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Kassy loved Stefan with everything in her -from trusting him to marry her to trusting him to collect a loan and use their house as a collateral despite her younger brother warnings. After travelling all the way to New York to visit him and had the greatest shock of her life. Her life takes an abrupt U-turn Shattered, broken-and used as a puppet, ------- Colliding with a rich billionaire and she found herself entangled in his love conspiracies. Now that Stefan has betrayed her and wouldn't give her back the money she needs to retain the house. Accepting a contract marriage with the young billionaire to keep the house, she found herself falling for the Frederick Walkerton. Life take an abrupt twist as Stefan Peyton resurfaced....stronger, rich and more influential. Abused- she found out she was pregnant. But the question is for who? Watch out as Kassy Gaye makes her choices. Would love or Dominance conquer?

Chapter 1 (FATE)

"I need to get to New York. "As soon as possible?" inquired a barely audible frail voi

"Please give me a few seconds, ma'am." The receptionist responded kindly and returned her gaze to the screen, where she was typing into the compute.

"Madame, the earliest flight is DL airlines, but it is already full. Would you like to fly in DL Airlines' business class, or should I schedule you for tomorrow?" she respond.

"Tomorrow"? She said it aloud, as if it were some kind of plague. She couldn't bear the thought of staying here even for a few seconds, let alone for the rest of the day. Tomorrow was far away. It was not even an option for her. Being out of options Kassy nodded her head in affirmation, as she swiped her credit card and paid 3700 US dollars.

The girl who regularly compare chocolate brand prices to save a few cents didn't even blink.

It became terribly hard for her to keep back the tears that were starting to well up in her eyes. Her heart ached. She only wanted a quick escape.

An escape from the cruel and harsh realities of this world. She hurried towards the security checkpoint gripping the boarding pass securely in her hands. The only thing she wanted was to leave this place as quickly as humanly possible. She didn't need a fortune teller to tell her that she wasn't welcome in this place. She didn't belong here. She headed to the information panel for her flight details after passing through immigration. The screen flashed with an update as soon as she arrived.

Alongside the flight numbers and destination, big red letters protruded.


Delayed flight to New York.

New time for boarding: 04:15

She had a two-hour delay in her flight.

'Two hours!'

Even the universe seemed to have imprisoned her. Even fate was working against her, preventing her from making the choices she wanted to. She didn't move her gaze from the screen. Her spirit crushed further with each passing second as they lay in the dust on the ground shattered into tiny fragments. She inhaled deeply, attempting to control her emotions and compose herself, but she failed miserably.

As she walked away from the information panel, tears streamed down her cheeks. She was desperate to be alone, to find a secluded spot where she could cry her heart from prying eyes.

So she dashed towards the lounge when she saw the sign. She grabbed her purse and ran. But before she could even enter the lounge, she collided with someone.

A direct collision!

She went down as a result of the collision, but he remained immovable due to his rock-solid physique. She had barely smelled his musky fragrance when, in a spilt second the aroma of the coffee over took it. She could tell that he meant business by the quality of his expensive suit and his shoes.

Real Business!

The papers he was carrying were all over the place, and his coffee had spilled.

She began gathering some of the sheets that were scattered across the floor and was apologizing, "I'm so sorry, I'm really, very sorry." Yet, she lacked the courage to lift her face and meet his gaze as she didn't want him to see her in her completely messed-up state. She didn't want to be pitied. So, she stood up in a hurry, bowed to apologize, glanced at him and ran into the washroom before he could even utter a word to her. She scanned the lounge quickly and as soon as she found the washroom she scurried inside, seconds became minutes and minutes drew nearer to hour. But the stream of tears didn't stop for quite some time.

Finally, after she was able to control them, she started wiping her face in front of the mirror. At that moment only did she realize how dishelved she looked. Her hair was tied into a messy bun. And she was in the clothes she changed into last night. But she didn't care. She had important things that bothered her at the moment. All this crying made her look like a thorough mess. But she had no care in the world. She flinched and returned to reality when she heard a soft knock on the door.

It dawned on her that she had just lost herself. Here was not the right place or time to cry over spilt milk. She muttered a soft "Hold on". After rinsing her face she took a quick glance at the mirror and scurried out of the room. Immediately Kassy left the washroom, she unconsciously slumped on a chair at the lounge. At that point, her whole existence felt like a terrible joke. She gave up everything to fly into her own doom like a fool. She felt abandoned, the walls closing in on her.

'What happened to his promises?'

'Those vows he made to her?'

'Where those mere words?'

'He didn't take them really serious right?'

These questions raced recklessly through her head.She felt alone in this whole world. Tears hurried down the corners of her already damped eyes as she opened her purse and took out her phone which had been vibrating all along. So many missed calls from Stefan and 3 from her brother. She stared at the screen and nonchalantly clicked her What'sApp.

Her messages popped out. So many unread messages from Stefan. She started reading them.

"It's not really what you think"

"Reply me when you're online please"

"Don't overthink this, don't you trust me?"

"I wouldn't do such a thing"

"Please pick up your phone"

"Let's talk like Adults"

"Don't just conclude things okay ".

Kassy kept reading on and on and somehow his sugarcoat mouth wanted to convince her, she saw herself gradually falling for his words and logic.'Fuck that asshole! He had the guts to lie to her face after what she saw with her own eyes.He took her for some foolish puppet right?'She couldn't even start to measure her pain to even think he lied and duped her all this while. Even though she had seen it with her own eyes, her heart refused to believe it.

Her brain kept telling her how much of a fraudster Stefan was with concrete reasons but still she couldn't accept those terms. Her heart felt like it had been plunged with a knife.

She clutched the phone tightly as those hot tears rolled down all over again. She gasped for air as those horrifying scenes flashed back to reality.She had come all the way from New York to Dubai to surprise her financeè. Unfortunately she was the one receiving the biggest shock of her life.Instead of surprising him, she found her life collapsing in her own very tight grasp.

"The world is really cruel" She tried hard to recomposed herself and dialled a number.

"Bro! I'm coming back. And I'm ashamed to say this, Stefan is an asshole". And her little self control broke again. Tears came rolling out and then the grief consumed her.

Chapter 2 ( BAD DAY)

It was a terrible day for Frederick!

He had just come all the way from New York to Dubai to finalize a deal.

The terms, contracts and deals was already chatered out. It was just a friendly gesture for both parties to sign the contract.

It was a big deal for him.

He needed to get this partnership with the Salvoure foods, one of the largest food industry in the world, so not only him, but his whole team at Frilly foods were at the mercy of this partnership.

He had just reached Dubai and was suppose to fly out the same night after signing the contract with the CEO of Salvoure foods, Mr Patrick.

'Ding' his notification bell rang.

He just got a message from Mr Patrick's Secretary, explaining that he already flew out of the country due to personal issues and that the contract would be delayed.

He stared at his phone for a while, unable to believe how things just took a U-turn.

His best friend Charles who was also happe


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