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The Selfish Billionaire

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Angel Mario Rossi is a Italian Billionaire he's the CEO of Rossi Co. He gets any girl he wants anytime anywhere but there's problem.. Isabella Jones doesn't believe in love after her high school sweetheart of 6 years cheats on her with her Cousin. Now you have Angel who is cold hearted, selfish and mean then there's lsabella who is heart broken, sweet and innocent. Would Isabelle love again or Will she run away from love? Could she change Angel into a better man? Now do you think if she was able to change his heart? Did he ever fall in love?

Chapter 1

Isabella's POV

"Isabella... Isabella. Wake up or you'll

be late!" My best friend Jenny yelled I

let out a frustrating moan as I forced

myself up and out of my comfortable

soft bed.

Have you ever had that feeling of

killing someone when they wake you

up and you're having the best dream

ever, well for me it's right now and I

already have a victim.

"Come on hurry up. Get dressed your

coffee is on the counter, now hurry"Jen

said running out of the room. I quickly

rushed and did my morning dues, I

wore my black pencil skirt, black heels,

champagne dressy shirt and my black

blazer. I let my dark brown curls fall

down lastly a bit of make-up.

Looking at my wall clock it was already

7:15, I cursed under my breath. I was

once again late to work surprisingly

it was my 5th time now being late for

work, running out the house I almost

forgot my coffee and without it I would

be very cranky and we didn't want that. Running to the garage outside my

pen house I heard honking turning

around I seen Jenny in her new black

2013 BMW M6 Convertible which

was way better then my jeep I got in

my senior year in collage from my


"Thanks for waiting up on me"

"I would have left you but I don't want

to be woken up with cold water again"

"I said I was sorry"

"Just remember karma's a bítch, now

I know to never get on your bad side"

She joked Me and Jenny had been Best

friends since middle school during high

school she was a cheerleader and I was

on the volleyball team. We both had

our differences for instance Jenny had

dirty blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and

a curvy slim body also a model height

of 5'6 and me with my brown hair,

hazel eyes and skinny yet curvy body,

height 5'3 other than that we both like

some things alike. Jenny and I have

been working for Rossi Oil Co. are boss

was a b*tch at time but he was fun to

be around even though he was around

his forties, but he look past his thirties sometimes I think he had a face lift or

something maybe he was just blessed

with it.

"I got dirt" Jenny said stopping at a red

light, when Jenny says 'Dirt' she really

means gossip time

"What is it this time?"

"Mr.Rossi retired"

"What? why?" I said but deep down

inside I was jumping for joy

"Well he said he want his second elder

Son to take over"

"Who's his son?"

"You don't know?" she asked as I shook

my head 'no'

"Well, it's said that he is a multi-time

billionaire from Italy" she continued

"So what?"

Chapter Two

"So what?, he's freaking hot even

though he's a playboy type. Here. Look

at his pictures" Jen said handing me

her phone, she was right he was kind of hot any girl would fall to his feet but

not me I already had someone special

in my life Ricky and I had been going

out since freshman year in high school,

we were homecoming king and queen

also cutest high school sweethearts.

"Are you even listening to me?!" Jenny

yelled parking her car in the building


"Would you be mad if I said no?" I


"Your a lucky b*tch"


"You used to be his father's personal

secretary dummy now your Angels

personal secretary"

"I never thought of that" I said as we

both got out the car closing it behind us

making are way to the 15th floor.

"See you during lunch break. Wait.

Meet me at the new Italian pizza

restaurant next door"

"Alright bye"

"Good luck" Jenny said before leaving

to her cubical, my office was next to

boss office it the half the size as the CEO

office. Today went by fast I finished

all my work yet I still haven't seen the

new CE0 of the company and our office

was right next to each other.lucky

me I guess, I pulled out my phone

almost forgetting about me and Ricky's

anniversary today I needed to tell Jen

to leave without me.

'Go home without me today, I want

to surprise Ricky with a gift for our

anniversary today'

'Alright be safe' Jenny texted back she

never liked Ricky, she'd always said

there was something about him she

didn't like. I don't know why Ricky is

perfect, he works for his own company.

"Hey babe, I'm coming over right after

work and I will bring you your favorite

sweets' I texted Ricky on my way

toward the elevator

'No thanks. I wont be home' he said but

I guess maybe I could still buy it and

drop it off with an adorable letter it

was only 4:12 which is weird he should

be home right now.

Walking to the elevator there was a

scent like no other I smelled before

it must have been expensive men's

cologne. I put my suitcase case on

the floor next to me in the elevator

when the most Greek gorgeous man

walked in it was his cologne that I

was smelling, "Up or down" he asked I

jumped a little at his surprise question.

"Huh. O-oh um.down please" I said

what was wrong with me? That's when

I took a good look at his face, the grey

eyes, the jet black hair...why does it feel

like I've seen him before?

'Because you were to busy eye raping

him' My mind said which was a 50/50%


"Excuse me" he was cut off by the the

elevator opening as I quickly ran out

towards the taxicab waiting.

"Sth Ave to Broadway" I told the cab

driver, I could have sworn I'd seen

that guy standing watching me drive

off with two briefcases but why does

he need two? when I looked again he

was gone. The driver dropped me off

in just twenty mins I had to stop at

the bakery to get Ricky's favorite red

velvet cupcake and chocolate chip cookies he had a huge thing for sweets.

I walked up to his house when I seen

his red convertible and someone else

car I knew it was a female by the way

inside the car was decorated „but with

hot pink which reminded me of my

cousin Susan car but it couldn't be

her's..could it? I quietly unlocked the

door and placed the bag of sweets on

the kitchen counter. Walking toward

the living room I could hear a female

voice from upstairs and a bang on the

wall, this could only mean one thing

but I hope it isn't what I think he's

doing, I tiptoed ninja style upstairs and

crawled on the floor towards his room

by the time I'd reached the door I stood

up with my back faced the wall, slowly

turning my head I seen whatI wished

and hoped for wouldn't happen to me

like it happened to my mother that one

day...Ricky was cheating on me with-

"Susan!" I yelled as they both snapped

there head toward me with fear in

their eyes.


"Come on sweetie let's surprise your

father in his office" My mom said

buckling my seat belt in the back seat "were goung to see daaay?"I SaLd

holding my Cinderella doll my dad gave

me for my birthday last week

"Yes baby girl we are"

The drive to my dad's job wasn't that

far from the house but we'd always stop

by a bakery to get me and my dad's

favorite vanilla cupcake with extra

sprinkles and whipped cream. Mom

nbuckled me and held my hand though

the lobby, we always greeted the lady

behind the desk but today she wasn't

here which confused my mom because

she never missed work ever, every time

we came to visit my dad at work. My

mother's hand gripped my little hand

tightly Iyelp in pain but she didn't

notice as she walked fast toward the

elevator to the 12th floor the CEO office.

There was weird sounds coming

from my dads office it sounded like a

woman's voice crying I looked up at my

mom she was furious some tears fell

down her face, she looked down at me

and gave me a weak smile.

"Sweetheart stay right here, I'm going to

talk with your father right quick" "But what about the cupcakes

"Well eat them together when we get

home" she said as more tears fell

down, My mother walked up to the

door both hands clenched up into fists.

She pushed the door open I heard a

Woman's screamn "Baby what are you

doing here?" my father said "What the

hell Jack?!" my mother yelled I heard

glass breaking on the floor "I can

explain" My father said that's when I

started to walk toward the office to see

a red head women like the one in the

lobby behind the desk with no clothes

on and my father with no pants or shrt

just boxers everyone's face snapped

toward me. "Hey baby cakes" My dad

said walking up to me but my mother

quickly grabbed me and picked me up.

My doll fell on the floor "My dolly" I

cried "It's fine Ill get you another one

Bella" she said walking out the door

then my father tried to grab her arm but

missed "Touch me and Ill call the cops

on you. We're leaving today to stay with

my mother in New York goodbye forever

jack-*ss" she said walking into the

elevator the last thing I seen before the

elevator door closed was my dads face Cryıng as he dropped to the jloor on ns

knees and his hands to his face.

*End of Flashback*

"Babe, I could explain" Ricky said

putting his hand up in surrender,

Susan sat there trying to cover her

naked body with Ricky's silky bed sheet

crying her eyes out.

"Why? With my Own cousin! You

scumbag!" I yelled throwing punched

as hard as I could.

"Well I'm a guy and we have needs. You

said you didn't want your loose your

virginity until marriage and I couldn't

wait that long we've been together

for nearly fifteen years and I couldn't

wait much longer, so your cousin came

over looking for and we just suddenly

connected and well-" he said until

my fist hit his face which hurts like a

b*tch but it made me feel better, thank

goodness my mother made me take

boxing while I was in middle school. I

glanced at his naked unconscious body

on the floor then at Sarah who was still

crying on the bed, I ran down stairs to

the kitchen grabbed a knife, gasoline

and a match. Walking outside I flatten all his tires poured all the gasoline on

his precious very expensive car, Ricky

ran outside with only pajama pants his

jet black hair fell on his face. I could

tell he was going to have a black eye by

the way he put the frozen steak to his

eye which he deserved he looked at me

then his very expensive brand new car

then back me.

I lit the lighter and his eyes grew wider

"Isabella please. Let's talk this out!"

"Im done with talking. Time to take

action" I said throwing the lighter at

his car, it was a beautiful. I quickly ran

down the block to the mini bar while

calling Jen.

"Hello" she said in a playful voice I

couldn't hold the tears anymore so I

started crying I really hated crying it

was exhausting and you're showing

your weakness.

"Oh my gosh Bella? what's wrong?" she

continued It only took three words.

"You were right"

"Where are you?" she asked

"The bar a few block by Ricky's house"

"I'm on my way" she said hanging up as

I waited for her arrival at the bar.

Isabella POV

"So, what did you do?" Jenny asked

rubbing my back as I lay on her lap on

our living couch

"I didn't mean to do it, I was just so

angry and hurt. I wasn't thinking

straight' I said sitting up on the couch

burying my face in my palms

"Wait, you didn't answer my question,

Bella. What the hell did you do?!"

"I popped all his tires then I lit his car

on fire, ok?!"

Jenny stood sat there with a blank

face expression slowly a big smile

came upon her face "I didn't know

you had it in you? I wish I was there

to see his face" Jenny said standing up

jumping and clapping for joy singing

Usher-Burn I just sat here busting out

with laughter oh how much I loved this


"Will you calm down pop star"

"You know what?" she said stopping

looking at me with huge smile on her,

I knew what was coming I shouldn't

have not acknowledged her.


"Why not?"

"Because it's already 6"

"But we never go out"

"Because we have no reason to


"You don't need reason to celebrate

to go to a club stupid but I guess we do.

It's your first day of being single, in like


"PLEASE!" Jenny begged me.



"NO" I repeated.

"Please!" she yelled I finally gave up after a five mins

"Fine...We'll go but only because I need

a few drinks"

"Yay. Let's get ready now before you

change your mind" Jenny said running

to her room,

I quickly got up and ran into my

bathroom for quick shower I smelled

like gasoline, getting ready I put on

my peach tight dress with short laced

sleeves and black heels. I let my hair

fall down with curly ends then applied

a tad of makeup not to look like a

clown finally looking at myself in the

mirror I noticed the promise ring that

Ricky gave me. So much memories now

gone to the trash I took off the ring and

threw it in the small bin trash can by

my mirror, No more crying no more

thinking of Ricky it's my time to have

freedom and to let loose' I told myself

walking out of the room seeing Jenny

on the phone then giving me a wink

I don't know why I had a really bad

feeling about tonight.

"Guess what" Jenny said hanging up

the phone, she was wearinga hot silky

red tight dress with one strap I have to admit she look hot in that dress she was

blessed with her mother's model legs

and height.

"What is it this time?" I asked.

"You remember my twin brother Nick"

she said as I nodded my head yes, If

you see them together they look exactly

alike except Nick was a guy.

"He wants to join us in your freedomn

and a couple of his friends"

"Ok. Wait. You told him?"

Chapter 2

her white

t-shirt, dark black tights and her high

top white converse with a red and

black plaid shirt wrapped around her

waist while Nick decided to also dress

with a normal white tight v-neck.

Chapter Three

blue ripped jeans and boots with his

favorite leather jacket."Uh. um."

"This is perfect. Now I could at least see

one of my sons walk down the aisle"

mother cheered walking towards my


"Slow down mother, we're taking

things slow right now" Drew stated,

Mothers phone rang me and Drew

both knew what that meant. Mother

answered her phone and gave us both

apologetic smile and a kiss on our

heads before running out the house to

another meeting today, yet she thing I

work to much.

"So what do you want to do?" Drew

asked sitting on the couch.

"Well I'm headed to the market to get


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