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The Billionaire Seal

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Blurb Brent Kenilworth; a young and handsome man from the wealthiest family in Los Altos Hills, California is pushed to the edge by his parents to pick a bride before his thirty-fifth birthday or lose all he had hoped to inherit. Since losing the love of his life in cold-blooded murder, Brent has no time for love. Can he successfully pull strings that would end in a relationship? Amanda Brighton is searching for a man who has the financial wherewithal to clear her family's age-long debts and take care of her ailing mother. Beneath her, is a large world of her family's dark past, hunting her down. Can she be a pezrfect fit for Brent's wish? Can two people be together in a contractual union without falling in love? How long can they hold up the act of pretending to want to be married? And when the light is cast on her darkest secrets, would they still stand a chance to be together?

Chapter 1

Timeless Lounge,


The night air filled Brent's lungs and he found himself shivering underneath his heavy clothing. He was standing under the tree shade close to the lounge, puffing on a cigarette. Every smoke inhaled sent warmth to his chest but not to his heart. As he stood, scanning the streets that seemed as cold and dead still as a mortuary, save for the sound of music blasting into the night from the stuffy lounge; he noticed a small figure at a distance walking up in his direction.

From the Shadow, he could tell it was a lady. She had taken the bend that would bring her straight to the lounge. She looked d*mn too hot for a night hawker. Her curves stood out beneath her sweatshirts and leather pants. Her blonde hair glowed in resonance with the moonlight. She was such a beauty. She walked up to him and muttered a greeting and walked past her into the lounge. Brent held her wrist slightly to draw her attention

"Hey_______" Brent called out with the most awkward voice, whisked away by the cold he felt.

"Hey,_____. Have we met"?

The look in her eyes as she spoke sent shock waves and amusement to his spine. He could not let this one go. She would be good company for the night.

"Nope. I am sorry, I am Brent. Are you here with anyone"?

He lets her hand go believing he has gained her attention.

She smiled with a leer and looked up at him.

"How many hours of my cookies would you like to have"?

Her question caused Brent to choke on the smoke he had just inhaled and he coughed out loudly while trying to hold down laughter. She was something beyond description.

"Why are you choking? Am I wrong to assume you are already booked in a hotel nearby and you just came out to find some company"?

"How can you possibly know that"?

"Why else would your eyes follow me the distance it did, obviously mentally undressing me, running your hands over me, and moaning from the pleasure in your head? Or, am I wrong"?

"Okay______you are phenomenal. Not that I did not think about all these in the short time it took you to walk up to me but I am just shocked about how vocal you are about your thoughts".

Her face appeared expressionless. She just looked at him with a daring gaze.

"Do you want to spend the night with me"? Brent asked with a faint smile.

"Does it even occur to You that my initial question is still unanswered? For how many hours would you like to have my cookies"?

"For as long as you want me in there " he replied with a look of confidence.

"You're sure you wanna do this"?

"I dare say yes! He pulled her into his arms and kissed her without a care. His tongue stretched into all the corners of her mouth. She tasted minty and her breath filled his nostrils. She smelled too good. Her soft mush lips filled his and his heartbeat with a longing for more.

Her heartbeat rose faster than normal. This was not the first man she ever kissed but something felt different about this mysterious man. She moved her hands down his legs and felt the huge bulge between his legs. He quickly placed his hands on hers, stopping her from going any further.

"Easy___easy darling". He hesitantly pulled away from her lips.

"I am hiring you for tonight and every other night I feel up to it".

"Is that a way of telling me I have just won your heart"?

" Not my heart, my manhood".

"Hmm ____interesting".

"Is there any other business tying you to this lounge tonight? Or should we move on?".

She did have other businesses to clean up. He was not the reason she came to the lounge but he was about to become the only reason she would not regret this night.

She looked on into the large room filled with different species of humans, twirling away in their drunken state to the blaring music.

There among these humans sat a monster, waiting for her to walk in through the door to devour her and divide her amongst other monsters.

But here was a lesser monster, a more humanistic being she could spend the night with and have a breath of fresh air. It was risky to let go of that meeting with the Wolf but for this gentleman, it was a worthy risk to take.

"Are you game, Miss_____"


"Oh,____ 'Amanda'. Not bad for such a corky lady". He smiled at his own words. She smiled back and nodded towards the direction where cars were parked.

"Which one is your ride"? She asked matter-of-factly.

Brent put out the cigarette and squashed it with his feet then walked on towards his car. Amanda followed him, walking briskly still mentally struggling with who to be with.

"This is my car". He stopped by a ford Mustang GT 500, version 2022. Amanda quickly swallowed a lump of saliva. From his looks and his car and the confidence she spotted, she could tell his pockets were large.

"Nice ride" she casually muttered while she brushed her hands across the bonnet slightly as she walked around to the passenger's side still wearing her glazed look.

"Nice ride? Brent asked with a quizzical look and a smile. "You are quite a phenomenon that I am about to unbox". He got into the car, started the ignition, and drove away into the dead silent roads, chatting away with his newly found price.

Back in the street, right in front of the lounge, a corky man stood, dressed in black glowering over the pair that just drove off. He had a wolfish look and was truly ready to devour.

He spat on the floor angrily and muttered curses under his breath.

"I will hunt you down, b*tch"!

With that, he walked back into the lounge.

Chapter 2

Worth Luxury Apartments.

Brent and Amanda drove into the apartment building and parked in the garage. It was in the early hours of the morning. The streets were becoming aglow with lights from stores and shops. The large bakery at the end of the boulevard was already up and functional. The aroma of the milky bread filled the dawn air; it smelt of milk and butter and a little bit of cheese.

"Do I smell bread? Like straight from the factory kind of bread"?

Brent looked down at her with a jerky smile.

"Are you a bread lover"?

Her eyes lit up with excitement and for the first time, he could see an expression on her face.

"Oh yes! Absolutely"! She replied excitedly.

"Hmm_____I find that interesting; because I wait up hours to be the first buyer. They will deliver some loaves to me once it is all done ".

Amanda's eyes widened with excitement.

"Oh wooowiii! I could fall in love with you


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