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The maid

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Amber, a spoiled young woman from a wealthy family, sees her world turn upside down when her father loses the family fortune due to scams. She and her mother are forced to move to the outskirts of New York City, finding themselves in a hostile environment where opportunities are scarce. Desperate for a means of support, Amber lands an unexpected job at a prestigious company. To her surprise, her boss is someone from her past whom she never imagined encountering again. Though initially reluctant to accept the maid position, she soon realizes it's her only chance to have a roof over her head. As Amber immerses herself in the responsibilities of her new job, she discovers long-forgotten memories beginning to resurface. Amidst the day-to-day challenges, she finds herself confronting uncomfortable truths about her past and her own identity. What she initially viewed as a mere temporary job unfolds into a journey of self-discovery and redemption, where secrets from the past intertwine with future possibilities.

Chapter 1 - Changes

The day had dawned gray, it suited my mood a lot, but that wasn't important anymore, what I felt, or what I didn't feel, didn't change my reality at all, and it was much worse than me. I would like to live, or what I believed I deserved to live, my life was completely perfect, and I had nothing to complain about, but from one moment to the next everything changed from water to wine in a matter of what? Days? Hours?

I got out of bed with great difficulty, as I knew it would be the last time I lay in it, I walked slowly, enjoying the view of my room, while it was still mine, until I reached the window to observe the garden, I thought that maybe I could see him again in the future, but most likely, I would never see him again. I went downstairs and saw Mom sitting on the couch with her eyes lost, looking at a fixed point. She must certainly be much more disoriented than me with everything that happened to us.

"Good morning! Mommy!" I caught her attention, trying to appear excited "Have you packed your things yet?"

She didn't even deign to answer me, she just pointed to the countless Balenciaga suitcases organized next to the hat rack very close to the door, mom never needed to save, she bought absolutely everything she wanted, and I, by inference, had the same rights and habits as her, at least our personal belongings the bank didn't confiscate, my mind was working in search of solutions, and I just thought that I could sell these suitcases on e-bay for enough money to keep us going for a few months, especially the items of brand inside them.

We no longer had employees who could help us carry everything into the taxi, all of them, without exception, left as soon as we received court notices confiscating our mansion located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, I looked around admiring the incredible property we owned until last week, I sighed resignedly, I grew up in this mansion, all my memories come from here, it gave me a huge tightness in my chest to know that my father got into enough debt that we lost our home to pay them off.

"We will be fine!" I said, not convinced of what I was saying at that moment, mom just nodded.

Without delay, I grabbed my cell phone, which thank heavens hadn't been confiscated when the bailiff came to take my dad's cars, and opened the Uber app to request transportation, since we no longer had any cars available, I headed to what would now be our temporary residence.

As we couldn't simply be thrown out on the street, the family lawyer, a friend of Dad's for years, offered us his house in the Bronx, which according to him had recently undergone renovation, and was used by him as extra income, as he rented it out to workers. and so on, he said that the last renter had left the house and it was empty, so we could stay there at no cost for about six months.

After that, he would start charging us rent, but this time would give us a breather until we found a job, or sold the valuable things we owned, I was already mentally planning the bazaars to which I would sell each thing so we could without difficulty covering the rent, or finding a better place to live, however, as at the moment we were out of money and if we had high transactions in our accounts, the bank would withdraw the money to pay off my father's debts, we could only have low amounts account and the remainder would need to be cash.

I had just turned twenty-four, I was pretty, so for me, it wouldn't be difficult to get a job, besides, I knew that with everything we had, perhaps, that wouldn't even be necessary, we wouldn't have so many luxuries anymore, We would have to save money, but we would still be able to live well for a long time.

If you considered how much money Bob, Dad's lawyer made during this period working for us, he should have given us the house and not rented it, but that wouldn't be viable either, the mansion was sold for sixteen million dollars, and not even All this amount was able to pay off the debts that Dad had, we still lost our cars and our shares, there were still some left, but they were few, if we had any property, it would be sold to pay them off.

After about eight trips to bring all the suitcases, and realizing that they barely fit, I felt better, we were really lucky that they didn't confiscate our personal belongings.

As I said, the two of us together had a lot of branded clothes, suitcases, jewelry, the truth is that inside those suitcases there was a small fortune, that as soon as we were accommodated in the borrowed house I would make a point of organizing to sell them to know exactly what how much we would have and how we would live with it.

I didn't go to college when I finished high school, because my dad and I had a very serious discussion about the profession I wanted to pursue at the time, he demanded that I graduate in administration to take over the companies, but I always dreamed of working with makeup. , I told him I would sign up for the chemistry course, I had a great supporter at the time...

Well, I told him that I would work with cosmetics, even though my greatest pleasure was creating makeup, of all kinds, including the lurid ones used in movies, but I knew that Dad would never accept it, so chemistry was a means to an end, but he was smart, he realized my intention and soon took that possibility away from me.

He didn't allow me to enroll in college, he left me stuck at home and as a result, I missed deadlines at the time, I felt so stunned that I didn't give him what he wanted, and I refused to go to work with him, it ended up that I stayed at home for the next few years just spending the money we earned, however, I was good with accounts, and I understood about investments, as I always read about the subject and followed the stock market.

The trip to the Bronx was long, Mom was sleeping close to me, and I was feeling scared of what we would find, but I was trying to be optimistic, I hoped with all my heart that the house would be at least comfortable, we had so much in our mansion, and Now I knew that we would have little, very little in this new house, at least we would have a roof over our heads, I thought, trying to console myself, but that only made me more angry knowing that the fault for this had been the mistakes made by Dad.

As soon as the car arrived at its destination, I got out of the car to calmly assess our new home, the house was semi-detached and had two floors, there was a staircase in front that gave access to the main door, I looked at its width, and it was ridiculously small. , I felt like crying when I noticed the cubicle we would have to live in, my room in the mansion was bigger than this entire house, I closed my eyes trying not to burst into tears, until I heard the driver's voice, making everything even worse.

"It cost 80 dollars for the race!"

I felt miserable when I remembered that I only had two hundred dollars in my wallet, and that was by pure luck, as I was going out and had withdrawn the money the week before, but my friend Lyn couldn't go due to some problem at home, so she canceled my appointment with me. At the last minute, and with that the money ended up being saved, I gave him the hundred bill with great regret and took the twenty dollars in change, thinking about how long that amount would last before I needed to get more.

I hugged Mom who looked desolately at our new house, we were so lost in that situation that we didn't notice when the driver left, we were both silently crying as we looked at our new house with sadness and something very similar to hatred, Dad had done something stupid and We were paying the price for it, it wasn't fair, not at all, I don't know how much time passed during our delusions of suffering, I only realized what a stupid thing we were doing when Mom started screaming.

"LET IT GO! ! ! ! IT'S NOT YOURS! ! !" His scream was shrill and terrifying, I immediately turned my body to see what was happening, and the scene was completely frightening.

Chapter 2 - Assault

Amber Brown

"LET IT GO! ! ! ! IT'S NOT YOURS! ! !" His scream was shrill and terrifying, I immediately turned my body to see what was happening, and the scene was completely frightening.

Three huge men were picking up our bags, and my mother was trying in vain to pull out her briefcase where I knew her most expensive jewelry was stored. On impulse I tried to help her, only to feel a powerful slap on my face that made me lose my balance completely. , I got dizzy, I couldn't hear anything anymore, my head was spinning, I couldn't see much after that, I just felt my head spinning hard, I kept hearing my mother's screams, the men's screams, it was all like a blur, I couldn't make it out. understand what they were saying.

After a few minutes, which I couldn't estimate how long, I felt my consciousness slowly returning, then I finally managed to get up from the floor and what I saw after that left me completely devastated, my


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