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The Boss Wife

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Santiago Centinelo, a handsome 25”year”old millionaire is about to lose the presidency of his company for not leading a formal life, his life takes a turn when he asks his secretary, Alexandra to be his wife for six months, She accepts and an unexpected love between the two begins . Meet the hilarious hate”love marriage between Santiago Centinelo and his secretary when things don't go as they expected. A romantic comedy of a singular couple, he an arrogant and cold boy, instead she is warmth, clumsiness and kindness, they are the ideal couple to pretend to be a perfect marriage.

Chapter 1

The sound of the device on my nightstand wakes me up, still sleepy I extend my hand to turn it off after three attempts I succeed, d*mn alarm “I say to myself” as I wish I could fall asleep all day, but I have more important things to do to laze around, 5 am, the perfect time to run a few miles, to relax and get rid of all the stress that being me, Santiago Centinelo, causes me, plus I have to maintain my body, my ripped abs are not there for being lazy.

I take my cell phone, I call Malcom, my exercise partner, he also likes to keep fit although sometimes grudgingly, like today.

"Malcom, get ready, I'll pick you up in 10 minutes," I say, as soon as he picks up, I've already gotten out of bed and I'm looking for something to wear in my closet.

"Santiago... how about we go tomorrow?" His hoarse, sleepy voice disappoints me.

"I already told you, 10 minutes."

Having said this, I hang up the call, I put on my sweatshirt, tennis shoes and a gray sweatshirt, Malcom knows that for me, 10 minutes is 10 minutes, I leave my house and walk to Malcom's house, which is about five houses from mine, this is a quiet place just outside of congested New York. I love living here.

In less than 10 minutes I arrive at Malcom's house, my best friend since I was ten years old, his father used to be my father's driver, very good friends until Mr. Schmitt died 10 years later, although university separated us, he He studied finance at Yale, while I studied Business Administration at Harvard, after finishing university, I offered him the job of being the general manager of my company and I must admit that I do not regret that choice.

Malcom comes out with the most sour face in the world, frowning, his blond hair tousled and his hazel eyes smaller than normal, his beard unkempt, he looks at me as he puts on his sweater hat.

"I f*ck*ng hate you Centinelo," he says as he walks down the steps from the front door of his house, "I wish you fall in love one day."

"Better kill me, come on, hurry up."

We start to run, mmm... what beautiful girls, two well toned young ladies pass by us with a seductive look, it is impossible not to see them, I smile, maybe I should go out with one of them, maybe the blonde, or maybe I should go out with both. Malcom also looks at them, it's impossible not to see them.

My cell phone rings, I stop for a few moments to answer it, while Malcom continues.

"Good morning," I say, picking up.

"Santiago?" Santiago Centinelo? “a woman's voice is heard from the other line.

"Yes... who's speaking?" I answer hesitatingly, no idea who it could be.

“I'm Meredith,” he says, a seductive edge to his voice.

Ahh, that voice I do remember. Meredith from Wall Street.

"Tonight I'll be alone," her seductive voice continues, I know what that means.

“I'm sorry, but I have to travel to England very early, Melany.

It's Mered...

I hang up the call, the truth is that when you try something once you don't feel like a second, much more when the menu is as exquisite as all your friends, just remembering them makes me draw a smile from ear to ear on my face.

I return home, take a shower and get dressed quickly to go to the company, my Calvin Klein boxers, my black Armani pants, in fact, my entire wardrobe contains mostly designer pants, jackets and ties, today I decide on a gray tie, I put it on my beloved bed with white velvet sheets and as always my long”sleeved white shirt buttoned up, I have like 50 white shirts of these, I put my jacket on and then I finish adjusting my tie perfectly, I like everything perfect, even my hair that with a slight part on the right side I comb it perfectly back. My rolex that can never be missing on my left wrist, I headed towards the dining room.

I go downstairs, Rosa has a delicious breakfast as always, I sit in my huge dining room, I don't even know why I have a huge dining room if I live alone and I'm happy living alone, no one tells you what to do or what time to come back, I read the newspaper while Rosa serves me an omelette on a white porcelain plate.

"Santiago Centinelo, the New York tycoon continues to increase his income by investing in the Beltrán hotel chain"

And they're right, I only take one bite of the omelet since I order my breakfast at the restaurant across the street from the company. Rosa looks at me with a furrowed eyebrow, and her gaze is more malevolent than normal, some marks of old age are visible on her forehead, I smile, Rosa has been the only one who has known how to understand the importance of perfection for me, she worked for me. my parents for about 20 years, now he works for me, I even bought him the house across the street so that he would be here as early as possible when I need to leave very early. I appreciate him very much, he always took care of my brother and me when my parents were away.

"Bye Rosa... See you later," I say, taking my briefcase and leaving the kitchen.

"Bye, Santiago boy. he says, with a smile.

I stop short and turn to her, I stare at her; She knows I hate that phrase. She grins widely as she turns to the kitchen, tying her short hair into a ponytail.

I go to my car and start driving, the trees are already beginning to bloom, so much winter already had me depressed. I arrive at the company and I love that feeling of everyone running when they see me arrive. I love directing a magazine as big as Centinelo Magazine, with more than 25,000 employees, two years ago, when my father left me in charge of the

employees did not exceed 10,000.

I walk into the company, everything in place, that's good, gleaming glass showing everything outside, crisp gray carpet, gleaming glass and marble employee desks, spotless white walls, I can smell extreme cleanliness here, I love it.

"Good morning, Mr. Centinelo," the brunette receptionist gives me a smile that I don't answer.

Because I would do? I don't want them to think that they can be my friends, or want to seduce me... it's already happened to me; The truth is that for me private life and work do not mix, that is something that I am very clear about, that is why my achievements are very far from here.

Chapter 2

I enter my private elevator, I wouldn't enter with all the employees at the same time for the world, apart from the fact that it's uncomfortable for me how they stare at me. My elevator has glowing letters that read "Corporate" so everyone respect this elevator, you don't want to lose your job over that little detail.

I walk through the 25th floor until I go to my office that is at the bottom, I notice that my secretary is not there and I look at my watch, it is because she was here. Someone will have problems today. I enter my office, the view of New York from here is extraordinary, I touch my glass desk gently with my fingers to make sure it is perfectly clean, as is my ergonomic swivel chair, the glass that semi surrounds my office, yes, everything it is perfect.

I take my laptop out of my briefcase and turn it on sitting in my chair ahhh! I could fall asleep in it, I love it, I look at a piece of paper on my desk, it seems strange to me, I ta


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