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The Master And Maid

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How much for one night, Bella? Her eyes widened in astonishment, looking at him in shock "What are you talking about?" "Our marriage contract did not include an intimacy clause, but now I want to include this clause. So what is the price?" He was waiting to hear her answer to his offer. Shock occupied her features then her body shivered. "Why do you think so much, Bella? You are my wife... it is my right." He approached her to look at her. "I know the offer shocked you, but I really want you. I want you, Bella." Her eyes became empty, and she remained silent. "Just one night, Bella... one night, and take the money you want." “Just for one night, money will be the price of her body.” Words pierced her heart. She started to feel suffocated and wanted to cry... Slowly, her hands began to unbutton her blouse.

Chapter 1

Her eyes fixed on him during the party, not knowing why she was looking at him with admiration. She shook her head until she woke up from her straying, talking to herself to stop her mind from thinking about things like this.

" Are you an idiot Bella? What are you thinking? You have to think about your predicament so that you can escape from Aaron."

Her heart refused to respond to her words, and her eyes again turned to 'Alexander Andrew' the CEO of one of the major companies that work in cosmetic products.

Today, she attends the wedding of her friend Sila, who was lucky enough to marry her doctor's lover.

Her eyes again rest on Alexander. She is already infatuated with him, but now she has to think about her predicament. She needs to escape from the city but how?

In the swirl of her thoughts, she noticed him shaking hands with some men standing with him, and then he left the party.

Her eyes fixed on his footsteps, and her breathing quickened.

"This is your chance, Bella."

She looked at 'Sila' and then hurried her steps behind him.

She followed him until she reached the garage.

She swallowed her saliva when she found him stopping. Alexander turned around after feeling that someone was following him. I quickly hid behind one of the cars, and he continued walking towards his car so that the car alarm sounded.

Bella felt that her chance had been lost.

She stared at the place and looked at the little cat, that was sleeping deeply under the car.

She stared at the cat for a few seconds, looking at it with regret for what she would do to it, but there was no way for it except this one.

The cat was scared, so Alexander screamed at it. He shook the cat off him, wrapping around him in distress and hysterics.

The garage worker noticed his screams and rushed towards him in shock.

" Take this cat away."

The cat has already run away, scared of him. The worker approached him, telling him.

" That's just a cat, sir."

Alexander frowned as he heard the man's sarcasm

" I know it's a cat."

Carefully, Bella got into the car after he was busy talking to the garage attendant.

She exhaled as soon as she closed the back door of the car. Fortunately for her, one of the motorists was entering the garage with loud music. He did not notice the car door was locked.


She held her breath, and with the small size of her body and the expansion of the car's space, this helped her to hide in the back seat.

The car's music grew louder, making her smile broaden as she listened to the lyrics of her favorite song.

She closed her eyes relaxedly, forgetting everything around her, even the tightness of the car and her breath which began to narrow with time. She had nothing to do with it except a beautiful picture that drew in her imagination.

Her imagination took her to dreams that she knew were impossible with a lover, with whom she would dance and wear a wedding dress for him, and he would embrace her with love.

She opened her eyes and muffled the sound of her gasps as the speed suddenly increased.

She looked around her. The beautiful place she had been dreaming of for a moment had disappeared.

She scratched her head and then put her hand on her stomach, massaging it, Whispered.

" I'm so hungry; I wish I had eaten at the wedding."

She finally noticed that the music had stopped and furrowed her eyebrows astonished.

" Jackie! Who is Jackie? Is she his wife? But Sila did not tell me that he was a married man."

"Jackie, everything between us is over. We did not get divorced during this period. You know the reason for it. Do not play the role of a wife. Yes, I bought another house to live in.., The apartment is now yours, do not worry. I am not a despicable man."

Jackie's scream rose over the phone.

Jackie tried to justify him and that she did not intend to deceive him and lie to him. She cried, but he was harsh with her. He made the decision to separate from her without going back.

Bella's features turned to anger, then she raised her palm high, wanting to slap him above the back of his head, but at the last moment, she grabbed her palm.

"Had it not been for the news published by the journalist, the separation would have happened, but I have to wait for some time."

" Alexander, I still love you. Did you forget our love so quickly? Why don't you forgive me for this mistake? How can you be so cruel? Where did our love go?"

He shook his head as if his mind was the one who took the role of persuasion, his heart rejected this, and he no longer felt that fascination towards her, that she had deceived him.

She listened to their call with sad features cursing inside.

She does not know when and how the call ended, but all she knows and sees is that his eyes are staring at her after his phone accidentally fell between the control position of the steering wheel and the seat.

He picked up his phone and quickly adjusted his position to control the driving again, and he thought for a moment that those eyes looking at him were just configurations, but his gaze in the car mirror froze toward her face.

He stopped his car suddenly and almost caused them an accident. He turned around behind him slowly, with rigid features, asking.

"What are you doing with my car?"

" Run away with your car. I liked your car; tell me which city we are going to."

She stared outside, you see the darkness of the night surrounding them, and she asked him.

" When will we arrive? I can no longer feel my legs."

He gave her angry looks. He was shocked by her talk. He couldn't believe it. She was asking him about their destination and when they would arrive.

" I'll tell you now when we'll arrive."

Suddenly her sobs came out as she saw him get down from his car. He pulled her out of the car and threw her.

"Now you will know when you will arrive in the city when you start walking on your feet and enjoy the cool air and the barking of dogs."

He shook his hands after pushing her away as if he was throwing trash out of his car.

Bella looked around in shock and quickly realized that he wasn't kidding with her, and in a trembling tone, she asked.

"Will you leave me here?"

He headed toward his car without paying any attention to it.

" Surely, do you think I am joking with you? You hid in my car without my knowledge. There is a misfortune of your escape, perhaps a case of murder or robbery."

She ran towards him after realizing what he meant by talking. She did not expect this reaction of his, Sila's talk about him encouraged her to flee in his car, but it seems that she does not get any sympathy, especially from the s*x of men.

"You certainly don't remember me. I am Sila's friend... I came with her to your farm when you invited her and Dr. Arthur."

She hastened to introduce him to her identity; maybe he had forgotten her.

" I'm Bella, sir."

" I remember you, but I have nothing to do with you, miss."

Without caring about her, he was moving in his car. She ran after him.

"Don't leave me here alone... Just take me to the city. I'll never show you my face again."

" Believe me, I didn't do any misfortune. I'm running away from my brother."

She screamed at the top of her voice after she found the car speeding up without the owner's intention to return.

"Mr. Alexander,"

Strange voices rose around her, not knowing whether it was the barking of dogs or the howling of wolves.

A shiver hit her body. She turned around in fear and then shuddered in terror as she saw a car passing in front of her at full speed.

Her tears fell, looking at the darkness that surrounded the place.

"You're always unlucky, Bella. What have I done to myself? I wish I hadn't escaped in his car. The wolves will surely eat me."

Chapter 2

Alexander breathed heavily; after he stopped his car on the side of the road. He stroked his locks of hair and looked back. He had passed a distance not far from her.

What is this misfortune that has fallen on my head?

He decided to return to her after feeling remorse. He found her standing there, wiping her eyes from tears.

He breathed a little in relief as he stopped his car.

Her gaze stuck to the car...without waiting for any other sign from him. She ran towards the car, catching her breath with difficulty.

She can't believe Mr. Alexander has come back to her.

"I can't believe... you are back, Mr. Alexander. You really are a good man, as Sila told me."

He raised his eyebrows, then looked at her for a few moments, as it seemed that she had a close relationship with Sila, the wife of his friend Arthur.

"When we reach the city…I don't want to see you again...make sure that the reason came back to you was f


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