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The Billionaire House Boy

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After the death of his parents, Ryker was adopted by his grandmother who lived on the suburban streets in the city. At age 27, Ryker got a job as a house boy with one of the richest families in the City. He was humiliated by everyone and treated like garbage and a nobody to the world, even his girlfriend who he loved so much, cheated on him. Little did he know that the only possession he had ever since he was a kid was the connection to a realization that he was not who he thought he was.  After 20 years of suffering, Ryker finally became the Billionaire he was meant to be. However opposition came and through that, he was able to discover hidden secrets and truths about his parent’s death.

Chapter 1

“Ryker! Ryker!”

“Oh! Not again” Ryker mumbled with a grimace on his face, as he dropped the santoku knife he was using to cut a bunch of carrots. He wanted to ignore the call but hell no he couldn’t. Madam Elizabeth is someone you must not ignore unless you’re in deep love with punishment. Ryker could swear that Elizabeth was trying all her possible best for him not to prepare lunch on time. He knew the consequences of not serving lunch in the dining at exactly 2 pm, especially when Jenny, her only daughter who always took his side was not around.

Among the Gatewoods, Jenny was the only nicest among them. She was calm, kind-hearted, sweet, and extremely beautiful. The kind of girl every man would cling on. No one needs a soothsayer to tell that she looked exactly like her mother.

But in character, a big fat NO!

Madam Elizabeth or as she loved been called Queen Elizabeth happens to be the wife of the one and only founder of Cobalt Enterprises, William Gatewood. Lord William happens to control one of the biggest enterprises in America. William started his company in his late thirties before meeting with Elizabeth. He worked so hard and tirelessly, collaborating with different corporations and establishments, just to make it a success. Now, in his mid-fifties, he was at the top of his game.

Lord William had everything that money could buy. An elegant mansion in the heart of the city, a collection of expensive cars, and a closet full of designer suits. Traveling was his favorite thing, be it for meetings or vacations with his family.

However, one thing made people dislike him.

Lord William was known for his arrogance. He believed that his wealth gave him the right to look down on others. This caused even some of his partners whose net worth couldn’t be compared to his, to fear him. His pride extended to his first and only son, Jake. Aside from his father’s wealth, his good look was a factor in his arrogance. Jake was undeniably handsome, with chiseled features, piercing blue eyes, and a winning smile that could make any woman weak in the knees. Even though he was rude, and condescending and often made cruel comments about people’s appearance or lifestyle, His parents never ceased to back him up.

Now what kind of maniac would think of working for a family full of sh*t? Definitely no one except Ryker.

Ryker didn't care about the family’s attitude. He was more concerned about his pay. Five thousand dollars a month was a lot for a common house boy whose duty was to cook and clean the magnificent house.

“Where the hell are you, Ryker!”

Ryker hearing her disgruntled voice increased his pace on the stairs. Ryker knew he was in for another season of trouble but there was not that slightest worry in his mind. He was now accustomed to it.

Ryker got to the expensive and high-quality wooden door and placed a single knock. Without being told to enter, Ryker turned the handle and walked into her room. The room was so spacious and gorgeous at sight. The walls were adorned with intricate old leaf designs and the floor was made of polished marble that gleamed underfoot. The bed where Elizabeth sat was a bed fit for a king, made from the finest silks and satins. Its softness and plushness could seduce even Ryker to relax on it, but he wouldn’t dare.

“Why in the world will I have to call you thrice before you answer?” Elizabeth questioned with a gnarled and disgusted expression.

Ryker was mute. He simply lowered his head down, staring at the polished marble floor.

Elizabeth was so irritated at his silence. Though she liked being feared, she hated being outsmarted. Ryker knew the consequences of answering her, so he kept mute.

That was her thought of being outsmarted.

Slowly in her green Emma silk dress, Elizabeth rose with a mischievous smirk accompanied by her half cup of vodka martini on her hand and then strode majestically towards Ryker whose head was still facing down.

“Look at me” Elizabeth whispered but Ryker was afraid to do so.

“I said look at me” This time, she barked. Ryker raised his head and spotted a wicked smile on her face. Before he could blink, Elizabeth splashed the remaining martini on his face.

Ryker felt humiliated by Elizabeth. She scorned him to laughter, seeing how wet his round-neck t-shirt was. She could remember Jenny getting it for him as his birthday gift.

“Next time, don’t play Mr. smart guy with me, Okay?” She warned before stretching the empty glass to him “Now get your smelling self and this glass cup out of my sight”

Instantly Ryker grabbed it and hurried out of her room. Ryker felt sad at Elizabeth's wicked actions towards him. He always wondered why she treated him like he was nobody. Not only her But Her husband William and their son Jake.

Jake was the worst. On many occasions would Jake yell or embarrass him with a slight or no reasonable excuse and instead of cautioning him, they end up backing him like it was the right thing to do.

Reasonably, he should have quit being their house boy but he had to take care of the only family he had left, His grandmother.

At age 7, Ryker was without a father and mother. He lost them both in a ghastly accident and ever since then, he lived with his grandmother in the outskirt of the city. She took on the responsibility of taking care of Ryker till he was 25 of age. Ryker now 27 of age tends to carry the responsibility of taking care of his mother. But how is he going to do that when the whole world is against him?

Ding dong!

Ryker phased out of his thoughts as he heard a ringtone. He felt a vibration in his left pocket. Ryker was reluctant to pick it up because he knew who the caller was but at that point, he wasn’t ready to receive any call. He just wanted to finish cooking lunch before 1:50 and then retire to his room after cleaning which normally ends by 3 pm

Ryker then became uncomfortable at the sound of the ringtone as he descended the stairs. He brought an old mobile phone out of his brown cotton trouser. A frown appeared on his face when he saw the contact with someone he knew.

“Hello Tom--” He answered the call before he got interrupted

“Dude where the hell are you?” Tom his best friend since his teenage hood asked

Ryker made a deep sigh as he walked into the kitchen. He firstly dropped the used glass cup into the aluminum zinc before replying tom who was waiting patiently for his response “Tom how many times will I tell you that I can’t make it”

Ryker still with the phone placed on his ear walked towards the gas cooker in other to increase the fire. He remembered lowering it before leaving for Elizabeth’s room. It was 1:20 and lunch must be ready on or before 1:50 pm.

“No no no no. Don’t say that at all” The British accent was slightly noticeable in Tom’s voice “You promised you were going to accompany me to Jaywalker studio”

Ryker shook his head “I’m sorry Tom I can’t make it. Jenny isn’t home to cover up for me and Elizabeth is on my nerves this afternoon”

No one needed to tell Ryker how Tom felt at his reply. Ryker promised Tom he would accompany him to a studio owned by a music producer. Tom developed a talent to sing and play the guitar but what he needed was a connection. He however got to know about a music studio in the south side of the city owned by the popular Jay Walker. He wanted to show him the new track he just made, hoping for a good result.

“Just as I thought. Same excuse every time. Anyway, good luck getting off your crazy boss’s nerves” Before Ryker could call his name, Tom ended the call. He knew Tom was very angry at his reason but there was nothing he could do. Jenny was his only ticket to accompany Tom to the studio but ever since she left for an event in Chicago, he’s been stuck in the house. He wanted to call Tom back but there was no point. He wasn’t going to pick.

It was time to add the carrots to the condiments inside the pot. Ryker was making a Glazed carrot. Elizabeth ordered him to make it for lunch. Her doctor implored her to take more vegetables most especially carrots.

According to Jenny before she traveled, her mother was at a high risk of having cancer. Therefore, she needed to take fruits and vegetables most especially carrots which according to nutritionists lowers cancer.

Luckily for him, lunch was ready by 1:55 and before 2 pm, he served.

Elizabeth was however quick with her lunch. She had an event by 3 pm and by no means would she miss it. It was an event organized by the Mayor’s wife.

She went back to her room after her lunch to change into a new dress. Coming out of her room, she appeared elegant and graceful in an expensive new style 2410 Myra white gown made by Casablanca. Casablanca herself delivered the dress to her doorstep. Definitely, it was due to her position and affluence.

One couldn’t tell the amount she purchased the pieces of jewelry she wore because it was one kind, made especially for her by THE FORTUNE JEWELLERY.

If not, that Jenny had told Ryker her age, he would have mistaken her for a 30-year-old lady when in a few months, she would be celebrating her 50th birthday. One of the reasons Lord Williams married Elizabeth was because of her stunning beauty. Out of hundreds of men that had an eye on her, William was the lucky one. He was a business partner to Elizabeth’s father making it easy and lucky for him to be his in-law.

Ten minutes before 3, Ryker finished cleaning. It was not a tough one because he had done the main cleaning in the morning. He got into the bathroom and Freshened up, putting on his normal worn-out cloth which contained his black jean, a soon faded navy blue shirt, and a black old leather jacket.

Ryker stood in front of a mirror smiling at himself. Though his clothing was not that pleasing, his face was. Pleasing in the sense, he happens to be a good-looking guy. He wasn’t a male model but he should have been. His unfathomable, golden brown eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light-toned face. The lush mother lode-gold hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health. Handsome is an understated way, his basalt jaw, and spartan shoulders spoke of strength.

However, something was missing from his dress.

His Necklace!

Ryker approached his drawer, opened it and he could see the necklace lying motionless. He grabbed it and closed the drawer, proceeding back to the mirror where he wore the necklace. The cold sensation he felt while brushing the stone on the pendant attached to the necklace phased in a smile and a sense of relief on his face.

The necklace was the only thing that reminded him of his parent. It was a gift from them on his fifth birthday. Till that very moment, he couldn’t bring up a reason why they gave him a pendant necklace as a birthday.

Their death was still a mystery to him. It all happened seven years ago when he woke up to a supposedly brand-new day. He was treading down the stairs when he had faint noises. He was surprised to see his grandma and two policemen in the living room. It was then he received the most shocking news of his life, the death of his parent. It was confusing at first but later it dawned on him, even at a young age that he was now an orphan.

“C’mon Ryker! come off it” Ryker mumbled after snapping out of his thoughts. He needed to be in a good mood for the event he was attending. Though he didn’t inform Madam Elizabeth, he couldn’t hold on to the fact that he would miss Sandra’s birthday party. Ryker could recollect telling Sandra that he wouldn’t make it to her house birthday party but seeing the coast was clear, he decided to give her a surprise.

Sandra’s birthday party was among the reasons why he didn’t accompany Tom to Jaywalker studio.

Ryker got out of the house and boarded a taxi to go to Sandra’s apartment. Before leaving, he promised Charles, the middle-aged security guard assigned to the gate, that he would be back before 5 pm. He also made sure he got her a beautiful birthday present.

Chapter 2

The blaring of music from the house was the only evidence that Ryker needed to know that his girlfriend, Sandra was celebrating her party.

After paying the cab man his fee, he walked towards her apartment with a charming smile on his face. He anticipated the shock on Sandra's face when he opened the door but she was nowhere to be found except for her male and female friends who were either dancing or drinking.

Ryker spotted two of her friends he was familiar with. He was hoping for them to tell him her whereabouts.

“hey, guys” His voice caught their attention away from whatever they were doing. As they spotted Ryker in front of them, there was an instantaneous jaw-dropper on their face. Ryker understood their reaction. Maybe Sandra informed them about his early decision not to come.

"What are you doing here?" One of them with enormous makeup on her face asked with a huge glare. Ryker didn't mind the glare. He was aware she disliked him, a


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