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Urban: I, Reborn, Became the Top Rich Second Generation!

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In the mundane routine of life, Zhou Xing, equipped with the Life Optimization System, is reborn into the year 2016. Hailing from an ordinary family, he astonishingly emerges as the epitome of wealth and privilege – a top-tier second-generation heir. His father, once a humble fishmonger, now commands a multi-billion-dollar empire in heavy industry, while his mother ascends to become a renowned elite lawyer both nationally and internationally. As if scripted by destiny, the system bestows upon him an initial reward of five billion dollars. Rebirth becomes the pinnacle! It dawns on Zhou Xing that life can be lived with unparalleled audacity. With a casual flick, he throws millions in the most lavish of bars, and in the face of a half-billion luxury car damage, he leisurely sits inside, engrossed in gaming. He evolves into the nation's new heartthrob – flamboyant and charismatic, a playboy repeatedly acknowledged and appreciated by the country. Exquisite cars and beautiful women are mere embellishments; in this life, Zhou Xing is destined to stand at the zenith of the world.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Rebirth to PinnacleUrban Life: Reborn, I Became the Elite Second Generation! - Zhou XingIn the year 2016, in the city of Jiangcheng, dawn broke with dewdrops yet to meet the morning sun. Zhou Xing stood on the balcony, feeling the gentle breeze of early morning against his face. However, a faint furrow creased his brow, and his expression was perplexed.He had been reborn.Back to the summer vacation of his high school graduation.What puzzled him was...Although this world matched his memories in every aspect, his family had undergone a colossal transformation. His father, Zhou Jianping, a humble fishmonger, had risen to become a leading figure in heavy industry. From scratch, he founded the Jianghan Heavy Industries Group Limited.The company's registered capital amounted to one hundred billion.Covering industries such as steel, metallurgy, machinery, and energy...A true steel giant in the physical sector.While Zhou Jianping never made a conspicuous mark and never appeared on the Forbes list, his net worth conservatively exceeded three hundred billion, far surpassing the nominal wealthiest individuals. His financial power even outshone a plethora of internet tycoons.Zhou Xing's mother, Zhang Lanfang, who managed a small convenience store, became a nationally renowned elite lawyer. She founded Junhe Law Firm, one of the top law firms in the country.Originally squeezed into a less-than-hundred-square-meter old and dilapidated house in the old city, Zhou Xing gazed at the sprawling two-acre lakeside villa, falling into silence.An outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, a yard spanning thousands of square meters, an independent garage capable of housing over a dozen cars... ωωω.χΙυΜЬ.CǒmAll these luxurious amenities were present, unimaginable in Zhou Xing's previous life.His bedroom alone exceeded a hundred square meters, larger than his entire family's house in his past life. The room was equipped with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. Expensive woolen blankets adorned the floor, and high-end imported furniture, unfamiliar to Zhou Xing, exuded opulence.The life trajectories of his parents had taken a significant deviation.The only constant was his college entrance exam score.Still, relying on his outstanding appearance, he was admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music through an arts entrance exam.This kind of family background might not be exceptional in the virtual world, but in reality... he had undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of life.Looking across the nation, his status was second to none.He was the most elite of the second generation!"What exactly happened? Could it be that my rebirth caused a butterfly effect?" Zhou Xing was puzzled.Even though no one would refuse prosperity in their family, for Zhou Xing, who had been accustomed to an ordinary family for over twenty years, it was momentarily hard to digest.He pondered, "Is heaven fair? I gained wealth..."[Note: The translation focuses on enhancing the elegance and literary quality of the text while preserving the original meaning.]In the realm of fate, worries can also be shed!"The host's background check has been successfully optimized.""The Life Optimization System is now activated.""The system is dedicated to assisting the host in continuously improving oneself, optimizing the path of life until perfection is achieved!"...At this moment, a cold, emotionless mechanical voice suddenly echoed in Zhou Xing's mind, interrupting his thoughts.He raised his head, and a faint blue light screen appeared before him.【Host: Zhou Xing】【Age: 18】【Height: 185 cm】【Appearance: 83】【Constitution: 80】【Endurance: 99】【Skills: Basic Driving Skills】...Zhou Xing furrowed his brows, and all his doubts dissipated, suddenly enlightened. ω.χIùmЬ.CǒMIt turned out... all of this was orchestrated by the system.The system was the mastermind.Zhou Xing gazed at the attribute panel, nodding slightly.The data was straightforward and easy to comprehend. It appeared to be on a percentage scale, and currently, his attributes were quite impressive, with each one significantly surpassing the passing line.It was the 'Endurance' that puzzled Zhou Xing.After pondering for a moment, his expression changed, suddenly realizing that he had never had a girlfriend before turning eighteen.With no weapon in use, what wear and tear could there be?Zhou Xing's gaze became somewhat complex.In his previous life during university, he had a few girlfriends, but none lasted.With an ordinary family background, even with outstanding looks, he was helpless. The disparities among people were not so apparent in Jiangcheng.It wasn't until he entered university, meeting students from all corners of the country, that he saw the social discrepancies.For the first time, he understood how vast the gap between individuals could be.Like a chasm!Especially in art schools like the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Countless handsome men and beautiful women, with wealthy second generations emerging endlessly.For Zhou Xing, a year's tuition might not even cover their expenses for a night out at the club.Feelings of inferiority burgeoned and grew uncontrollably.Leading to four years of university where he was on the periphery, inconspicuous.After graduating, Zhou Xing just wanted to make money.However, after squandering a few years, he gained nothing.Approaching thirty, no longer youthful, he, who had long been numb inside, reluctantly found a girlfriend.This was when the weapon was unsheathed, an opportunity for level-up and monster-slaying.Yet, the harsh reality of society dealt him a heavy blow.Faced with exorbitant betrothal gifts, houses, cars...These things completely overwhelmed him.

Zhou Xing clung to the last vestige of dignity.Reluctantly, Zhou Xing had to accept that he was just an ordinary person with even the basics of livelihood at stake.While some people seemed to be born in Rome, he, standing at the peak, looked down on them like ants.Shaking his head, Zhou Xing chuckled with a hint of self-derision.He never expected that one day he would become one of them.Rebirth to the summit!Without a goal to strive for, people would eventually become the very image they despised.He wondered how those who once looked down on him would react when they encountered him again."It should be interesting, right?"Zhou Xing lightly laughed, dispersing those less-than-pleasant memories and attempted to communicate with the system.In his view, his current life was already perfect enough.How could it be further optimized?"System?"He called several times, but his voice seemed to sink into an abyss, receiving no response.Just as he was about to give up, the voice in his mind resounded once again."The novice reward has been loaded and is currently being sent.""Reward sent.""Host, please treat the novice reward with caution. The system will judge your behavior based on your actions.""In three months, the system will automatically upgrade to provide the most suitable life for the host."...The voice fell silent again."Novice reward?"Zhou Xing's eyes brightened with anticipation.He was well aware of the system's capabilities, not only orchestrating his rebirth but also making him the ultimate rich second generation.Certainly, the novice reward would be extraordinary.Zhou Xing patiently waited.After a while, impatience got the better of him.What's going on?Where is the novice reward?He didn't feel his body strengthened to the point where a simple slide could defeat a large golden-level creature, becoming a superhuman surpassing human limits.His brain wasn't developed to the extreme, possessing skills like photographic memory.Zhou Xing was dumbfounded.Could there be some error in the system, causing it to crash midway, swallowing his novice reward?Zhou Xing grew anxious.The phone in his pocket buzzed.He instinctively took it out and glanced at the message.It was a text.【Your account 2963 received a deposit of 3,472,500,00 HXC on August 3rd at 06:59. {China Merchants Bank}】Thirty-four billion seven hundred twenty-five million.According to the exchange rate.Exactly five hundred million US dollars!

Chapter 2

Zhang Lanfang casually pushed the well-prepared breakfast made by the auntie towards He picked up the chopsticks, grabbed the entire fried egg, and swallowed it in one bite.Then he picked up the milk beside him and took a big gulp."Slow down, no one's competing with you!"Seeing this, Zhang Lanfang complained, "You're already an adult; you shouldn't be so impatient. It's not proper to act like this when going out!""Hehe."Zhou Xing just smiled and said nothing.When young, one might feel impatient with their parents' nagging.As age increases, the preciousness of it all becomes more apparent.Zhang Lanfang was helpless with Zhou Xing's thick-skinned attitude and could only put down her chopsticks, saying, "You guy, are you planning to spend the whole summer at home?""I don't know whose temperament you take afte


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