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The Billionaire's Beloved Maid

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Damian Nathaniel Dexter is very interested in his parents' maid, Sarah Van Damme, who has a beautiful body and a very beautiful face. The man wanted to have her, not as a lover, but as a lust satisfaction by taking advantage of her innocence. However, over time, Damian's perverted passion turned into a spring flower that ended in disaster. The man now wants Sarah as his lover, regardless of her status and position. Unbeknownst to him, his parents had planned his match with Gwen Stacy Germanotta, the girl who was on par with his family and had liked him since high school. Can Damian defend and prove his love for Sarah? What steps will he take? and how will Gwen react when she finds out she was rejected outright by Damian, whom she has loved since high school? then what about Sarah? Will she accept Damian's love?


A man entered a luxurious monochrome house that looked very lonely. He was Damian Nathaniel Dexter, a handsome man with a firm jaw overgrown with a neatly shaved beard, hazel blue eyes and slightly thick eyebrows, and hair that was combed in a spiky style.

Damian stopped in the living room, glancing around which showed no life there. The man glanced towards the top floor and saw that all the bedroom doors were closed. he took off his black coat and put it on the shoulder of the white couch there, then walked towards the kitchen.

"Ahh... Ahh...."

Damian frowned when he heard a sigh, but it seemed like it wasn't someone's voice but the sound of a TV or cell phone. He turned to the workers' rooms that lined a hallway and saw that there was a door that was not tightly closed. The man approached the slightly open door and then pushed it very slowly so he could peek at the activity in the room.

'Oh my God....'

Damian swallowed his saliva when he saw a girl lying in a reclining position on a single-sized bed with a white bed sheet. The girl only wears a black t-shirt, while her lower body is wearing nothing and is in a straddle position, one hand seems to feel her feminine area while one hand holds a cell phone that keeps making sighs.

'Oh my God, is she the new maid here? why would she do this kind of thing in the afternoon?'

Damian wondered, continuing to stare at the naturally black-haired girl playing with her feminine area until he felt very hot, wanting to help the girl gain satisfaction. yeah, he knows, he knows that girl needs a partner to fulfill her sexual needs, even he feels that he also needs a partner because his manhood feels tense.

"Ugh ... If I had a boyfriend, maybe I could be like them," said the girl while continuing to grope her femininity.

Damian continued to stand near the door, feeling more and more lustful until he unconsciously squeezed his very tense manhood under his pants.

"Oh, d*mn it. I don't care who she is!"

Damian couldn't contain his passion anymore, went straight into the room, and locked the door. Suddenly his presence made the girl immediately stop her naughty activities and pulled the blanket to cover her naked lower body.

"Who are you?" the girl asked, panicked.

"I'm Damian… Damian Nathaniel Dexter, son of the owner of this house," Damian replied casually, looking at the girl full of passion. He continued to approach the girl until he climbed onto the bed, staring at her face closely until he realized her natural beauty, like a girl in her 20s year.

The girl leaned back until she was close to the head of the bed, unable to move anymore because it would make her fall. Her heart was beating fast, she was both embarrassed and afraid of Damian who was looking at her with passion, making her wonder if Damian could be like this because he had seen her wank.

"I know you need a partner, I know you need help….you need a man to satisfy you," Damian said with a smile, then glanced at the girl's cell phone that was still on and played a video of an adult scene of a couple on the bed.

The girl felt cornered, not expecting her employer's son to catch her naughty activities. She couldn't do anything but stay silent, because if she got off the bed, the man would see that she wasn't wearing pants or underwear.

"I thought you wanted to be like them," Damian said.

"Eh... Yeah.. um." The girl swallowed her saliva, suddenly nervous. "You can leave now. This is my matter."

"No, I won't go out because I also got into trouble because of your activities," Damian said with a serious look at the girl. He threw the girl's cell phone in any direction, but luckily it didn't fall off the bed. After that, he grabbed the girl's hand and directed it to touch the area of ​​his manhood that was still covered by his pants. "You have to feel how he's so tense... It's all because of you," he said in a sensual tone.

"I... I... I don't know." The girl tried to pull her hand away but Damian resisted.

"You know, but you pretend you don't know," Damian said, then quickly pushed the blanket covering the girl's lower body.

"Oh my gosh..." The girl was surprised, and immediately curled up narrowing her thighs so that her feminine area was not visible. "Master, please... Get out of here!"

"Why?" asked Damian.

"I am ashamed, I am afraid!" replied the girl with fear.

"You don't have to be afraid because it looks like this house is empty….maybe mom and dad are away... Because otherwise, you wouldn't have dared to do something like this at a time like this, you're not even wearing a headset or locking the door," Damian said, then invited the girl to sit down in a relaxed manner. "You know... You excite me. I know you need me, and I need you ... Now let's just do it ... No one will know," he continued reassuringly.

"But... But, sir?" The girl grew more and more uncomfortable, trying to refuse Damian's invitation which seemed impossible to her.

"Come on, don't think too much," Damian exclaimed, immediately pushing the girl down and curling on top of her. He immediately lowered his head, kissing her lips so aggressively that she couldn't resist.

The girl stammered, unable to do anything but return Damian's kiss. The image of the video she had seen earlier, made her feel excited again, making her immediately unbutton Damian's white shirt one by one while continuing to kiss.

Damian continued to kiss the girl he didn't even know her name. Slowly his naughty hand, touched her chest which was still covered by clothes.

" have perfect boobs," Damian said, slowly pulling up the girl's t-shirt until he saw her chest that wasn't too big or small. He immediately kissed the girl's chest while squeezing it.


"I like your body, I love your skin….you're so perfect!" Damian kept praising the girl, whether it was because she was really fascinated or just to increase her passion.

The girl continued to moan, closing her eyes as she felt Damian's tongue and lips explore her chest. slowly she felt a finger infiltrate her feminine area which was already wet, but suddenly all the sexual activity stopped.

"Hey... Are you still a virgin?" Damian asked, looking up at the girl so seriously that he frowned.

The girl was silent, shaking and swallowing her saliva.

"Hey, answer me," Damian exclaimed.

"Yeah... I'm still a virgin." The girl said so quietly and lowered her head.

"Good grief ..." Damian exhaled roughly, looking at the girl who looked very innocent with both admiration and pity. at once he did not know whether to continue this sexual activity or not, because if he continued, it would make him the first for the girl while they had no relationship at all, he didn't even know the girl's name.

"Don't you like it?" the girl asked.

Damian was silent, then sat down and looked at the girl with a strange sensation. Lust, doubt, and pity filled his feelings, making him speechless.

Be the first

Damian sighed, immediately sat up with a worried look, and bent his knees. He glanced at the girl and immediately pulled the blanket to cover her half-naked body. "Is there any problem?" the girl asked.

"Yeah….I can't possibly take your virginity away when we don't have any relationship… I don't want you to regret it because it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” Damian replied nervously because, in reality, he wanted that girl right now.

"Oh, I see ..."

"Yeah ... the moment of releasing the virginity must be precise, full of volunteerism and tenderness," Damian explained.

The girl was silent, glancing at Damian who was handsome and indeed very fit her criteria. the lust that has taken over her heart, makes her think when else will she be able to make love to a handsome and rich man like him while she is just a maid?

"You're beautiful ... I'm interested in giving the first moment of


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