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The Bonding Love (Version English)

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Today’s husband is yesterday’s benefactor. "Mirawadee" was betrayed by his fiancée, prompting her to flee. She still has to meet with a benefactor and follow her everywhere. Later, to survive, she had to consent to marry him. After that, she fell in love till she couldn’t stop herself. Until one day, she knew he was roughly a hundred years old. But fate has placed her right in the middle of the rank fate of this endlessly agonizing love. When the story from the past resurfaces, a mysterious spirit arrives and offers to ‘Give me your body’ to atone for the previous misdeeds she has committed!!



The Bonding Love (Ver. English)

Writer by Mamaya Writer


This novel is written solely from the imagination of the writer. The plot, location, culture, beliefs, religion, and characters do not exist. Dear readers, please use discretion when reading. It's all just a hypothesis to write it all over again.





In the year 199X,

There are many skyscrapers in the capital. Roads and technology change with every era. The sound of footsteps stopped, and a tall, slender young man appeared, dark gray eyes, black hair, sharp face, slender lips. He was standing there, looking up at the tall buildings around him. People are busy with life in a hurry. Everything has changed until almost the original layout remains. Time passed quickly, but his lifespan never changed.

“Master,” a voice calling from behind made him turn to look. The young man’s still eyes stare at the person in front of him who had sent them.

“My name is Mongkol, the son of Denphum. Come and serve your master after my father.”

“Umm,” he nodded.

The young man looks at him before handing the cage he was holding to the other party without asking, then walks up and sits in the car. Until the car started for a while, the driver’s voice spoke up. “My father passed away last year. He told me it was my duty to serve my lord and repay him for saving our family.”

He still sat and listened to the driver’s words with emotionless eyes. Even though the heart is trembling and too sensitive, this must have been the fourth generation of this family who had vowed to serve him in return for the kindness that gave him a new life.

“Sorry for your loss,” he said, looking out the window.

Humans have a lifespan of about 100 years, but with him, it is not. Even as a human being, he could not get sick, could not die, could only watch the people around him die. No matter how many years pass by, they wait alone.

...Death is the end of eternal life...


Chapter 1



Chapter 1


The year is 20XX.

Inside a room unit in the city's heart, the clothes scattered all over the floor. A tall, slender woman like a model. she has a lovely face with large black eyes. Full lips match the shape of the face. Humming happily as she picked up her clothes in front of the mirror. A sweet smile appeared as she thought of her boyfriend’s words three days ago that resonated in her head.

‘Honey... Merry Me’

Mirawadee picked up her clothes repeatedly but was still dissatisfied.

Today, the boyfriend urged her to dress as beautifully as possible, and it will ensure that there will be more surprises. Round eyes turned to look at the dozens of clothes that were piled up on the bed. She picked it up and looked at it many times without deciding.

After hearing the message vibrate, she reached out to pick up the phone and opened it to read it. A beatific smile appeared on her face. She l


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