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The CEO's adversary

The CEO's adversary

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Becoming the CEO of his father's company didn't take a chance in changing him from his perverted lifestyle. His one night stand with his father's secretary led to an offspring, one he didn't know about. Michael fires her not ready to take chances of any kind with her. Michael has to get married to his newly employed secretary and have a son or lose seventy percent of their company right to his fathers shareholder. He plans to divorce her after what he needs is gotten but fate seems to be against him as his father is murdered. Things go down the drain when he discovered his adversary lives within his reach.

Chapter 1

Samantha’s P.O.V

I was so close to pulling out my white towel and letting the universe know how perfectly it was making my life a living nightmare.

I had been fired from ten jobs in a space of two weeks and that was a new record of me. Honestly, I think it was a record worthy of being written down in the world Guinness book of records.

“Why can’t you get one job right?” I asked myself and funny enough, I knew the answer to that question. But I couldn’t just bring myself to admit it.

I walked home feeling disappointed and discouraged. There’s only so much a lady can take an I think I was about fed up with cocky old men bossing me around.

My skills and intelligence are needed somewhere they could be valued but surprisingly, the hiring system in the world doesn’t care about your qualifications if you’re a lady. They just want to know what you can offer, and by offer, I mean your body.

My roommate was already back from work by the time I returned and by the smell of the kitchen, something yummy was cooking.

“Hey Daisy, I’m home,” I announced as I walked into our cramped-up apartment.

Her undies were literally scattered all over the place and I thought she might have had a man over but turns out she was having a hard time deciding which one to wear when she got back from work.

“Sam…welcome home babe. I was about done with preparing dinner. Care to join me?” Daisy asked as she walked into our tiny living room flaunting her sexy body before me.

“Sometimes, I wonder if you really love men or you’re just trying to get me to fuck you” I teased and she pulled me into a hug.

“Well what if I said it was both” she replied and we both laughed over it for a while.

She walked back into the kitchen to dish out our dinner while I had a change of clothes before joining her in kitchen.

We didn’t have a dining room and we both loved eating in the kitchen so most of the time, we didn’t bother taking our food to the living room.

“So how was work today Sam?” Daisy looks at me with worry in her eyes and I hoped that somehow, she hadn’t learnt from anyone that I was fired.

I was silent for overly too long and she sensed I wasn’t happy. She always knew when I wasn’t happy and somehow, she always had a solution to brighten up my day.

“Hey babe. You know the doctors say it’s not proper to stare at your food for more than five minutes. It makes your face pale” she teased and I couldn’t help but giggle.

“And which doctor told you that? The one that fucks you every Sunday evening?” I asked her jokingly and her answer was one I didn’t expect.

“Of course, it's him” she laughed and a smile found its way to my lips.

I wanted to be angry at the world and at myself right now but somehow Daisy kept making me feel so happy.

After dinner, I didn’t want things to get any more complicated than it was already so I went to bed quite earlier than usual.

I woke early the next morning and Daisy wasn’t dressed for work. Frankly, I didn’t have the slightest idea as to where she worked.

“Daisy? Don’t you have work today?” I asked her and suddenly regretting it.

“Oh, nah. My boss won’t be in the office today so he gave me the day off. Plus, I basically just work for him” she said mischievously and my suspicions grew.

She noticed the tense look in my eyes and burst into a little uproar of laughter.

“I’m his secretary babe. I only answer to him in the office which means when he stays home. I stay home. And when he travels, I travel” she added with a flourish.

For the record I am not jealous of her, more like I wish my life could be like hers and I get a steady job and enjoy all the perks she enjoys and when I look it that way, I guess it is jealousy.

Maybe I needed to be honest with her. She is the one person who looks out for me and I’m pretty sure she could help me get a job in no time. I mean, even though she’s just a secretary, I’m pretty sure she has met a few industrial people who she can link me up to somehow.

“Daisy, I need to tell you something.” I mumbled and she looked at me, intrigued all of a sudden.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves but before I could that, she pecked me on the cheek. It was not necessary but I guess it kind of helped me relax.

“So, spill it babe. Ever since you got back last night, I could sense you were hiding something but I didn’t want to pressure to say anything unless you were ready to do so” Daisy smiled and my heart beat slowed down as I felt safe with her again.

“So, um. I got fired from my job yesterday evening” I announced and honestly I didn’t quite get the reaction I wanted from her.

“Why do you seem so not surprised about this?” I asked her and she sighed and looked me deep into my eyes.

It was weird but I guess I could flow with it for just a few seconds to know what she has to say.

“Well basically you’ve been fired nine times in two weeks so I don’t think the tenth is a surprise” Daisy said scornfully.

I was annoyed by what she said and she knew it too. But I guess she had a point.

“Look Sam. You’re probably going to hate me for this but I had you fired.”

“I’m sorry Daisy, but it felt like I heard you say that you got me fired?”

I stared at Daisy with a frown and she sighed deeply. If truly she was the reason I got fired, I don’t think I’m ever going to forgive her for that.

“I know what you’re going to say. How could I be so heartless, how could I be so selfish? Well I got you fired because I got you a job at my office.” Daisy declared and the anger suddenly vanished.

“Wait. You got me a job? At your office? As in Silver-Stone Corporations?” I asked her in excitement and she smiled at my happiness.

“The one and only babe. They need you to turn in tomorrow. The position isn’t yours per say but hey, I’m sure you can convince them to hire you”

Daisy walks into the bathroom to take shower and I carefully think of how I could secure a job interview at a prestigious company such as Silver-Stone.

“I’ve got this” I sigh as I fall back into the bed and wait excitedly for the rest of the day to pass and walk down to Silver Stone the next day to get my job.

Chapter 2

Samantha’s P.O.V

“Daisy! I’m running late for the interview come on” I yelled at her as we both scurried through out the house, getting our make-up done and deciding which outfit to wear.

Daisy had a meeting to attend with her boss and I had an interview which I was about to miss.

“Not how I pictured my first day to go Daisy.”

She was still going through her bags, looking for the perfect lingerie to put on. Sometimes I wonder if she also works as a stripper in her company but to be clear, I have never voiced out that thought.

“What do you think?” Daisy asks me, flaunting her new lingerie for me to see.

It was silky, and cute too. Kind of reminded me of a sex doll I’ve seen once in a show not so far from our apartment.

“We should get going Daisy”

“Ok, fine. I’ll get dressed but you can move along now, I’ll meet you at the office” Daisy uttered and at this point, I realized that she wasn’t in a rush just like I was and I decided to go on


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