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The Nation’s daddy is cute and wife is fierce

The Nation’s daddy is cute and wife is fierce

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Lu Lixin China Nation’s Prince who got a kid overnight, a handsome little baby boy. “What is this thing on my doorstep.” Lu Lixin asked, as he looked at the tiny baby in a basket. “It was left by a elderly woman sir,and she passed away soon after.” The butler trembled slightly, he hated him it when those young women pull of stunts like this. “Oh take care of it till I know where it came from....” Five years this mysterious baby suddenly become Lu Lixin son, the nation’s prince, “Daddy who is she...” Lu Lingyun asked, he was getting tired of his father bringing new care taker everyday. “Your care taker...” Lu Lingyan sighed, “No need I can take care of myself, I’m not a baby any more.” “Baby what’s your name...” And that was how Ming shishi got in on their everyday antics, this seemingly happy yet distant family.

Chapter 1

The Lu family the most successful family in Country Y, both in business and in the government. And it was all because of Lu Lixin, who was able to bring the Yi Feng corporation to new heights after five years of ups and downs.

“Lixin we all know he’s not your son, why not give him up for adoption so you can be free to get married.”

Lu Lixin mother, Su Qianci coaxed she didn’t have much feelings of this grandson of hers.

Over the years they had repeated tried to get Lu Lixin to put him up for adoption but he always declined. How could he not five years the kid had grown on him!

“Is he your son or mine, is he spending your money or mine. I haven’t even thought of adoption you’re already at the finish line. Mother do you think you can stop me from doing what I want.”

Lu Lixin said just as they didn’t have much love for Lu Lingyun, he didn’t have much love for them. He was born in the family of nine, and only those with special gift got to inherit the company and become the head of the house.

And he got that gift, his intelligence was akin to a demon’s unfortunately they didn’t find out about it till he was sixteen, that’s right his parents didn’t give him sixteen years of their time and love, instead they found him as one of their failures. So why should he be filial and obey their every command.

“You boy!!We are your parents don’t not talk to us like that.” Lu Donghui said, it infuriated him that his own son didn’t show much love for them.

Why should he for the first sixteen years of his life they didn’t show him any love or warmth, why should he do the same to them.

“So you didn’t remember that I’m your son for the first sixteen years huh, right now I’m a stage where I don’t need your love or care, you do not need care about my whereabouts neither my marriage. You can bring any girl who you like but if it’s not who I like I won’t even bother looking at their faces.”

“Do you think we’ll let you marry a girl we don’t like.” Lu donghui sneered this son of his was extremely arrogant.

“Even if you chase me out of the family and even take the company away, it would just be your loss. I have enough money to last me a lifetime, I do not need Yi Feng to survive.”

Lu donghui and Su Qianci kept quiet, if Lu Lixin left the family their stance in the family would drop drastically.


Su Qianci spoke gently, trying to coaxing him no matter what she was still his mother and boys were gentler to their mothers.

“Don’t call me that, only auntie bai is permitted to call me that.”

Lu Lixin said coldly, his mother he didn’t even have any love for her. Where was she when he needed her, where was anyone when he needed them, he had learned to live on his own and take care of the people who actually care for him.

His grandfather and auntie bai those were the ones who truly cared for him and now his son Lu Lingyun.

Those words hurt Su Qianci, she trembled slightly as she kept quiet, but Lu donghui couldn’t take it slightly and reprimanded Lu Lixin.

“How can you say such words to your mother, she gave birth to you for crying out loud.”

Lu Donghui shouted, he felt like spitting out a liter of blood.

“And I thank her for that, but apart from that she’s nothing to me, she didn’t take care of me when I was sick or walk me to school she wasn’t part of my life. So who give her the right to call herself my mother.”

Lu Lixin stood up from the couch, he didn’t want to spend any minute with this couple. Instead he went to his grandfather courtyard, not giving a damn about Lu Donghui shouting.

Chapter 2

The Lu Compund was built like in the ancient times, why everyone had their own courtyard, but instead there were houses built in the courtyard like little compounds and the head of the family had the biggest compound.

It was reserved for Lu Lixin but since he rejected and choose to live outside, it was given to Lu Xingrui, Lu Lixin second elder brother.

These were house kept for the first and third generation, but the third generation rarely stayed there and instead choose to stay outside.

“Ah-jue you graced me with your presence today, do you still remember this old man.”

Lu Yiwu said, as he smiled at his grandson, Lu Lixin was Lu Yiwu favorite grandson and he always doted on him.

“Grandfather I’ve come to speak business with you...”

Lu Lixin said softly, his grandfather, auntie Bai and Lu Xingren his last sister were the only ones who cared for him in the family.

“What is the Ah-Jue don’t keep standing come sit.”

Lu Yiwu gestured Lu


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