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The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Series

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They laughed warmly. Abruptly, the door swung open. A troop of five men around their twenties came in view. They were in black formal suits. Only one attracted her sight. She s*ck*d in her breath, her heart raced, her body trembled. She grasped the bed sheet in her hands. She felt tightness in my chest, her belly ache and dizziness. Last night's memory was standing in front of her in the beautiful shape of him, reality. He took her virginity. She could feel her body on fire. His white shirt was hugging his muscular body, not bulky but regnant. Three buttons of his shirt were unfastened, showing his tattoos on chest and toned body. There was a light wary smile on his face, showing him some kind of Goddess. There were four people behind him, charging their guns at them. She was terrified of him. Was he here for her? What would he do to her? Why didn't he forget last night and let her also forget this mistake. . Liam Rodrigues is a ruthless cold hearted Mafia & Billionaire. He is the illegitimate first child of his father. Although, her stepmom has accepted him and dotted him like her own born. But he strongly doubts it. He never let anyone be near to him. Except his half brothers, who are more real and loyal to him.Roselyn is an orphan, was adopted by a rich family. She was adopted as a toy for the spoiled brat, Isha Pinto. She wanted to chase her dreams and wanted to build school and colleges for orphan children.

Chapter 1

Liam Rodriguez

He glanced at his wrist. It was five past twenty minutes in the early morning. He was waiting for his file to reach the table or he didn't give a d*mn about it. The thing was, he liked to be fair when it was about business. Last night was still fresh in his mind. A beautiful smile covered his face. He concealed it with his hand over his mouth.

' It had been hardly an hour since I left her in my penthouse in my shirt, my virgin beauty. Though she wasn't there when I woke up. '

He thought with a tug on his lips.

" Sir," Danny said and handed him the file.

" Did you double-check it?" He asked. His expression turned cold again.

" Yes, sir," Danny replied.

He didn't trust his own shadow. He read it carefully. Then, He signed the papers and exited the office. His bodyguards tailed with me.

" Brother." Danil came gasping and running toward him.

" Wow! Why are you in such a hurry, Dan? " He raised his eyebrows.

" I cracked the deal, brother." Danil hugged him.

He patted his back, hugging him, " Congrats, Dan. I knew. You would do it." He smiled bigger.

" I should give this good news to dad and mom." Danil cheerfully smiled.

" Sure, Dan." He nodded.

Danil Rodriguez, his younger brother, wanted to live an innocent person's life. He desired to establish his construction business without the help of his father and him. He said to Liam - he didn't want the mafia's money. That boiled Liam's blood. But he heaved a deep sigh to calm himself. He wasn't meant to tolerate such sh*t. Yes, They were the bosses of a powerful mafia organization. Liam offered him help, not from mafia money. He was the owner of a construction business, Clubs in almost every big city in the world. Some shipping companies, which are operated by his youngest brother Kairo in New York, London, and India.

" Good job Danny! Dan did not even get the feeling of suspicion." He said, patting his back.

" Thank you, sir. I'm glad you like my work. " Danny smiled and bent his head.

" Of course. " He smiled.

P & F construction's owner wasn't ready to back up. Hearing his name, they did it easily. He detached the details of them. Danny had fixed a meeting with him. His men could easily do this without his involvement. But he involved himself with his girl. He walked in there. Their office was on the second floor. Both oldies were under the same roof.

Fernandes dropped his cup of coffee when he saw him.

" You can call us, sir. At anytime… " He said with trembling hands.

He could hear the fear in his voice. Their faces were blanched with horror.

" Danny! " Liam said intensely.

Danny knew his job. Liam didn't need to make him understand anything. He got up and descended the stairs. His presence was more than enough to install dread in them.

The water splashes fell on his face as he strode past the lawn. The sweet voice of laughter echoed in his ears. He curiously peered through his parted fingers. His armed bodyguards were already in action as no one could dare to even look at him. He halted them instantly with the sign of his finger. He didn't want them to even look at her. His smile broadened on his face seeing her smiling. Her long light brown hair was brushing her slender waist. She had creamy white skin and light chocolate brown eyes. There was innocence in her eyes that reflected her heart. She hugged the girls next to her. They were three and embraced like seeing each other after decades. She was shorter than the other two. Last night flew over his mind. She belonged to him, only him. He was determined.

' She's my girl, ' He thought and smiled broadly.

Her smile was warming his eyes. A woman hadn’t affected him this way in a long time, It was seven o'clock in the morning. She was still wearing his white shirt. He didn't come here to thank anybody. He came to this place to see his girl.

" Danny, Did you contain the details of her?" He asked, still gazing at her.

" Which one, sir," he asked, moving his gaze on them.

" Do you have some brain problems?" he snapped.

" Sorry, sir. I thought this c can wait." Danny stuttered, feeling anger in his voice.

" Let me do the thinking part. Long light brown hair." He smiled while warming his eyes, glancing at her.

" You never showed interest in any girl before. She's the same girl. You met last night in the club." he was staring at her.

" Lower your eyes if you love to see. ' He gritted his teeth.

" S sorry sir. " he bowed his head.

" Two hours I don't want you to disappoint me. " He said coldly.

He glanced at her through his car until she walked into the house. He didn't let her know, he was looking at her while sitting in his car. He might scare her. She ran away without exchanging a word with him which surely p*ss*d him off no longer seeing her around him. He drove back to his house. The house was ruled by his father's wife. Fortunately, it wasn't here in Goa. His mother, Lily Black was the personal security of his father. They never got married. He used to tell him. He fell in love with his mother as marriage to his wife was just a demand by his father as he loved the power which the mafia throne had provided him. He promised his sons he'd never force his kids to marry with his choice. But his father's love for power had taken away his mother from him forever. They were free to choose girls for them. He wanted their choices to be good for his sons and family members, particularly for his family. He and Danil were born on the same day. Liam was an hour older than him. Although Mrs Rodriguez was his stepmother, she adored him like her own son. Liam doubted. Maybe she feared his father. She badly wanted Danil to be the boss of the throne. The throne was always given to the firstborn. It landed in Liam's lap.

He shook his head but couldn't shake her away. Her smiling face was flickering in his mind. Danny filled him with her information. He picked up the keys and drove back to her residence. He couldn't deny himself to see her again.



She was lying flat on her stomach on the queen size bed. She was swinging her legs upward to down and down to upward in a perfect arch. Her chin was resting on her palms. She popped up on her elbow and weighed on it. She was reading a book online to forget the blunder mistake she made last night. The fact was she didn't remember anything because it was her first-time-drinking-alcohol. Isha and Ana, her sister and bestie had locked the cupboard. They weren't allowing her to use the washroom until she told them the whole story about last night. She just remembered his handsome face. She brutally bit her inner lip to distract herself and tasted her own blood. She sighed and started to read after chiding herself.

' I am happy with you, perhaps you ain't happy with me. That's the reason, you are breaking my heart. - Girl said to her boyfriend with tears in her eyes. '

A notification popped up on the screen, ' Where are you? I'm finding you in the whole dam* hous


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