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Unexpected Marriage with Duke Hayes

Unexpected Marriage with Duke Hayes

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Elaine Cai's life is calm and pleasant when everything changes in one night. She had a one-night stand with her sister's soon-to-be husband Duke Hayes, who is well-known for his attractiveness and the wealth of his family. The next day, she was informed that she had been Duke Hayes' wife all along, and was bound to get married the next day. Can Elaine avoid this sudden marriage with Duke, or must she accept the marriage and wait to see what happens? Will she have the joyful ending that other couples have, or will she have a tragic finale with a complicated romance?



Elaine's POV

'Damn it, Why of all people it's him you had slept! Your sister Davina is engaged to him!'

I look at Duke Hayes who is sleeping peacefully on my side and was totally naked in front of me which let me see his sex muscular body. This is the body I touched yesterday?!

'Fuck! Maybe I should get out of there and quit swooning on his body before he wakes up!'

I quietly get out of bed without making a sound, grab my clothing, and go into the bathroom to change back into my clothes. When I eventually changed back, Duke Hayes was still sleeping, which is really a good thing. I exited the room as quickly as I could.

I really hope he doesn't recall what transpired last night and, more importantly, that he doesn't remember me at all, please God!!


"Ela, you're home! Where have you been?" my mother said as she spotted me entering through the door.

I instantly look at her, trying not to show her my panicked emotion in my eyes.

I smiled at her and explained, "Good morning mum, I just slept over at my friend Kate's house."

Mom's eyebrows raised in speculation: "Are you sure about that Ela? Because I heard through your sister Davina that you were out with her in the bar last night and you were spotted leaving with a man."

Davina spotted Duke and me leaving the bar yesterday?! I'm completely screwed.

"Mo...m let me expl-"

"Mom, you don't tease Ela that much, and she's an adult, you know? Ela knows what she's doing, and I warned you it might not be Ela I saw last night," Davina abruptly interrupted and appeared in front of us with a large smile on her face.

"See mum, after I went to the bar with Davina, I went to Kate's place to sleep in there since I was so wasted. "

Mom looked at both me and Davina, dubious, to ensure we were telling her the truth "Okay, just make sure nothing has occurred, but if something has happened, you should let me know so I can meet that man."

"OK, mum, but nothing has occurred, so relax!" I answered nervously, emphasizing the word nothing.

"Good, better not for your virginity is for your future spouse and don't be like your mom and dad met in a nightclub which leads to one night stand and marriage," she advised in a serious tone, citing their own experience with Dad.

"Of course, mum! I won't be like that," I defended as I became more worried.

"It's remarkable you grasp my argument; nonetheless, you should take a bath because you stink," mum replied.

After that, she walked away from me and went downstairs; gosh, now I'm feeling even more awful for lying to my mother about what truly occurred last night. But I don't have a choice; I don't want my parents to be disappointed in what I've done.

I heard Davina chuckle at me, reminding me that she was still standing right in front of me. "Ela, you should see your fear expressions when mum questions you about what occurred last night," she teases me while restraining her laugh.

I glare at her, annoyed, "whatever Dav, it's your own fault that you asked me to the bar last night!" I yelled.

What occurred last night would not have happened if I had not gone there, but now since I can't change anything, I simply hope everything is forgotten and things return to normal tomorrow.

Davina gasps in astonishment as she understands what I said "so something did happen with-" she looks around to check if anybody is present and quietly whispers "Duke Hayes my ex-fiance?"

What the hell does that mean? How did she... right Davina spotted us leaving the bar together last night. What did she just say?!

"What do you mean by ex-fiance?" I questioned, confused.

"You didn't know? Last night Duke Hayes phoned father in a drunken condition and said he was canceling our marriage because he just fucked someone at the bar," Davina revealed.


After hearing what Davina had said to me, my entire body suddenly lost strength. But I hold onto the wall to support myself from falling in the floor.

What the earth was he thinking when he said it to our father?! Worse, it's all my fault; if I hadn't slept with Duke Hayes the night before, everything would have been different.

"Oh my goodness Ela, you could have seen how your face went whiter when you heard that, your expression was so epic and if I had my camera right now, I would have snapped a photo and framed it in my room," Davina said, laughing even louder at my reaction.

"Davina Cai!" I yelled angrily at her. "It's not amusing!"

"Sorry, sis, it's just enjoyable gazing at your diverse emotions," she explained.

I smack her shoulder hard in rage because I couldn't stand it any longer. "Fuck you Davina!" I scream at her.

"That hurts Ela!" Davina exclaimed, rubbing the shoulder I had just struck.

"You deserve it for making fun of me!" I said.

Davina simply clicked her tongue at me in displeasure. "Anyway, I was telling the truth in part when my engagement with Duke Hayes was canceled," Davina remarked.

"Whatever, I'm not going to be tricked by the things you're speaking to me," I answered, no longer believing her.

"Even if I claim you've been Duke Hayes' fiance since the beginning?" Davina said.

"Yes I won't believe any lies you are sayi- wait what did you say?!" I asked in surprised voice when I realized what Davina had said.

Davina simply grinned at my reaction. "Where is the 'I won't trust any lies you're telling' something?" she teased.

"Shut up and just say it again!" I said angrily at her as I stared at her with murderous eyes.

"Which part when my engagement with Duke Hayes is cancelled?" Davina teased again, seeming to be perplexed by my question.

"One more warning, Davina Cai, and you're dead to me!" I told her again.

She smirked and arched her eyebrows at me, "are you sure you can murder me darling sister? Your lovely and innocent sister?" she teased.

Now it's my time to smirk at her, "what if I can murder you even if you're my sister?" I said solemnly.

"Elaine, that's not a nice joke," Davina said, terrified.

"Then tell me, Davina, if you don't want to die right now," I said.

Before responding again, Davina took a deep breath and looked at me solemnly.

"Dear sis, you have been Duke Hayes' fiance Elaine since the beginning, I don't know the complete truth but ask mum or dad about it," Davina replied.




Elaine's POV

I walk into Father's office without knocking and without caring if he is talking to someone inside.

"Father, I have a question-" I didn't continue my statement because I noticed Father was discussing with Duke Hayes, who was gazing at my eyes suspiciously with his piercing midnight eyes.

What exactly is he doing here?! I'm not prepared to confront this man.

With my expression, I attempted to calm my racing heart and appear normal. I just hope he doesn't remember me from last night.

And why is he staring at me like that? It makes me nervous because those eyes are judging whether or not I did something wrong. I simply ignore his stare and turn my gaze to my father.

"Elaine, my darling daughter, you have returned home, and your timing is perfect since I was just talking about your wedding preparations for tomorrow," Father said, smiling.




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