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The Billionaire's Flirting Expert

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Dating is fun but not when the media defined you as a psycho clingy dater. Artemesia Vena is known as a singer song writer who puts the story of her past love in every song. She didn't just create a name in the industry, she build a reputation. Braxton Rozx Bentley, a billionaire bachelor that has no experience in dating needs a guide to win the woman she likes. He hired her to be his flirting expert. Artemesia have a long list of ex lovers while Braxton doesn't. Will their indifferences pull them closer or push them away from each other? What happen's when Braxton Rozx flirts with Artemesia, his flirting expert?

Chapter 1

“Vanilla Latte. ”I ordered.“Just a minute, Ma’am.”I nodded. I scanned the place with my eyes all around. There are also a lot of people here in the coffee shop, maybe because it’s so early. Everyone is busy typing on their laptop while others are reading a book, there are also a few students.I looked behind me as the woman greeted the cashier. “Good Morning, Sir!” She greeted the arriving man.“The usual,” he said. I accidentally inhale his manly perfume because he’s beside me. I took a glimpse of him. He is standing proudly, shoulders arched back and his chin held high.I looked away at him then I also glanced at the clock on my wrist then I turned to the cash register. There was something the woman whispered to the companion. Just a few minutes later the two seemed to be arguing. The woman with him was sweaty and restless. “S-sir, We r-an out of b-beans,” she stammered.“It’s just morning and you ran out of beans?” His voice is deep.“We only have the usual coffee bean sir, not the expensive one. Maybe it will come later. Your secretary didn’t say—” she didn’t finish what she was going to say when another woman shouted from behind her.“Vanilla Latte!” That’s my order!I would have taken the coffee from the woman in front of me but the man next to me grabbed it.“Wait, that’s my coffee!” I growled at the man who took the coffee I bought.“Order what you want Miss, I’ll pay for taking your coffee.”My forehead furrowed, my eyebrows sure to meet as well. “Do you have a problem? Why don’t you buy yours ?!”What did he think? Can he just take my coffee as long as he wants?I don’t have to give a d*mn if he pays for my coffee, it would be nice if I wasn’t in a hurry either. Then I let him take my coffee, I will wait again. Mossy will definitely preach to me.He turned to the woman at the cashier. The woman spoke automatically as if she had said something I had not heard. “We have donuts and pancakes to partner with your vanilla latte.” She smiled.I ignored what she said instead I turned to the man who had already left the coffee shop.The heck of this man’s! I hurried out of the coffee shop and ran to him. I grabbed his elbow from behind causing him to stop. He turned to me, his eyebrows meeting.Soon I looked at his face, my gaze dropped to the coffee he was holding in his left hand.“This is mine.” I tried to take it but I just guided it towards me and didn’t get it.He pulled the coffee back to him. “I’m in a hurry, miss, just wait for your order, I’ll pay for it.”“Are you the only one in a hurry?” I pulled the coffee towards me again even though he was still holding it. He tightened the grip there.“Learn to wait and don‘t own something that’s not yours,” I gritted my teeth. “If you can’t wait for your coffee, It’s your problem not mine.” Who do you think you are? The man smiled slightly at me then scanned me. My forehead furrowed at what he had done. I instantly got conscious. I felt its warm palm on top of my hand. He removed my grip on the coffee then turned around, he walked away from me. My eyes followed the man, he walked towards the car not far from the coffee shop then got in there.The car was gone but my gaze remained there.What just happened?Did he steal my Vanilla latte?What a jerk!I rolled my eyes then sighed heavily.I glance at my wrist watch. Great. Now I’m late and my coffee is stolen. What a great way to start my day.I looked up at the studio building. My eyes shifted at the group of reporters bombarding Sandra Martina, the five time MTV winner. His bodyguards blocked the reporter to keep her away from the media. I watched her car leave. The reporter failed to capture her statement.Every now and then, I come across this situation. I took a deep breath before walking into the group of reporters. No one came or noticed me, no one did.I touched one. “Hi, I’m—”“Yes I know you, Artemesia Vena right? Why do you date anyone famous today?”I covered my mouth with what he said.So it’s really true. My name is only known because of the men who became my ex.“Nothing? Then don’t bother me, we’re still waiting for Juliana, the famous singer.”I rolled my eyes at him. ‘When I have a new date, I won’t interview you.’ Whispered my mind before continuing to walk.“Artemesia, you’re late again! You know this meeting is important!”I opened the door. Mossy when I entered the conference room. When I arrived, he was immediately angry.I blinked when I heard that, I walked to the front then lazily sat down, I put the vanilla latte on the table.I was late so I just waited for the coffee. I haven’t bought anything yet, it’s just this coffee because I’ve already paid for it. It’s a pity if I just leave, I can’t afford not to have coffee in the morning. Because coffee is already a part of my life.I get two or more in a day. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it, I try not to have more than five coffees a day.“Artemesia! Why are you late?”I sip coffee first before I answer. “I’m still ahead of them so I’m not late.”“Even though, Artemesia. We begged so we shouldn’t wait for them. What if they were ahead of you?”“Here I am, Mossy.” His right eyebrow rose. “Why are you late?”“The man at the coffee shop stole my coffee, so I waited again!” I was irritated by the promise.

Chapter 2

“You’re stupid reasons again. Late because you’re late for coffee again!”

I stared at him. “If the man hadn’t stolen my coffee, I wouldn’t be late! Then I’ll be ahead of Julia so don’t worry, they might be late!”


We glanced at the conference room door. My eyes landed on the woman behind the old man.

Mossy went to them quickly, held out her hand to the man but ignored him. He reached me.

I glanced at Juliana who was still wearing shades inside the conference room. There’s no sun here inside, so where is she dazzling?

“Can we make this fast? I still have a mall tour because I have nine.”

My eyebrows raised at her. Mall tour at nine in the morning? Is she serious? Aren’t malls open about ten or eleven?

The two sat in the vacant seat in front of us.

“It’s just so fast, isn’t it Moses?” Noel, his manager.



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