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Touch Me Dear Husband

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Gavin Hugh is the son of George Hugh and Samantha Hugh. He practically runs his father's company and aims at becoming the CEO of the company soon. In order to achieve his goal he had to marry Arianna Owen, a model and influencer and daughter to his dad's best friend, whom his dad had arranged his marriage with. Gavin dislikes her as he thinks she married him for his wealth and shares no intimacy with her. When Arianna after 5 years couldn't handle the loneliness she feels,decided to pilot her marriage in her own which includes seducing her husband to touch her.

Chapter 1


It’s morning and the beautiful sun rays graced the large and luxurious room of Gavin Hugh. Gavin sat up and stretched out. He got out of his bed and left for the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and had his bath. He returned his room and on towels and approached the mirror and admired his handsome self. He’s tall with a perfect height of 185cm, broad shoulders and perfectly laid abs and biceps and triceps. He smiled and winked . He grabbed his vest from the wardrobe and wore it. His outfit was laying on the bed. His mum had chosen his outfit for the day. He quickly changed into it and left his room. He has an important presentation. If he succeeds… he's likely to land a huge contract for the company.

Gavin Hugh is the handsome and disciplined and smart son of George and Samantha Hugh and elder brother of Nora Hugh. Gavin is one of the city eligible bachelor. He’s the ambitious type and always ready to take on tasks that will take him to greater heights even if it means sacrificing his wish to fulfill that of his dad.

Gavin descended the stairs with his left hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone. He went through his phone for some news updates. He joined his dad at the dining room. He quickly grabbed a chair and had his sit.

“Good morning dad, good morning mum”

“Son…how are you? I heard you have an important presentation today”

“Yes dad. I’m so excited”

“Son….if you succeed… I’ll think about your request and also something better”

“What is it dad?

“A surprise. Just do very well in your presentation”

“I will dad. I will. Mum send in my lunch later. I’ll be heading out”

“Good luck son” said Mrs Samantha

“Thanks mum”

Gavin left for the office. His presentation was a huge success and he landed a huge contract for the company. He went home after working hours. His mum prepared a small surprise party for him. He arrived at his house and gave his bag to the maid and went in. Quite strange, everywhere was dark.

“Why is everywhere dark? He asked

“Surprise! Samantha shouted after putting on the lights

“Mum, dad…and you Nora.. what’s this?

“Congratulations. You succeeded to land a huge contract for our company” said sir George, Gavin’s dad

“Thanks dad. You’re my inspiration”

“You’re welcomed son”

“And me? Am I not your inspiration son? Asked his mum

“Of course you are. I’m your number one fan mum”

“Come here. Give me a hug. Now blow off the candles and make a wish”

“Really? Sure I’ll do that”

“I wish you good stuffs bro” said Nora

“Thanks Nora”

“Since it’s weekend, can we do something fun? Nora asked

“Like what? Gavin asked Nora

“Anything…party…club…you know?


“Yes dad”

“I’m proud of you. That’s why I’ve decided to make you the CEO of the company. The board accepted…but…”

“Really? Thanks dad. Why the but?

“You have to do something for me”

“Okay that’s okay”

“It’s a condition”

“Condition? What’s the condition?

“You’ll get to know about it tomorrow”

“Tomorrow? Why not now? Is there any special stuff about tomorrow?

“No…or maybe”

“What is it dad?

“Have your dinner and rest up”

“Okay. I’ll do that. I’ll go change and come down real quick”

“Okay…go ahead”

Gavin left for his room trying to figure out what condition his dad have possibly put up for him.

“Condition? Well…I’ve been working at the company, so I can do it. It’s no big deal. I’m the vice President so… I can do it”

“May I come in bro? Nora asked

“You’re already in. Why ask?

“Just wanna snuggle this little gift into your hands. I’m so proud of you big bro”

“Thanks for being proud of me. May I change now?

“Sure go ahead. I’ll just sit right here”


“Just kidding. Come down quick”

“I will. Go ahead and shut the door behind you “

Saturday morning, Gavin is fast asleep in his bedroom. Nora walked in and opened the window curtains letting in the sun rays which disturbed Gavin’s sleep. He quickly pulled up the duvet to cover up his face from the sun .

“Close the curtains. You know I only sleep in on Saturdays. I need more sleep “

“You can sleep in tomorrow”

“You’re nuts. Tomorrow is Sunday and I go to church. How can I sleep in. Close them. Hurry”

“No. Everyone is awake. It’s 7:30am already”

“7:30am? So early. I thought it was 10am already. It’s so early to wake up”

“7:30am is so early? Oh my world “

“Nora please… I need to sleep”

“Who’s bugging my baby? Samantha said approaching him with a cup of tea.

“Not now mum. I really need enough sleep. Please leave you two”

“A cup tea to start your day” Samantha said placing the tea on his table.

“I don’t need it …fine. I’ll go sleep in the guest room”

“No son. Sleep here. I’ll leave”

“Please take her along with you”

“I’ll be back” Nora said winking at him

“No don’t come back. Take all the time to do anything you wish to outside my room . Finally.. they’re gone. Time to sleep”


“Mum… please serve my breakfast please” Gavin said while he descended the stairs.

“Did you say mum should serve you breakfast? Nora asked

“Yes . Why? Am I not allowed to eat breakfast?

“Of course. You’re allowed to eat if there’s one

“What do you mean by that?

“You see…we thought you had left for the office, so we made breakfast just for the three of us. We excluded you. Sorry” Nora said

“Today is Saturday. I don’t go to the office on Saturdays. What rubbish are you saying? I’m really starving”

“I’m serious bro”

“Stop pulling his legs Nora. I’ll serve you breakfast son but…what if there’s no breakfast?


“Just kidding. Nora , come help me out”

“Yes mum. Right behind you. Hey bro. You should have seen your face when I said there’s no breakfast for you. You completely went blank. The shock on your face was funny. Man…I do really enjoy teasing you. I’ll go help mum out”

“Yeah, and I don’t like being teased “


Gavin walked into the living room to have some rest. He picked up a magazine when his dad walked in, all dressed up.

“Son…get ready, we’re going somewhere”

“Where dad?

“To meet the condition I’ve placed for you to become the CEO”

“For real? Dad… you’re still bent on giving me a condition?

“Son….guys your age barely think about becoming the CEO especially when their dad is alive. They only aspire to work hard and maintain a good position in their dad’s companies. You’re lucky. This is been given to you on a platter of diamond”

“Shouldn’t the last word be gold? Well…dad, I’ve really worked so hard in the company. When condition is attached to it , then how is it given to me on a platter of diamond?

“Son, go get ready and check if your mum and Nora are ready too”

“Sounds like family outing. I’ll do exactly just that”

Chapter 2

They arrived at Samantha’s club house and went to the VIP area. Gavin, for the first time in many years was nervous but he couldn’t figure out why he was so nervous. He took a deep breath and had his seat, while his eyes wandered around the area. His parents joined him too. His hands were together and took deep breaths. Nora turned and noticed how nervous he was.

“You look tensed bro. “

“Me? Not all. I’m fine”

“Are you sure? May I go get some drinks for you? Maybe water?

“Nora, I’ve already asked for drinks and snacks. Son, are you okay? Samantha asked Gavin

“Yes mum”

“Oh George, they just texted me. They’re here and will meet us soon”

“They ? Who are they mum? Gavin asked as he was really curious

“You’ll find out , okay? Samantha replied

Not long, Me Owen and Mrs Karen arrived at the VIP area. Mrs Samantha hugged them and offered them seats.

“Where is she? Samantha asked

“She’ll be here. She forgot her purse in the c


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