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The Mischievous CEO Won't Let Me Go

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Growing up, Lucy had always got what she wanted. As the daughter of one of the richest families in the city, her life was the envy of others. However, Lucy felt that she wanted more to being a Princess. Being watched all the time with so many securities around her, she was in for a change, to live like any other normal girl and explore life to it's fullest. When she got entangled with the mysterious CEO, Lucy felt that her dreams were finally going to come true, not knowing that the path she was about to take was filled with so many twists and decisions that would also lead her to turning away from everyone as she found herself gradually falling for him.

Chapter 1: The Spoilt Princess

Lucy tapped her foot on the ground as her eyes darted around the dim street.

She was standing in front of a huge bar which was bustling with loud music despite the eery silence outside the almost empty street.

She adjusted the little black dress on her while trying to keep balance on the high-heeled shoes, then glanced down at her wristwatch and pouted.

What was taking her so long? Just as she was grumbling inside, a taxi stopped in front of her and a girl came rushing out.

"Gina, are you sure this is the place?" She hurried toward her friend who was also wearing the same kind of dress.

"Yeah, this is the address Jai sent me." Gina nodded eagerly while also adjusting her dress then said, "I never thought a bar would exist in such kind of place and thought he was trying to play pranks... I hope the rest have arrived, this is gonna be great."

Unlike Lucy, Gina had on an excited expression. Her eyes danced with enthusiasm as she grabbed Lucy's hand.

"Come on, isn't this what you always wanted?" She cheered and dragged her inside the bar.

Lucy's eyes widened as they stepped inside the bar. Her gaze wandered around the packed with so many peoples with the ladies wearing almost nothing. They were either dancing on the stage, cuddling on the huge couches inside the room, or drinking away at the bar counter.

She gulped and jerked her head sideways to Gina, whose smile had widened and was saying something which was dimmed by the loud music.

Gradually, peoples attention started turning to them, and she could also notice some of the guys eyes light up.

She sighed in relief as Gina grabbed her again and pulled her forward toward another side of the room, which was not packed.

"Jai just texted me, he said they're upstairs" Gina said, while waving her phone. The music was now coming from a distance and Lucy could hear her clearly.

"So, how did you manage to leave without alerting your private guards," Gina asked as they walked through a narrow path that leads to an elevator.

"W... Well, you know Big Bro's not in town, he went to a business, trip. I just had to tell Mum that I'll go keep sister-in-law and Big Sis company and luckily, I overhead brother speaking on the phone that all the guards should go back to the basement..." She explained slowly while her eyes wandered the place.

"Oh." Gina nodded with a giggle. "Aren't you afraid that they'll find out?"

"I doubt so." Lucy shook her head. "And if they do, you'll cover up for me." She also giggled with a hand pressed on her mouth.

"Hey, what about you?" She nudged her friend as they entered the elevator.

"I just had to ditch sister-in-law at the shopping mall. After trying on this dress, she thought I was going to remove it, but then I ran off immediately she walked to her customers," Gina replied simply while playing with a strand of her hair.

"Hehe." Lucy chuckled and tugged again at her dress.

She looked herself in the elevator's mirror and smiled. After being grounded at home for so many months, Lucy felt like a butterfly that had finally break out of a bottle after so many years.

When they stepped out of the elevator, her eyes strayed to the long hallway with various doors facing each other at the side.

She raised both brows in wonder and her head whipped to Gina who was also not spared from the shock at the sight of the grand hallway.

If downstairs was considered glamorous then where they were standing now was on another whole level.

"Who would build this kind of bar in such a desolate place?" She muttered in a daze. "Do you think some kind of illegal activity is going on here?" Her eyes widened again, however, it's now in fear.

"Come on, it's just a bar... Maybe the owner prefer it here." Gina shrugged and continued walking forward. "Let's go Lucy, stop overthinking."

Lucy's eyes still wandered the place then she also shrugged and followed her friend. Thinking back to all the scandals they've gotten into in the past leading to her being grounded with so many tight security around, she just hoped that this was not another trouble.

They finally stopped in front of a door and could hear music coming from inside.

"And you know, our friends are not gonna like it, if we don't show up. It's our very first get together after graduation, I'm sure you also don't want to get into their bad books," Gina said, before pushing the door open.

"Of course." Lucy nodded, finally remembering the core reason they were here in the first place. And she also want to breath in some fresh air, who knew if this kind of opportunity would not knock again.

Her lips curled into a soft smile and her body loosened up.

Gina pushed the door open with a grin. "Hello, guys, we're here!–" she halted in her words and gasped.

Lucy's brows settled into a frown as she watched the people inside the room. None of them seemed like their classmates. The young men were dressed in suites with so many ladies hovering around them with cocktail drinks.

Most of the ladies were swaying their bodies to the music, entertaining the guys whose dazed gazes were fixed on their slender bodies clad in tiny dresses.

"G... Gina, I think we're in the wrong room." She took a step back and turned to her friend whose astonished gaze was fixed on a far corner of the room. "What is wrong?"

Gina pointed a shaking finger toward a huge couch at the corner. "It... It's them," she muttered in a daze while also looking back.

Lucy followed her gaze and froze at the sight of the two guys.

They were relaxed on the couch, with girls clinging to their sides and swooning over them. They both had their eyes closed and a few buttons of their shirts were undone, leaving their broad muscular chests to view.

Chapter 2: Run!

The girls had their hands on the guys bodies who appeared completely drunk and seemingly enjoying themselves.

Many months ago, they were also lured by their heavenly looks and had gotten into a scandal with them, leading to their predicament. As they ended up being grounded at home after returning from city H.

Who would have thought that they'd bump into these dangerous guys immediately they broke free?

"L... Let's get out of here before they see us." Gina grabbed Lucy's hand and they turned back. Just as they were about to reach for the doorknob at the same time, a loud music was suddenly heard from the room amid the music.

"Well well well look what we have here..." A drunken voice sounded from the room, it was so loud that it caught everyone's attention.

The two girls flinched and glanced back to see who was speaking.

A tall guy was staggering toward them with a large bottle of alcohol in hand. He had his hazy eyes fixed on them as his face brok


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