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Unloved wife of the CEO

Unloved wife of the CEO

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Tears slowly started to flow on my face as I witness how my boyfriend kisses another woman .................and that woman was no other than his ex girlfriend I saw with my eyes how Jared kissed Kandice who was on his lap ...............well now its true that loving someone who already loves someone really hurts, first love really never dies he will leave me but maybe he just did that to forget someone he can;t forget and thats his first love .....He is Jared Keith Cordova my boyfriend During the time I was watching them, my tears kept falling so I sobbed so hard that they stopped what they were doing....they looked at me with surprise. From Jared's hug to Kandice, he gently pushed her "Celine" Jared only said, his face became serious from surprise. He came to me and looked at me with no emotion but I still smiled and held back tears. I handed him a box of cake "for you ..uhmm I baked it" I said while stuttering and still planted a sweet smile .......he reached for it today was supposed to be our 3rd anniversary so I went to his condo but it seems like my timing was wrong. Actually, I didn't just go there for the anniversary but also to say that ................................. ................IM pregnant after giving him the cake I looked at his Gray eyes and took his other hand, I held it and caressed it then smiled bitterly at him while a drop of tears fell "From the beginning, Jared, I knew this day would come... that's when I knew someone else owned you" I began and turned to Kandice from behind who was bowing ..........I returned the look at Jared "I know you still love her from the very start yet Im this dumb to still love you even though you still love her ..................but still I didn't regret loving and knowing you Jared, you became important to me, you played a very important role in my life" my voice started to crack but I still tried to smile " in those 3 years I'm with you, you made me happy. Thank you for the beautiful things you did and the memories you gave me. Maybe the three years I borrowed from him are enough, I'm very thankfull for all the accompanies and happy memories, now it's time to go back to the one you love because he's there sha" my treacherous tears kept falling but I still smiled he just looked at me with no emotion I held both of his cheeks and caressed them gently while staring at him "but before I leave can I have my Goodbye Kiss" I begged but he just looked at me and didn't answer without hesitation I leaned forward and gave him a kiss, at the same time our lips touched I saw him close his eyes so I also closed his eyes and kissed him with all my love in the last seconds of our kiss, a drop of tears fell, I pulled away from him and smiled " happy 3rd anniversary My LOve " I smiled bitterly before continuing " and it all ends here, let's break up " i said in between my sobs I looked at his face with no discernible emotion then turned to Kandice "Kandice" I called so she looked up and looked at me "take care of him huh.. love him more than my love and don't leave him again" I said, and smiled before turning my gaze to the person in front of me 'even if it hurts, I'd rather you be happy with him than be locked in a relationship you don't want' I said in my mind while looking at Jared "I love you so much Jared ..........until the end, goodbye" I composed my self to smile and started to walk away every step I take is the forced flow of tears, it's just the pain of loving. When I got out I ran, after arriving at the parking lot I got into my car and cried there the only pain is that even for a few moments when I last kissed him, he didn't even say anything or even stopped me while leaving I cried and cried but I realized that I should be strong for my baby.......I caressed my slightly bulging belly and smiled sweetly even though Jared left me, at the same time, this angel arrived for me, my child I'm 3 months pregnant but I only found out 2 weeks ago, I didn't tell Jared because he was busy these past few days ...................busy with his ex girlfriend I'm very lucky with this child because it's all I have, I didn't tell him because I didn't want him to say that I only dragged him so he wouldn't leave me "baby I'm sorry if I can't give you a complete family....but your mommy promised that even if you don't have a daddy, mommy will love and take care of you" I cried again and was happy maybe it's better for me to get away from here first and go to Paris and continue my studies there....I'm a student of Architecture strand and graduating at the age of 22, Jared is also graduating from the Business Administration course he is the heir of all, he's an important heir of Cordovas, they are the families of Billionaires all over the country. he will inherit all Family companies of the clan and will be the next CEO of the Cordova GOC (group of companies) Jared IS the Cordovas 5th Legacy, and now I'm bearing his Legacy, the 6th LEGacy Im carrying his child I'm carrying the Billionaires Legacy.

Chapter 1

My parents and I have already talked about my decision to go to Paris... I know it's a shame because I will graduate in just 3 months but they said that they will talk to the Dean of Cordova Academy, which is the one that sent me in, which will be online and home class what will be done is through zoom or webinarJared owns the school I attend ...... my flight to Paris is two hours away so now I start packingI sat down when I finished and stroked my stomach with a slight bulge and smiled .... if he ever finds out that we have a child, I don't know if he will be happy, I hope that when I leave he will be happy with KandiceIt's selfish in the eyes of others that I didn't let them know that we have a child but they won't blame me, I'd rather see him happy even if I'm hurt because I love him so much to the point that I'll do everything to make him happyI came back to my trance when the door to my room opened and mommy entered"come downstairs let's eat our dinner" she said and smiledI am very grateful that even though I disobeyed them, they still accepted me and the lucky I am"Im so proud of you daughter, you choose to do a perfect choice you chose to be hurt" she smiled sadly as we went down the stairs"you're so strong sweetie, you're the strongest mother I've ever seen............just when I was carrying you but now you're big and you're going to be a mommy" proud she .said and smiled"youre also a good mother mom, thank you for accepting us" im referring to my baby and I"come on lets eat so you can rest my grandchild" daddy said as we reached the dining area so we ate while chattingI can't imagine myself without them, they've always been there to support me even if I disobeyed themWe already told my brother who is in Paris that I will be there the second day, brother Andrei also knows about my pregnancy, at first he was angry but eventually he acceptedjust a few more days and I'm leaving, if I could come back here with my child I hope I'll be ready for anything that happens

Celine's POV

I didn't realize that I had been here in the parking lot for four hours so I decided to go home

I quietly entered the house and mom and dad caught up there who were restless

"ma, dad" when I grabbed her attention so mom ran the distance between us and hugged me tightly

"oh my god Sweetie thank god you are safe" mom said in relief then released the hug and looked at me

"where have you been Yanna, were calling you several times but you didn't answer" replied daddy and there was concern in his voice

I just bowed down, I don't know what to say, especially since they don't know about Jared and I's relationship......My tears started falling again every time I remembered what happened earlier

"what's wrong sweetie, why are you crying?" Mommy asked again and caressed my cheek which made me cry so she hugged me and tried to comfort me

Dad led us to the sofa to sit, when I woke up from crying, dad gave me water

"Yanna we don't know what's bothering you but please take a rest first, we'll talk about it tomorrow" dad said gently so they took me to my room

I don't know what I should do anymore, mommy and daddy don't know that I'm pregnant and most of all I don't have a father to present to them if I confront them tomorrow and also tell them that I will continue my studies in Paris I

this is one of my saddest days, I hope when I wake up tomorrow the pains will go away and forget what happened earlier but I know it's impossible

I was slowly getting sleepy so I closed my eyes .............and everything went black..................


I woke up because my stomach suddenly turned upside down so I went straight to the ComfortRoom because I felt nauseous, almost as if I was going to throw up everything so when I finished I vomited and looked in the mirror, I was also crying because of the pain in my throat

'baby don't make mommy suffer, just behave there' I said in my mind and cupped my stomach and smiled

I took a breath then showered and changed........I wore a sleeveless blue dress and put a blue ribbon on my hair then went downstairs

I caught up with my parents who were already having breakfast so I came to join them... This is it Im litterally nervous, I don't know what to say to them, I took a deep breath when I finished eating and then looked at him for a while they me

"mom, dad" I called while nervous then took the three pregnancy tests from my dress pocket then placed them on the table

they looked at it, mommy just started crying while dad was staring at the pregnancy test

" who?? " he only asked and turned to look at me

My tears just flowed, I disobeyed them, they always insisted that I should get married before having children but here I am now...I have disobeyed them

"I'm sorry mom dad if I didn't keep my promise to you, IM so sorry dad" I said crying, mommy approached me and hugged me........I saw dad with tears in his eyes as he stared at nothingness, MOmmy let go of me but she just kept crying. Daddy came to me and I thought he was going to slap me but he knelt down in front of me and held my hand and hugged me.

"shhh,,,shhh, Daddy is not mad at you Yanna, Im just disappointed" he said, it was like a thorn was pulled out of my heart after he said that

"didn't daddy tell you that you should be careful tell me whose the father" he asked again and wiped my tears with his thumb. I don't know what to answer but maybe time to tell the truth

"m-my ex boy-yfriend" I stammered, dad just clenched his fist and stared at me again

"where is he, he should be responsible for impregnating you" he said angrily making me nervous and my crying got louder

"dad we broke up .... he is happy with someone else so please dad lets not bother him anymore. I just want to point out that I don't want to end up in a forced relationship" I explained while still crying

"no Yanna he has to, what about the child he grows up and has no father to recognize" my dad worriedly said

"Dad, I know it's hard to raise a child without a father, but please dad, even if my child's family is complete, it's a strained and unhappy family," I explained, it's true even though he's there, it can't be denied that we're only together because of child

"dad I can raise this child without him, I don't want to ruin the relationship just because of the child...lets let him be happy" i said as i heard my mother HUgged me so dad sighed

"hush now sweetie, you can be with baby when you cry" mommy let me go

A lot has happened since yesterday until today, but I hope that when the time comes I will learn to forget, maybe I will turn all my time and love to my child and I hope that when this little angel comes out, it will be safe and healthy

'behave there baby, I'll be with you for just 6 months so don't make mommy suffer'

Chapter 2

Yanna's POV

another day greeted me again, I woke up feeling is the day of my flight with mommy because she will come with me and yesterday my parents and I had a check-up, they did My last day here in the Philippines was fun, we bonded and went for a walk so I forgot everything for a while

as time passes were currently here at the airport, daddy wants to accompany me but he cant because he has some appointments later, they just took me with my two best friends, Samantha and Patricia

"I'll miss you, Bessy," Patricia said with a snort and hugged me

"we'll visit when the graduation is over," Sam said and hugged me, dad came to me and kissed me on the forehead

"take care my daughter" she told me and gave me a tight hug

"come on sweetie" when mommy asked me......we bid our last goodbyes with my friends and to my father

we started to step at the same time as the speaker


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