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The return of The Heir

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Nick Gagne, a man who was born into a rich family but had become poor because his grandmother tested him. After being told that he was a wealthy man, Nick's life changed 180 degrees. He became rich and powerful in a short time, but not long after that his life was sabotaged by Michael, a man who hates him also at the behest of Nate who is Nick's uncle. Nick often gets hit and he uses different paths to win. Can Nick save himself and defend his wealthy from his uncle's evil? Or will Nick lose it all because of his uncle?

Chapter 1

"Do you know, guys? Nick is going to be called in by the boss because he made a mistake."

"That fool will never be able to earn a dime if he keeps working like trash. The boss will definitely lay him off any minute now."

"If I were him, I'd rather resign than get fired. He'd get a humiliating dismissal notice."

"I didn't know there were humans like him, completely useless. Poor, stupid, and unattractive. Is he going to get married? I think he'll be single until he dies."

It was customary for people in the Juan Company office to insult an office worker named Nick Gerone. He was a diligent worker, but unfortunately, often made mistakes due to sabotage from people who bullied him. Nick was very poor, living in poverty with only his sickly grandmother. Nick was forced to work hard, he almost got fired from his school, fortunately he was still able to finish his schooling despite the hardships.

Nick passed through the crowd of people who insulted him, and he could only look down. Once he fights back, Nick will be even more oppressed.


Yes, that's how Nick felt. Nick could only accept. He gave up, but kept fighting in case one day he would get help to live a better life.

After work at 6pm, Nick went to work again at a cafe in the city center as a waiter and cleaner. Nick was like that every day, even on holidays like Saturday and Sunday, Nick continued to work and even took shifts until late at night and early in the morning.

"Today you are late again, when are you going to work like a snail?"

Nick, who had just arrived at the cafe, was hit on the head with a cloth by the owner. The owner was very grumpy and fussy, he was also stingy, and often deducted Nick's salary for unreasonable reasons.

"Sorry, boss. I got stuck in traffic earlier," Nick reasoned. Although he lied, if his boss knew that Nick worked elsewhere, Nick would definitely be even more intimidated.

"What kind of excuse is that?! You don't have a car! In fact, you only came by riding a bicycle. How could you get stuck in traffic?! You liar! If you don't work well, I'll cut your salary this month by another 50 percent!" The cafe boss yelled at Nick in front of many people including cafe customers, Nick was very embarrassed about it.

Nick's face turned red with embarrassment, but he didn't have the strength to walk away. He needed the job to support his grandmother who was sick and needed medicine. Plus, with only a high school diploma, there wasn't much Nick could do but look for work in a place like this. Nick's body, which didn't eat well, didn't look as healthy as other men. He was very poor.

Nick then continued his work, he only had the spirit and hope to stay alive. If it wasn't for his old and sick grandmother, Nick wouldn't have worked so hard.

Actually, there was another reason why Nick wanted so much money. Nick wanted to propose to the woman he loved, Frada. Frada was not Nick's girlfriend, but she often interacted with Nick and was very friendly. That's what made Nick fall in love with Frada.

"Hahaha, oops. I didn't do it on purpose, I was about to throw away the water from washing the fish."

Nick wiped the water off his face, the smell of the water splashed on his body was very unpleasant. One of the waiters at the cafe did that to Nick without feeling guilty. Nick was really unlucky today. Oh no. Actually, every day he was unlucky.

"What did I do wrong? Why am I always being bullied? Am I interfering with their lives?" Nick was alone at the back of the café, where there was a place with a water tap to wash his hands. "Is it because I'm poor that I'm a joke to them? Did I sin by being born into this world? Does my poverty make them sickly so they hate me like this?"

The work was so hard and tiring. That night, Nick came home from the café after working overtime until 1am. Nick went home last after tidying up the café and cleaning everything there. Nick also didn't want to meet the other workers at the cafe, so he preferred to go home alone.

"Ah! they've all gone home." Nick smiled a little, he then glanced at his old and unusable cell phone. The calendar on the phone showed March 24th.

Nick was casual at first, but then he remembered that tomorrow was Frada's birthday. Nick was going to gift something to the woman he loved. Nick happened to have some money saved up. Although the savings were originally planned to buy a new cellphone, Nick thought of prioritizing Frada.

Nick then turned to one of the trading centers, there was a place that sold goods at affordable prices, but the quality of the goods there was quite good. Therefore, the place was only open late at night and early in the morning. Nick planned to buy Frada a nice bag.

Nick then bought a women's bag for 300 dollars, stupid Nick who was willing to spend all his savings to buy a bag for Frada. But that's love. Nick would do anything. Of course, he already had some money saved up for his grandmother's needs.

The next day, at 7 pm. Nick came to Frada's birthday party, he had asked permission from the boss at the cafe where he worked to take a day off. Even then, Nick had to accept a $10 deduction from his salary. Inevitably, Nick agreed.

Arriving there, Nick was like a stray cat in the middle of a diamond shop. Nick's clothes were shabby and he didn't smell like the people there, Nick was only wearing an old shirt and t-shirt and jeans. But that was already Nick's best outfit, Nick didn't have any nice clothes to bring to the party.

"Hello Frada. Congratulations on your birthday," Nick said. Nick smiled happily, he was about to hug Frada and handed the gift he brought to Frada.

"That poor street rat, he thinks Frada really likes him." Someone insulted Nick.

"Let's see what gift that poor guy brought."

Frada deliberately dodged when Nick was about to hug her, they both happened to be by the pool. Shyly, Nick fell into the pool with his gift.

The people there picked up Nick's gift, with a net stick they picked it up and then hit Nick on the head to make it difficult for Nick to swim.

"What is this? A cheap bag? I'm not going to use it, it's better used as toilet paper," Frada said.

At the same time, a handsome man in a fancy suit came over and kissed Frada on the lips in front of Nick. The man's hand even touched the sensual part of Frada's body.

Nick was stunned, he had been fooled by Frada all along. It turned out that Frada already had a boyfriend.

Chapter 2

Nick was treated to a painful scene in the middle of the pool. Frada and her boyfriend were showing their affection for each other.

"Frada, you have a boyfriend?" Nick asked, his face shocked and his chest tight.

"Oh! I haven't told you yet, I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend's name is Michael. He's a rich man with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Unlike you, you won't be able to match the dust of Michael's house. Are you getting your hopes up that you'll be my boyfriend? No, you'd better rub Michael's ass."

Everyone in the Frada house laughed at Nick. Embarrassed and hurt all at once stabbing Nick's day, Nick couldn't say anything more. All Nick knew was how he could get home without thinking about killing himself.

Nick rushed to leave Frada's house, Nick wanted to go home immediately and leave everything there. Meeting his grandmother and hugging his grandmother, that's


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