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The Fierce Tigress

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Valerie is the illegitimate child of the Sevilla family and never bothered to be a part of the family affair, yet grandfather's inheritance was passed down to her hands. Not only that, she is arranged to be betrothed to Devon Aspen, the most powerful man of Delaville City. Her family thinks that she is uneducated and unfit to carry the family's fortune, and tries to destroy her image and reputation. What they do not know is that she is the ruthless billionaire of Leonin Group of Companies, also known as 'The Fierce Tigress', a mysterious and powerful being in the city who wears a tigress mask to hide their identity. Pretending to be dumb and annoying to make Devon hate her and withdraw the marriage arrangement. What if he will grow a liking towards his fiancée? How will everyone react once they discover her true identity?

Chapter 1: The Illegitimate Child

"The Sevilla family members and few guests attended Sergio Sevilla's funeral. He passed away in a peaceful manner.

After the burial, the reading of the will is next.

Everyone has already settled down, yet the lawyer seems to be waiting for someone.

Harris Sevilla became impatient. He wanted to get his hands in his father's fortune. He can already imagine the amount of money he will get under his name. hundred billions of dollars!

As the true heir of the Sevilla family business there is no way he isn't chosen, right?

"Sorry, I'm late." A gentle voice said.

"It's okay. I'm glad that you can make it, Valerie." Royce said.

"Royce, what is the meaning of this?" Harris whispered roughly at the lawyer.

This girl is not welcomed here!

"She is an illegitimate child! She has no rights to be here!" Veronica added, she is Harris' daughter and Valerie's half-sister.

The lawyer shrugged his shoulder and ignored them. He asked everyone to settle down as he will be reading Sergio Sevilla's will.

A lot of people's eyes were on Valerie. Despite being an illegitimate child she is the most prettiest girl they've ever seen!

Not even Veronica can compare to her!

Her pale skin is spotless with cute little dots of freckles scattered beneath her eyes. She looks like a real life doll even without make-up.

She was wearing a simple polo shirt and navy blue jean. Completely hugging her figure. That hourglass body is to die for!

Her eyes is what caught their attention the most. The Sevilla family got brown eyes, however Valerie's is a unique amber color.

They can see the cold and ferocious expression within those amber eyes. Showing the same ferocity as Sergio Sevilla and a sign that she is not someone to mess with.

"Sergio Sevilla created this will to ensure the safety of the family's wealth. As stated in the will, signed by the late Sergio Sevilla the inheritance and the company will be given to..."

Everyone was excited to know who will lead the Sevilla family. The Sevilla's are the wealthiest families in Delaville City and they wanted to get the opportunity to become friends with the new heir.

"Valerie Sevilla." Royce said, dropping the bomb.

There was complete silence in the room.

The illegitimate girl got all of the inheritance despite not living with the Sevilla family for years!

The old man did not pass it down to his eldest son, Harris Sevilla!

What is going on!?

Disagreements aroused among the guests and witnesses. Everyone looked at Valerie with disdain.

"Royce, is this a joke!? There is no way that my father passed on his inheritance to Valerie!" Harris protested.

Royce showed Harris and to the people in the room that the will is signed with Sergio's real signature. It even has a Sevilla family crest stamp!

Harris wanted to faint in disbelief. What a mess! He had been dreaming of the inheritance from his father's hands for years! He expected it would be either passed down to him or his daughter, Veronica!

No wonder why everyone had to wait. It was because of Valerie's arrival. This will was meant to be for her!

The illegitimate daughter who had been hidden from the public's eyes suddenly shows up with a tower of wealth on to her small hands.

"Daddy, what should we do?" Veronica said with a worried look.

Harris gritted his teeth. He must convince Valerie to transfer the rights to him! Yes, a great idea indeed!

Royce read Harris' intentions and cleared his throat. He wasn't done yet.

"Another condition from the will is..." Royce interrupted everyone, "if someone will attempt to take Valerie's inheritance or jeopardize it will be immediately cut off from the family."

Harris' hopes has fallen. What a sneaky bastard his father is! The old man knew that he will try to steal the inheritance away!

He can't afford to be reckless. If he gets cut off then Veronica and Quinn, his wife, will be facing a huge loss! He would have to ride on Valerie's back and be a goody-two shoes father to her.

"Just stay in your sister's good side for now. We can't do anything about this. Make sure to tell your mom once we get home." he replied to Veronica.

Royce cleared his throat again. Gaining everyone's attention once more.

"As per the request of Old Master Sergio Sevilla. His grand daughter, Valerie Sevilla, will be engaged to Mr. Devon Aspen."

Once more, everyone was shocked even Valerie's uninterested eyes and cold expression changed, she was surprised too.

The old man is suddenly playing cupid with her life. She didn't like it one bit.

No wonder the great Devon Aspen is present in the reading of the will. He had been quiet for a while and he gained a lot of curious attention today.

Both the Sevilla and Aspen families are great friends and the most wealthiest families too! What a dangerous combination if these two are engaged!

His strong, handsome rugged features stood out the most and his dark blue eyes intimidating them. Not even the top handsome celebrities can be compared to him.

Devon is a powerful man and feared by everyone and most of all he hated women, yet he agreed to be engaged to Valerie.

His expression did not change the moment Royce announced the news of his engagement.

"Royce! I don't understand! Valerie is the illegitimate child of the Sevilla's and she is not worthy to become Mr. Aspen's fiancée." Harris protested.

"Mr. Aspen has already agreed to the engagement. The couple will be the ones to decide of what becomes of their marriage. This request still falls under the condition given by Sergio. Any attempts on destroying their engagement will be cut off. Please be aware of this warning." Royce replied.

Again, Sergio planned the will so well that gave Harris no loop holes to get in and plot against Valerie. He can't even touch their engagement!

Upon seeing that no one protested from Sergio's will. Royce approached Valerie who was glaring at him with cold amber eyes. He sighed and bravely moved closer to her.

"Please sign this, Valerie. All of this inheritance will be yours and congratulations on your engagement with Mr. Aspen." Royce said as if nothing happened.

"I don't agree with the engagement." Valerie opposed of her grandfather's will.

"I can't do anything about it, Miss Valerie. can sort it out with Mr. Aspen regarding your engagement."

Valerie paused and glanced at the man who she is engaged to. She exhaled heavily and silently signed the papers. Gaining all of Sergio's inheritance and getting engaged to a man she never met.

She could not understand her grandfather's intentions despite living with him throughout her life.

She only came here to pray for his soul. He kept her away from her family all throughout these years. This is the first time in 10 years that she met her father and half-sister.

Valerie stood up with a white daisy on hand. She approached Sergio's tombstone and gently placed the flower.

"You're not letting me rest easy, won't you?" she whispered under her breath.


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