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The Billionaire's Obsession

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Adamson's obsessions are women and revenge. He lived with those thoughts in his mind and heart because of the people who destroyed his family, causing him to lose his parents. He wasn't happy and had no trace of love in his stony heart. He's a terrible womanizer and a terrible wrecker, but he was enchanted when he saw this young woman: a 20-year-old granddaughter of his butler. He didn't stop until he had her under his control and did terrible things to make her his wife. She became his sweetest obsession, young, beautiful, and shy, Elyzabeth Alexa. She was an obsession that was difficult to overcome, until one day he woke up realizing he already loved her. He loves her, but he doesn't trust her. It's a trauma, and he doesn't know how to fully surrender.


PROLOGUEAt ten o'clock in the evening, Yza stepped out onto the balcony of the boarding house she was renting. She rested her arms on the wooden railings, feeling the wind play with her damp and very dark hair. She gazed at her surroundings because sleep eluded her, so she chose to stay outside and let the breeze calm her.She glanced at her friend Tiffany, who was sound asleep, and envied her contentment. Yza, with only a year left in her studies, struggled through life. There were times when she thought that if she were just wealthy, her life wouldn't be this challenging.She accepted all sorts of jobs just to support her education and help her grandmother, who was her only family in the world and getting older. Yza aspired to become an accountant, but she felt that her dream was slipping further away with just one year left, due to the hardships.Her gaze wandered to a large apartment building across from where they lived. It was the opposite of their place, built from wood, while this one was made of concrete and impressively large. Rich people seemed to be the tenants, evident from the fancy cars parked there.Her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed someone in one of the units. She observed a man standing on a terrace. She stood upright, squinting to see him in the darkness, and all she could make out clearly was the glow of the cigarette he was smoking. At first, she hadn't noticed anyone because his room was so dim, as if he was conserving electricity.Doesn't he have money? Yza wondered to herself, but she suddenly hugged herself as if she felt that he was looking at her.Is he looking at me?Fear and a shiver ran down her spine because he continued to puff on the cigarette, and the smoke she saw joined the wind.The stranger's gaze was palpable, and they were directly facing each other until he moved closer to the terrace's railing, bathed in the moon's light.She saw his eyes fixed on her, as if studying her intently.Yza couldn't catch her breath.Oh my! Is he Dracula?She quickly turned and rushed inside. She glanced back at the man, and despite the fear and her pounding heart, the man's dark, intense gaze remained locked on her. She could barely make out the face of the stranger, and she had a foreboding feeling that he was a frightening person.She shivered at the man.Who is he?Is he Dracula, like in the horror movies on TV?She swallowed hard. What if he has fang

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1Yza took large strides as she entered the De Lorenzo’s compound after getting out of the taxi. It was her second day in this massive house and estate, devoid of anyone except the servants, bodyguards, and the sole owner, Mister Adamson Rix de Lorenzo. She hadn’t even caught a glimpse of him in nearly three years of her grandmother working as a mayor doma in this mansion. Her grandmother never allowed her to come, describing the owner as strict and averse to outsiders.Initially, when Yza arrived, her grandmother didn’t know, and the owner was out of town, so she didn’t get to meet him. The anticipation of seeing this señorito Adam was building up since the house staff had described him as extremely handsome, even though he was quiet and always serious. Now, with her grandmother unwell, Yza was here.She noticed the main door was closed, so she entered through the side of the house, near the dirty kitchen. In a sudden turn, she bumped into somethi


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