anything for her mama to help.

"Mama, wake up, wake up, wake up, please wake up." She kept repeating, hoping her mama would somehow wake up.

"Alexa?" Her papa's voice brought her back to reality.

"Yes?" She answered looking up from her platta at her papa.

"Are you not hungry? You hardly touched your food." He asked, his concern present on his features.

"Yes papa, I'm not hungry. I ate after we came back from the market." She stood up, taking her platta with her.

"I'm going to the lake." She said to him in a solemn voice, feeling sad from the memory of her mama.

"Alright, but don't stay long out there..." He didn't say why, but Alexa knew why. It was because of the beasts. No one in their little village would dare say the name given to the beasts. It was said that they could hear everything, everywhere. And saying their name would mean calling them.

"I'll join you when I'm done, Alexa." Xanae, her sister, called out to her as she was walking outside.

Alexa sat on a rock after setting the platta aside, she sat there just staring at the lake water. It showed the reflection of the sky, with the moon and stars. Having been sitting and staring for a long time, she decided to have a bath to freshen up removing all her clothes except for her underwear, she jumped into the cold water. It was an advantage for her with the climate being so hot.

"I do hope this water is as good as it looks." She heard a husky male voice say.

"And the lady was lovely."

She gasped as she tried to cover her body by holding one of her hands over her chest while floating in the lake water.

She looked around to find the owner of the voice. He was right above her squatting by the edge.

"Who are you? What are you doing on my papa's land?" Alexa asked the pale man above her, the man was so pale.

She had never seen a white man before seeing as her papa does not let her or Xanae go anywhere, but the market since he was scared that the beasts would steal them away.

She had heard of white men living in their small village at the market place but had never seen one until then. He was something or someone that was foreign to her and that made her afraid of what the pale man was looking for in her papa's compound.

"Why, I am no one important. As for your second question, I was only passing by and saw a very beautiful woman sitting here and wondered if I could have the opportunity of knowing who the beauty is. When you're dressed that is, but I don't mind you being in the lake, naked." The pale man said, emphasizing on the last word as he flashed her a smile.

She couldn't form a word looking at the handsome white man with his eyes and hair, the colour she had never seen before. His eyes were grey and his hair was white blonde, almost white. His eyes were so beautiful to Alexa. She was mesmerized by them and him too that she couldn't form a word.

The only words that came out were, "Uh, uh ... I- I am nak-ked." She stuttered out, my cheeks flushing in a blush, but it couldn't be seen from her caramel skin.

The man smiled, charmingly before answering, "Yes, beautiful, I am very aware of that. I'll just turn around and wait for you to get your clothes back on."

He turned around as he said he would, waiting for the beauty to be descent again. Colton had never seen a woman this beautiful, and he was not only thinking that because she was naked. He turned back around when he heard her shuffling stop.

"What do you wa-" Her sentence was cut off by her sister's voice.

"Sorry, I didn't come out sooner, and for leaving you all alone out here. But papa needed some help." Xanae rushed out as she rounded her sister's hut to the back of it where the lake was.

The pale mysterious man's grey eyes met her brown ones before he spoke, "I'll be back, beautiful."

With that said, he ran into the forest at the speed of light. His profile was blurred to Alexa as he ran and she felt amazed at such an incredible power. She turned back to her sister who had just reached her and was oblivious to the white man and his exit.

"Tomorrow is the second market day of the month." Xanae said to her sister with a pout on her lips.

"Yes, it is, and we have to be up early, when the c*ck crows. If not, we would be back home late." Alexa mentioned, feeling worried over how they would have to be fast to get what they needed in that bustling market or the beasts would get to them at sun down.

Alexa said goodnight to her sister after they finished their night chat which they always had and went to her hut. Her mind racing with thoughts of her encounter with the pale man. The handsome pale man.

CHAPTER Two - Meeting And Knowing The Beast

Alexa couldn't sleep, her thoughts were filled with the pale man's handsome face. And she had to wake up early for tomorrow was the second market day of the month. She and Xanae had always attended the first two market days of the month since they were old enough to go. They both used to attend those market days with their mama, but that was before i was... killed. By a beast, a blood craving beast.

Alexa cleared her thoughts, not wanting to remember the horrible incident that had occurred years ago. She rose from her bed which was made of bamboo covered with a large rag and walked out of her hut, feeling the cold night air on tanned her skin. Breathing in the cool air, she gripped the veil around her tighter.

She thought back to the last words her 'visitor' had whispered before disappearing. Even though she had only met him that evening, she wanted him to come back, she hoped he would. A part of her believed he would. She sighed, looking up at the night sky, it was conf


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