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The Fifth Perfect Wife

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"Do you hear that? The woman who is chosen to be Damian Chase’s fifth wife will be offered 5 million dollars!”  “Even 10 million dollars I won’t marry such a jerk!” Sabrina Jade was recognized for being a competent and gorgeous secretary. For five years, she had worked for her boss Damian Chase, who was renowned as a womanizer. Almost every woman who knew Damian wanted to sleep with him, but in Sabrina’s eyes, her boss is an absolute *ssh*l*. She just wanted to stay away from him. Sabrina never thought an accident would intertwine her and her boss’s fates, and she found that her boss was not so annoying?

Chapter 1 The Fourth Divorce Agreement

Sabrina’s POV

“Come to my office, right now!”

I mentally cursed when I read my boss's message from my phone. A bad start in my morning, why is he contacting me early in the morning during my work?

Damian Chase, my hot-tempered boss, who was famous as the heir of the Chase Family, was also famous for his bad repute. I even don't know how I worked with him over the years!

I went to the highest top floor where Mr. Damian's office is located. Along the way, I have been thinking about what difficult things are waiting for me.

"Good morning," I greeted my colleagues.

"Good morning, Secretary Jade," A girl also greeted me.?

"You must now go to Mr. Damian. He's been looking for you for a while. Maybe you should prepare the divorce papers.... again." she said.

I widened my eyes to shush her, now looking at the hallways. "Ssshhh, if he hears you around, you might get fired!" I warned her.

She chuckled. "Oh, don't worry. Everyone in this company already knows about our boss, Secretary Jade. So much as you do," she said and cackled.

"Hmmm, you're right. Then please excuse me now," I said and eventually left her.

I arranged my collar and my hair before I entered my boss' office.?

I was shocked when his office was chaotic and his eyes were furious. He was in front of his office table, pacing back and forth.?

I cleared my throat to steal his attention. When he turned his head in my direction, his eyes were now hopeful and expecting.

"Yes, sir? Do you want me?" I politely asked him.?

He groaned in frustration. "My wife is already annoying. I don't want to see her face again!" he shouted, making me jump. "I want you to file a divorce paper, right now."

I watched him fidgeting and annoyed.?

I've been dealing with this attitude for over the years, and I just can't still handle the worst of him.?

Before I could open my mouth to answer, I heard Miss Sheryl's voice, Sir Chase's wife, shouting outside the office. I excused myself to my boss and immediately went outside to check. I closed the door to approach Miss Sheryl.

"Where's Damian?" she asked me and was about to walk past me, but I only blocked her.

"Mr. Damian clearly told me not to welcome visitors," I said monotonously.

"I need to talk to him! He can't do this to me!" Sheryl yelled at me.

I could no longer stop her when she already stepped into Mr. Damian's office. I had no idea but to follow her.?

Mr. Damian gave his wife a deadpan gaze as if he has already expected her to come today.?

"Damian, goodness!" Sheryl in a loud voice. "Are you really leaving me? I did everything you wanted! We had s*x many times to prove my love to you!"

I found myself rolling my eyes silently as I watched them fighting.

"So?" Mr. Damian asked in a sarcastic tone. "I want to leave you because that is now what I want."?

"What? I thought you loved me? You can't do this to me, Damian!" Sheryl begged him.?

"Am I easy to you, huh? I am not like other women who you replace easily just because you are now uninterested in me! You don't f*ck*ng do that to women, you rascal!"

I agree with her. Women are not barbie dolls. Women should be loved and respected.?

"Who told you that I love you? For me, you're nothing but trash," Mr. Damian said coldly.

He then looked at me, so I immediately raised an eyebrow.?

"Can you please call my attorney so we can settle the divorce paper, Secretary Jade?" he asked.?

"Damian!" Miss Sheryl called him. "You can't do this to me! *ssh*l*!"

Mr. Damian just fixed his shirt and is now approaching the door of the office. Miss Sheryl was following him and desperately tugging his shirt so he would not leave her. I just shook my head as I mentally noted his appointment with his attorney.

I worked the whole day in the office and contacted significant people who Mr. Damian wants to talk with. But behind my mind, I am already cursing at him and wishing him hell for marrying Miss Sheryl and just discarding her in one week.?

What kind of a f*ck*d *p man would do that? Him! My boss!

I was exhausted while going home, trying not to collapse from all the work I have done today. I am just so stressed out about how my boss is very inclined to marry women and divorce them sooner or later. I just don't understand him.

And who will prepare for the divorce papers and clean his mess with his notoriety as a playboy??

Me, his secretary.?

Others might think that I am professional and patient without them knowing that I've been balking myself for not killing my own boss every day.

“Grandma, I’m back,” I said when I opened the door of the house.

No one answered.

“Grandma, are you in the room?” I asked again as I surveyed my eyes around.

It was weird. Grandma would always open the door for me whenever I am back from work. The other people in the house were not to be found in the house --- and I wish they all just gone.

"Grandma!" I called her again.

“Stop barking like a dog,” Ana, the second daughter of grandma, shouted from the kitchen.

Finally! A family member was spotted!

“Where is grandma?” I asked her. "Where is she?"

She glared at me while washing the dishes in the sink. “Do you see me with her? No, so go to her room and find her on your own,” she said.

I ignored her blunt attitude and just went upstairs to look for my grandmother. I went to her room and it was dark.

"Grandma? Are you here?" I called for her. "I'm home!"

When I turned on the switch of the light, I immediately gasped when I saw her lying on the floor, unconscious and her eyes closed.?

I shouted for Ana for help as I approached my grandmother and tried to wake her up. I started whimpering like a child, afraid that she is leaving me now.

"Grandma! Wake up! Grandma!" I called and shook her in despair.

Chapter 2 The Selection

Sabrina’s POV

“Your grandmother needs an immediate operation. Her coronary arteries are blocked; the blood flow and supply of oxygen are interrupted because of the blockage; and if we delay more time, she might not be able to wake up again.”

I was stunned and gazed at the doctor. I didn’t know about grandma’s illness, because when I always ask her about her condition, she would always say that she was fine and I should not be worried. As far as I know, her illness is serious and life-threatening.?

“Will she be saved if she gets an operation immediately?” I asked hopefully.?

“We will try our best to save her,” the doctor said.

“Is there anything I can do, Doctor? What are the things I need to do?” I asked worriedly, tears welling up in my eyes. “How much money should I have?”?

He looked at me worriedly. "If I will be honest with you, the operation will cost a lot. The medications, the equipment --- the hospital bills are going to be staggering duri


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