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The Billionaire's Wife and the Mistress

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Adam, the son of a billionaire, married Maya because of an arranged marriage. He was forced to treat Maya well to avoid losing the inheritance. He played a loving husband to Maya in front of his father. However, who would have thought that Adam kept a secret? He already had a girlfriend who he loved so much, Sabrina. He even kept seeing the mistress behind his wife's back. How long would Adam be able to keep this secret? What kind of decision would Maya take when she learned the truth? When a handsome and kind man approached Maya to offer comfort, would she accept it? An innocent wife, a cheating husband, an evil mistress, and a knight in shining armor.

Chapter 1 Forced Marriage

"Adam, listen! Marry Maya ASAP or you will lose all your inheritance!" Paul snapped at Adam, his only son. His eyes stared at the young man sharply, showing a seriousness that no one could bargain for, including his child.

Maya was Adam's secretary, as well as Adam's fiancé since childhood. She was the daughter of Paul's friend who died in an accident two months ago, making Maya live alone. For this reason, Paul wanted to immediately take Maya as a daughter-in-law as he promised Maya's parents long ago.

"Dad, I can't! You know I already ... um ... I don't want to get married yet," Adam dodged. He almost let slip that he already had another girl, not Maya.

So far, Adam had been stalling for time to marry Maya for one reason. He was waiting for his father to die, so he could inherit without having to marry Maya. Thus, Adam would be able to marry his girlfriend, Sabrina. This did not mean that Adam will justify any means to make his father leave this world immediately. Adam chose to be patient because the doctor said his father's life expectancy was only about a year left.

The father was certainly not stupid. Paul was not an innocent old man who thought his only son was a good man who loved his family above all. He knew what Adam meant by deliberately delaying his marriage. Because of that, he was determined to force Adam to marry Maya before his death.

"It's up to you! Marry Maya immediately, or everything will go! I will not hesitate to give all my wealth to her!" threatened Paul while banging the table. His eyes stared at the son as if his son was someone else, not the heir of the family. "No haggling!" he added without showing a hint of a smile on his lips.

“But, Dad ….” Adam begged, wanting to ask for leniency. However, something Mr. Paul picked up from the table, made him stop talking.

In the hands of the middle-aged man, a letter of transfer of property ownership for Maya was prepared. Paul wanted to bully his son. He did not want to lose to his only son's tricks.

A sinister smile spread across Paul's face. "I'll give you one week to think!" Cruelty graced the old man’s face. "Just one week and not more. You'll know that I always do what I said if you are even one day late.”

Paul raised the paper in his hand and showed the contents to Adam and said again, "You know I'm serious. So serious!"

Adam's eyes widened. He knew exactly what his father meant. If within a week he didn't marry Maya, then all of his father's wealth would be bestowed on Maya. Adam ruffled his dark hair. His sharp emerald eyes were unable to meet his father because he knew his position was so weak. His jaw tightened, thinking hard about how to get out of his current predicament. Unfortunately, he knew very well that was impossible to bargain.

"All right, Dad! I will marry her in no time."

Adam cursed in his head. He just looked at his father’s back who stomped out of his room with eyes full of anger. If his mother was still around, surely something like this would never have happened. Before long, Adam slammed the coffee cup on his desk. The light-colored marble floor of the room was stained with spilled coffee and scattered shards of cups.

“D*mn it!” Adam cursed harshly. He didn't even care about the mess he just made.

Soon, a beautiful girl with an oval face entered Adam's room. Her sweet face with light makeup looked serious and panicked. Her long brunette hair fluttered gracefully following the hurried movements of her body.

"Adam, are you okay?" she asked with a look of genuine concern. Her blue ocean eyes rounded, hoping that everything is okay on Adam’s end.

"My hands are slippery! Sorry to bother you, Maya!" Adam forced a smile on his face. The tall, athletic man didn't want her to know that he was having problems with his father. If she found out about this, he was sure that the woman in front of him will not let go of the opportunity to take control of his father's property.

Which human did not have a lust for wealth? Because of that, Adam was very sure, even though Maya's appearance was as innocent as an angel, surely she also had a dark side filled with ambitions.

Adam observed the young woman who looked serious about cleaning the floor with a duster. Unintentionally, she cut her finger and screamed. "Aaah!"

"Maya! Are you okay?" Adam asked reflexively.

Maya shook her head. However, Adam grabbed Maya's injured index finger, then licked and s*ck*d it. Maya's innocent soul, of course, was touched. Even though the handsome man was her fiancé, they had never done any skinship stuff at all, apart from just shaking hands. At this moment, Maya's face was blushing because of Adam's action.

Adam then took the first aid kit and bandaged the small wound on Maya's right index finger with a band-aid.

"Done! You can go. I will clean up this mess myself!" said Adam.

Maya's heart bloomed at Adam's attention which was more than usual. She smiled and said, "It's okay, Adam! Just let me do it!"

"Hey, it’s fine. I'm your future husband!" retorted Adam with a playful smile that he smeared more and more. "Are you free tonight? How about dinner tonight?"

“Of course,” Maya answered shyly.

Thus, Adam decided to comply with his father's request. There was no way he would allow Maya to take possession of the fortune that should be his.

Adam immediately bought a necklace with a diamond pendant, because he did not know the size of Maya's ring finger. He also made reservations at fancy restaurants.

After work, Adam took Maya to the boutique and asked her to choose the dress she liked the most. The humble Maya changed her appearance to become a proper lady. Tonight, he proposed to Maya with the most romantic proposal a woman could ever imagine.


A week later, Adam married Maya. He treated Maya as a lover that he truly loved. Just like tonight, their first night. It was the night that Maya had been waiting for and that made her tremble.

"Drink, this is an energy drink to increase stamina. It is a present from my aunt. You should drink it," said Adam to his wife who had just finished bathing. The wife just nodded blushing according to everything her husband ordered without knowing that Adam mixed the drink with a small amount of sleeping powder.

Initially, Adam didn't want to touch Maya. The beauty and fragrance of vanilla and roses that emanated from her body did not even make him tempted. However, his father's last words scared him so much.

"Treat Maya well. Or you will regret it!" said Paul when he was about to part with his son. "I will process the transfer of my property to your name once your first child is born."

That was Paul's threat, which always managed to frighten Adam. So, like it or not, he had to touch and treat Maya as he should so that the nightmare did not befall him.

That's why, at this time, Adam's soft kiss landed on his wife's forehead. Whispers and affectionate coaxing escaped the man's lips.

"You are so beautiful ...," Adam complimented his wife while observing her flawless and clean face. He stared at her plump lips with darkened eyes. Then he pecked the sweet lips gently. Over time, it became more and more enthusiastic.

At this time, anyone who saw Adam would think that he was a husband who loved his wife. Who knew that he was a great actor?

Maybe, Adam was just an ordinary cat who would not refuse if a delicious lasagna was served in front of him. As it was now, his ragged breath already indicated how this night would end.

"Turn off the light, please," asked Maya timidly.

"No! I want to see everything in you!" Adam refused while continuing to gently seduce and touch her.

"I don't want you to see me cry. People say the first time hurts a lot," Maya objected.

Adam stopped. He didn’t expect that the girl was a virgin. "I'll take it slow. Trust me."

That was their last talk. After that, only sighs colored the silence of the room. Adam fulfilled his promise to Maya. Making Maya feel like the happiest bride on her first night. They no longer felt where the sky was and where the earth was. All they feel was heaven.


Early in the morning, Adam's cell phone vibrated. He fell asleep. Though he had other plans beforehand. He didn't expect to have to work hard to make Maya get tired and fell asleep. Ended up exhaustion for himself until he fell asleep as well afterward.

"That's bad! Sabrina must be mad!" Adam cursed softly so as not to wake up Maya who was still sleeping. Slowly, Adam moved away from the hotel room where he and his wife had fun earlier.

He then picked up the call from Sabrina and whispered, "I'm going to your room now!”

Chapter 2 Sharing Love

Adam walked out slowly from room 509 to room 406, where Sabrina was. He rushed over because he was so afraid of Sabrina's anger. There was no way he would allow himself to fail on the first night of such an important mission, right?

The man knocked on the door and found Sabrina opening the door quickly. A sign that he had been waiting for Adam's presence for a long time.

"You were having a good time, huh? What were you doing?" Sabrina snapped. Her anger didn't match her sweet face. Her long wavy hair made her look even more elegant. How graceful her appearance if she didn’t rage. "I've been waiting for you! Forever."

"Sabrina, stop! She is my wife. Even though this is all an act, I have to treat her like a real wife. Otherwise, my dad will cancel my inheritance!" retorted Adam trying to calm down.

"But you said that I am the only woman you love, Adam!" protested Sabrina, getting annoyed. Her round am


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