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The CEO's relentless pursuit

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In order to treat her mother's illness, Cynthia,who was 18 years old, had to succumb to the CEO Aaron Marce, becoming his clandestine lover. She thought theirs was just a temporary relationship, but she hadn't expected this CEO, ten years her senior, to deeply fall in love with her. However, she had to navigate complex family dynamics and face Aaron's domineering love and possessiveness, gradually finding herself entangled in love.Faced with the pressure of college entrance exams, envy, and the challenges from others, she gradually began to feel Aaron's tenderness and benefits. When she saw hope in this relationship, her mother suddenly be killed which made her desperate. She choosed to leave Aaron, but she discoverd she was pregnant...

Chapter 1 The Check

Cynthia walked out of the hospital, her face worn with despair, while the doctor’s words echoed in her ears:

“Miss Brooks, your mother's condition is very grave. We suggest immediate surgery. We have a heart available now. If you can gather $100,000 for the surgery within two days, we’ll prioritize your mother’s treatment. Otherwise, we'll have to save someone else.”


Where could she get $100,000?

Her mother had been ill for two years. The alimony she received after leaving home had all been spent. Did she have to go back? Each time she tried for her mother's sake, she faced cold derision from her family. As for her father, he simply didn’t care!

But for her mother's sake, she had to try again!

Hurriedly entering the phone shop, she dialed someone’s number: “It’s me…”

“What's up?” George Brooks asked impatiently.

“Mom is sick, I need $100,000.”

“Don’t bother me, I don’t have money!” George replied gruffly.

“Mom is getting worse,” she said angrily, “You abandoned us. You didn’t care if she lived or died. How do you live with yourself? It's only $100,000, and you can't give me that!”

“Cynthia, calm down…” George Brooks said. It wasn't that he didn't care, but each time she came over, his current wife was home. How could he give her money? Also, his company had been facing problems lately. He could barely spare $20,000.

“How can I be calm if she's dying?” Cynthia yelled. “If she dies, I'll die, and even as ghost, we won't let you off the hook!”

“Alright, alright. Come to my office now,” George said.

Cynthia hung up the phone and rushed over. Upon entering the office, she was told George was in a meeting, so she had to wait outside.

After half an hour, just when she thought she had been fooled, the office door opened. She hurried over to find it wasn’t George.

Before she could react, she collided with the person.

“Ouch…” It hurt, was this person made of steel?

“What are you doing?!” someone yelled.

Before she could understand, she felt her wrist being grabbed, and she was pulled aside. She raised her head to see George, her biological father, doing the pulling.

Without looking at her, George asked the person she bumped into, “Mr. Marce, are you alright?”

Cynthia, noticing his sincere fear, was slightly shocked, realizing that she had collided with someone important. Otherwise, he wouldn't react this way.

She raised her head and saw a young man. He was in a well-fitted three-piece Italian suit, tall and stern, emanating a commanding presence. He was looking at her, his eyes like an eagle’s.

The intimidating gaze made her step back.

The man casually glanced at her, from her face to her feet, and then left without looking back.

George followed him, almost treating him like a god.

At the elevator's door, the young man turned back and coldly said, “Mr. Brooks, no need to see me off.”

“Yes, yes…” George continued to bow.

As the man stepped into the elevator and the door closed, he told the person beside him, “Check the woman I just bumped into.”

Cynthia entered George's office. They had nothing to talk about, so they got straight to the point.

George pulled out a checkbook. “How much?”

“Heart transplant and surgery costs at least $100,000, not including follow-up treatment. You can decide how much to give.” Cynthia said.

George looked at her, reluctantly signing a $150,000 check. “That should be enough. I've had money problems lately, so I can't give you more. If you have a problem, call me directly. Don't go home, your aunt won’t be happy.”

Cynthia grabbed the check. “I’ll pay you back!” and turned to leave.

Half an hour later, the phone on George’s desk rang.


"Mr. Brooks." A man's steady voice came through.

"Mr. Marce." George was astonished, excitedly jumping up. Even over the phone, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the man's presence. Aaron Marce, the well-known real estate tycoon and the current CEO of Marce Innovations Inc.!

“Mr. Brooks, would you like to sign the contract?” Aaron asked.

“Of course,” George admitted, excitedly. He had been working hard on this for the past few months. His company was on the brink of bankruptcy due to improper investments. He just wanted to grab onto Marce as a lifeline.

“Then let’s have dinner tonight and discuss it.”

“Of course…” George couldn’t believe it. Aaron had just declined, why the sudden change? But as long as he could sign the contract, he didn’t care what happened!

Aaron suddenly changed the subject, “I heard you have another daughter besides the one named Sylvia, named Cynthia?”

George was shocked, understanding what was going on. “Yes. She’s the one who bumped into you just now.”

It seemed Aaron had checked it out, otherwise, he wouldn’t ask. In just half an hour, Marce's influence had proven substantial.

“Bring her along tonight,” Aaron said, “I quite like her.”

George hesitated but eventually agreed. Aaron's ‘liking’ held a different meaning. George, being a man who had rolled in these circles for years, understood what was implied.

Was he really going to sacrifice Cynthia?

Hanging up the phone, George was dumbfounded for a moment before making a determined decision.

Cynthia didn't have a phone, so George couldn't contact her. He could only let her reach out to him. He made a call to the bank and canceled that check.

Cynthia was already at the bank, but when her turn came, she was informed that the check was invalid.

She stood there stunned for a few minutes and called George: “The check couldn’t be cashed…”

“Really?” George feigned surprise. “It might be an issue with the account. I’m going through some financial stress recently, so these problems might arise.”

“What should I do?” Cynthia looked at the check, feeling desperate. Once you've tried getting money, is it possible to try again? What about her mother…

George said, “Alright, let’s have dinner together tonight. Give me your account number, I'll directly transfer to your card.”

Cynthia remained silent for a moment and then said: “Okay.”

After hanging up, she went back to the hospital to accompany her mother. At 6 o’clock, she called George again: “Where are we having dinner?”

“I’ll have my driver pick you up.” George said.

“I’m at the hospital.”

George paused for a moment, then hung up the phone.

Chapter 2 A premeditated dinner

Cynthia sat on a bench outside the hospital, waiting for over ten minutes until the driver arrived. Once inside the car, she closed her eyes and rested against the seat. After a while, the driver called out to her. She thought they had arrived, but when she stepped out, she realized the driver had taken her to a fashionable salon.

“What’s this?” she asked.

The driver said, “The boss wants you to be groomed for dinner in the Ross restaurant and has specifically asked me to bring you here.”

Cynthia, looking at her simple attire, felt deeply annoyed. But for $100,000, she endured!

Two hours later, she reached the restaurant, her stomach growling with hunger.

“Do you have a reservation, miss?” the waiter asked.

“George Brooks.”

“Please follow me,” the waiter said after glancing at her.

The restaurant’s air conditioning was set high, and she felt a chill on her shoulders. She wanted to cover up, but such a gesture would be inappropriate, so


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