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Trapped by My Ex's Love Curse

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"Bray, I'm pregnant! You have to take responsibility!" "Me? Don't you have a boyfriend and a one-night stand schedule every night? Besides, you are convinced we didn't do anything that night." "I've only slept with you my whole life, *ssh*l*! No one else." *** Five years after dumping her boyfriend, Bryan Sanders, neither Shienna Miller nor Bryan expected that fate would work so miraculously. They both were brought together in different situations and conditions. The once poor man Bryan Sanders, whom she called fat, appeared with a different look: super-rich. One more thing that Shienna couldn't resist was his appearance had changed to be handsome, dashing, and totally HOT! However, they met each other with one thing in common: both were heartbroken and messed up after a few alcoholic drinks, waking up in the same bed, and sharing a blanket after enjoying a steamy night together.

Chapter 1

"You see, Shienna! You'll never be happy in your life! You'll always fail at romance; no man will ever want you! You'll never find a soul mate—except for me!" said a man to his girlfriend who had unilaterally dumped him. The reason? Because the man was just a burger seller, his girlfriend openly said that the man was no longer attractive because of his fat body. The woman did not respond to the man's words but continued to walk away, hands-free in both ears and got into her private car and sped off from the campus. *** Five years later... "Happy birth—Dave? What the f*ck are you doing!?" screeched a girl who intended to surprise her lover for his birthday. However, what happened was that the girl was the one who got a surprise that shocked and even broke her heart. "Shienna? What are you doing here?" "What is she doing here, Dave? Are you guys—" Shienna was unable to continue her sentence. Her eyes were staring at the man in front of her, who was naked and confused about covering his body. Neither did the woman, and Shienna didn't want to ask further about what and who the woman was enjoying the intimate moment the man was supposed to be having with her. The girl looked at the man and woman before her, then grinned. "So this is how you behave when you're not with me, Dave?" "Honey, you misunderstood. Listen to me first—" Shienna shook her head and stopped the man. Her tears were already welling up in her eyes. "You have a heart, Dave. What did I do wrong to make you do this?" David, the man, looked frustrated to be asked questions as if he was a criminal caught in the act. What's wrong with releasing a basic instinct that every human being has? He only made love to a woman to release hormones that needed to be regenerated. What the f*ck is wrong? It was wrong! Because David did it with another woman. Which meant he had betrayed Shienna, his fiancée. "No. You're innocent, Shie. You're too kind. You're an angel who is reluctant to give me that pleasure." "Who says I won't? You have to be patient for a while, Dave! Today is your birthday, and I'm planning to surprise you." The girl shook her head in disbelief. There was a disappointed look on her face. "From now on, we have nothing to do. We're done. Happy birthday." Shienna threw the cake she had brought right into David's face and then turned to leave the man's apartment with an upset heart. Back at her house, she called her best friend to come over and spend the rest of the day listening to her complain. "Oh, I'm so sorry for what you've been through, honey. There are so many fish in the sea—not just David. I can introduce you to other men. Or maybe you want to consider my twin brother? You know, he liked you for a long time," a girl comforted Shienna, tired of cries for the past two days. "Big NO! Your twin brother is just as perverted as Dave. I don't want to get my heart broken again." Shienna wiped her snotty nose, her eyes and face getting puffy. "I want to run away from this..." "Huh? Where are you going to go? What about your concert preparation? What should I say to the committee and press, Shie." Shienna shrugged, not understanding what she should do with her broken heart. "I had no idea. You're my manager. If they call you, say I'm in a quiet period. Please book a ticket for me. I don't care where it is. Or to the most deserted island in the world. I want to disappear!" And Shienna's best friend complied with her request. Within a day, Shienna was on the loneliest island in the world that would only be visited by tourists who wanted some quiet. Shienna looked around the room she had booked. A cottage meant for a family was now occupied by herself. She sighed loudly and tried to contain her annoyance that her friend had booked the wrong place for her to stay. "Why are you calling me? Haven't you missed me for one night yet, hm?" her best friend teased as a disgruntled Shienna called. "Seriously, are you making fun of me? Why did you book a place this big? I came alone, and seeing a room where I can play soccer makes me feel even more lonely," Shienna grumbled over the phone. Her friend, who was listening to her rant, just chuckled. "Maybe you want to vent your frustration over your cheating ex-boyfriend," she laughed. "Anyway, it's a good thing you got a big room; you'll have more freedom, and your mind and heart will slowly improve. Calm down, Shie... everything will be fine. I made sure no paparazzi followed you there. You'll be fine. Enjoy your vacation and forget about that pervert man, okay?" When her friend had ended the conversation with her, Shienna felt lonely again. She wandered around all the rooms in the cottage, trying to enjoy her vacation even though she certainly couldn't. The shadows of David lurking around the house were so strong. Images of David cheating on her kept flashing through her mind. Her body sagged on the floor, crying bitterly and lamenting the fate of her love that had run aground once again. After so many times in love with several men who only lasted one year, this time, she and David managed to have a long relationship. Three years is not a short time. They were even engaged and planning to get married soon. However, David's habit of changing partners has not disappeared despite being committed to a girl as beautiful as Shienna. Indeed, Shienna never gave David what he wanted. During their relationship, even after getting engaged, she still didn't allow David to touch her. And it seems the man can't wait to keep waiting. "I've prepared a surprise for you, Dave. Why? Why won't you be patient?" she moaned, monologuing. Shienna cried for David, the man who had hurt her feelings. She cried until she was exhausted and fell asleep, not hearing the knock on the room door she had rented. Such incidents kept repeating until, for two days, Shienna locked herself in the room. She was reluctant to come out, not only because her face and eyes were puffy but also because she was still heartbroken and didn't want to see anyone. However, today, she had dressed up and intended to enjoy the scenery or go for a walk. She would shop to stock up on food while she was at the hotel. Perhaps a bottle of wine wouldn't hurt, either. Shienna went shopping alone, enjoying the solitude that would be her companion for the next few days. To hell with the fans, the organizers, or the impending concert deadline. She would not get it done, even if she didn't go anywhere. A broken heart left her brain deadlocked and reluctant to think. The girl arrived at the hotel after buying everything she wanted and then began to sink into the room with wine in hand. "You *ssh*l*, David!" Shienna swear. "No, no, no! It's not f*ck*ng David; it's my life." Once again, the girl wailed. "This is since that b*st*rd Bryan swore at me. I don't believe that it's my fault that I'm no longer attracted to him. He turned fat and unattractive, and I left him. Was it my fault? Even during his relationship with me, that son of a b*tch never mentioned that he was just a burger seller. It certainly doesn't go well with me being the daughter of a respectable family." She recalled the past, which she considered the beginning of her bad love story. Shienna babbled to herself as she sipped the drink in her hand. Her eyes began to feel stale, and she could not stay awake. The half-drunk Shienna forced her body to get up and lie down on the bed without caring whether she had locked the door or not. And one more thing, Shienna did not realize that she was not alone on the bed but with a man who was in a similar condition to her. Shienna turned around, finding a beautiful face in front of her who was now looking at her with a loving gaze. "You are gorgeous today. I love you so much. Please, don't leave me again," the man said. "Dave? I knew you wouldn't betray me. You will come back for me. I love you, Dave. You can do anything; I'm yours now." Shienna removed her clothes one by one and pulled the man over her. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Shienna nodded. "Just take it slow. I'm still a virgin." she chuckled. The man looked at the pair of eyeballs framed by the girl's delicate eyelashes that were resigned to her imprisonment. He then came closer and kissed Shienna's luscious lips. "Oh ... your lips are so sweet, baby." The man praised in his moan. "D*mn! You're so intoxicating, like an opiate. You're mine forever." The thing that Shienna had never imagined at the time finally came. The man on top of her came into action, moving rhythmically and taking what the girl had to offer without exception. At the end of their play, they both reach their peak and are released together, without coercion but out of willingness. "I love you, baby." "I love you, Dave. Happy birthday, baby."

Chapter 2

"Dave, I love you..." Shienna babbled and slowly opened her eyes, turning her head briefly to find a man still sleeping beside her. Her eyes traveled down from the man's head to his bottom; he was not wearing any clothes and was only covered by a waist-length blanket. Shienna widened her eyes and checked herself. "Oh my! Why didn't I wear—" Shienna's sentence was cut short when she heard the man beside her moan. "Selena, I love—" The man turned, and his face was now facing Shienna, whose eyeballs were almost stroking. "Bryan?!" she screeched, waking the man who was just as shocked as she was. "Shienna? What are you doing here?!" "Shouldn't I be asking you? What are you—no way!" Shienna covered her mouth with both hands. The two simultaneously looked at their respective bodies. Shienna pulled up the blanket to cover her bare chest and body while the man did the same. One blanket was a struggle between Shienna and the man she had probably spent a hot night with. "Take it off! It's my


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